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Donkey Kong 64-Inspired Game ‘A Hat In Time’ May Come To Wii U

a_hat_in_time_screenshotA 3D platformer that is inspired by multiple Nintendo 64 games, including Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, may come to Wii U. A Hat in Time, developed by Mecha the Slag, is a game in which players control a girl, known as the Hat Kid, who travels in time, solves mysteries and beats up baddies. The game features five worlds and a cel shaded art style that makes it look similar to Nintendo GameCube title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A Hat in Time is scheduled to launch on PC in the summer.

“Without making any promises, I think it will be likely that the game ends up on the Wii U. I have been in touch with a publisher that is interested in putting it on that console, and I’d be more than interested in seeing that happen!”

– A Hat in Time developer Jonas Kærlev

27 thoughts on “Donkey Kong 64-Inspired Game ‘A Hat In Time’ May Come To Wii U”

    1. Agree, mind you there were not that much of gameplay in that video to begin with, and the game cleary look unfinished, looking pass that, the concept sound a little interesting

  1. A PC game on My Nintendo News? So much for getting excited. Not that I was.
    I was just about to make my traditional sarcastic remark about it possibly being an eShop game when I read that it’s coming to PC.

    1. That’s always going to be a common and it’s good indie devs get many platforms to choose from. Even that Kickstarter for 90’s Arcade Racer is a PC title and it even has a chance to make it to the Wii U if all goes well since it’s no longer a one man job anymore.

      If they come to the Wii U all the better for them and the consumer. Also Getting this information out to the public can also bring benefits in generating buzz and interest into new titles, which could get devs even more interested in the platform because of the possible market.

  2. I never heard of this game, but it sounds cool. Inspired by Rareware games is even cooler. Rareware was king in the 90’s. Might just get this on Steam, but if it comes to Wii U, I’ll check it out there. Cel shaded style looks exactly like Wind Waker too, which is cool. Wind Waker had a timeless art style that caught my eye, seeing a game use that style again is pretty sweet.

  3. I been telling this a long time if the big developers dont bring there there games the small 1s will they have a gold mine of potential to sell there games.

      1. What i meant is new games from new developers have a better chance to shine on wiiu than on the other consoles cause few big developers.

  4. cool, because theres hardly no such thing as a 3d platformer now days, even survival horror has more games, i hope retro is making a 3d dk game because of it, you want fresh, thats about the most fresh thing i can think of, a good 3d platformer thats not mario

    1. Otherwise, gameplay is…well i dont know xD
      Plus the sound effects are straight from Skyward Sword.
      Look at they do something interesting and unique, should be good

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