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Mutant Mudds Deluxe Delayed To Q2


Jools Watsham, the developer behind Mutant Mudds and Dementium, has told the Gaming Pixel Show that his long-awaited Mutant Mudds Deluxe for Wii U has been delayed until Quarter 2 this year. However, Watsham stated that ATV Wild Ride for the Nintendo 3DS eShop will still be coming in March. Here’s what he said.

Yes, I expect March for ATV 3D. Mudds Deluxe will be Q2 unfortunately.

29 thoughts on “Mutant Mudds Deluxe Delayed To Q2”

  1. I can live with that.. I want my new 3d Mario game for the Wii U, My HD Super Smash Bros., my HD Mario kart and my two new hd Zelda games.

    1. Let me guess… you’re one of the few idiots who actually thinks Smash Bros 4 for the Wii U will be released in 2013…

      1. 3DS version could come out this holiday season. Its only a 4GB cartridge lol. Also the rumor of a online Public Beta being announced at E3.

      2. I am one of those idiots who will die of happiness if it is released before 2015…
        But I kinda think that summer 2014 is possible

    2. Sorry, but why do people have to say “HD Smash Bros”? It’s automatically going to be HD… Just say SSB4. It’s as if you’re saying just because the game is HD, it’s so innovative…

      1. I don’t know… Smash bros. 4 is stupid be cause if I say sb4 do I mean the 3ds version or the Wii U version¿¿¿

      2. I think they said HD smash bros. because its an article about a wii u game, and It would be more work to say super smash bros. 4 for the wii u. If you say HD it automatically lets the reader know which version of the game he is talking about/ looking forward to. No one thinks a game in HD is innovative, I think your just over reacting a little :)

  2. This game frustrates me. It must be the art style or the name or something.
    I’ve never played it, yet it fills me with blind rage!
    Is it any good?
    Help me…

      1. Mutant Muds tried to be what Mega Man series means to all 8-bits gamers: funny, enjoyable, hard as hell. But note, TRIED. Mutant Muds is a freaking horrible game with a lot of hype around, and that’s all. Delayed? I could not care less.

    1. come on Neutron, we know you are a Nintendo Fan just like everybody else here :) I wouldn’t buy this game though, there’s so many other games i’m looking forward too.

      1. Yeah, he is. If you hear any insult with “Ninten” put on the front. e.g. Nintendorks, It’s just another way of calling people Nintendo fanboys.

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