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Rayman Legends Now Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3


Today, Ubisoft announced that its forthcoming title Rayman Legends, already announced for the Wii U system from Nintendo, will also be released on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. All versions will now hit shelves in early September 2013.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 versions of Rayman Legends are being developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the same team behind the Nintendo Wii U game. Rayman Legends has been praised for its stunning visuals and innovative gameplay by media around the world and labeled as one of the most anticipated platformers of 2013.

“We heard from many Xbox & Playstation owners and Rayman fans who told us they really wanted to play Rayman Legends on their current system. We decided to give the fans what they wanted while at the same time broadening the audience exposed to this innovative and memorable game.”

– Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

209 thoughts on “Rayman Legends Now Coming To Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3”

        1. No one gives a frick that you were first other than you.
          This release news is… not good. It sounds as if the Wii U version has actually had its release pushed BACK as a result.

    1. Hopefully this isn’t the “very interesting” news that Rich IGN was on about.

      Seriously, what’s the point of making any business deal?
      “Oh hey Nintendo, we have this cool idea for Rayman using your unique controller”
      “Oh cool, so it’ll be an exclusive”
      “Yeah sure”

      “Errr derrrr we want in on 360, because….we cant be arsed getting a WiiU, and we actually didnt care about this game anyway, same with Bayonetta, but now we do….erm…rehashed Mario?”
      “Okay, sure, no problem”

      Seriously Nintendo, get your fucking shit together…

        1. No, it is!
          Nintendo get an exclusive, fucking keep it that way!
          MGS was a Sony exclusive, then they could be arsed paying for it, now its multiplatform and Sony loose one of its best exclusive franchsies, its the same with Final Fantasy, and Demon Souls, and Lara Croft.

          1. pretty sure it’s Ubisoft’s decision in the long run. It’s not like the Wii U will be begging for exclusives after March though, so I don’t think Nintendo should have bankrolled Ubisoft just to keep this an exclusive

            1. No, it’s Ubi’s fault. They decided to port it. Because it’s their game. It’s not Nintendo’s duty to heckle other companies to keep their games exclusive to Wii U.

              1. I think Nintendo pilo of from the exclusive deal to get more multyplats after all wasnt that the reason the media was bashing Nintendo? Nintendo should instead of playing for exclusive they should pay for multyplats and the exclusive being first party.

      1. He tweeted out confirmation this was the Wii U news.

        What I don’t get is if it was to release in like 19 days, why the hell not launch it on Wii U, then port it over in 6 months to the 360/PS3.

            1. I know that money is a focus point, but they’re still showing those early signs of a dick company, AC3 was a disgrace, and everything else they release aside from Far Cry 3, which was pretty good, is shovelware.

                1. Their Facebook page is getting bombed my angry people who just heard the news that it was delayed on the Wii U for this. Don’t understand how delaying a game that people keep asking for makes Ubisoft money.

                  1. We dont care for the game coming to other console but why the delay? Hope ubisoft brings some multiplats to make for it.

                  2. 75+ mil PS3 onwers + 75+ mil Xbox 360 owners and only 3 mil+ Wii U owners so far…

                    THATS WHY…. Ubisoft wants more money, we cant judge them about that BUT, they should released the Wii U game and than port it for other platforms but no……. UBISOOOOOFT ccc

        1. Because third parties are dicks. Nintendo fans have been wise to it for a while, but non-Nintendo fans choose not to see it because they keep getting games, much like an abused girlfriend forgives her tool of a boyfriend because he buys her things every month.

          1. But if the game is finished, why not release it? That’s like saying the next Nintendo home console is complete, but, hey let’s launch it in 6 years. By delaying the game further, they are losing sales. This can be a MAJOR hit in the balls, in a time where no Wii U games are coming, let’s delay it to a point where more titles will be released. I was considering this game, but in 6 months I will likely skip it. I’ll rather be saving for Mariokart or Mario 3D, or Yoshi Land assuming any or all of those are hitting this year. E3 might give us a time frame, and if so I’ll be less inclined to buy a maybe game when those games rate higher for me. Wind Waker HD is already confirmed in the fall, and despite my unhappiness with that game, I’d almost rather buy that one.

        2. i know right? eugh it just bugs me that they delayed the wii u version too. it’s not like they delayed assassins creed 3 so the 360 ps3 wii u and pc versions would all launch at the same time. im not so mad about them putting it on other consoles, seeing as rayman origins was on everything, but im just annoyed that they’ve dealyed the game almost a damn year from it’s original release date. there are going to be a ton of games that im more excited from coming out around september, so i’ll probably end up not buying this one now lol

      1. You dont need to be a moron…… no one is uppsed because the game is going to be a multiplatform game, thats fine, Ubisoft wants money = NO PROB. The problem is, the game was bascally finished and now, DELAY!!!!!

    2. Wii u sucks man, I’ll still play zed a and tings. I reckon ps3 is still the best and ps+ is the greatest.

    3. Meh. I don’t like rayman anyways and was never planning to buy it. So no sweat off my back, and I hope everyone enjoys it on their favorite platform.

      What I do want is stick of truth on the wii/wii u.

      C’mon Matt and Trey! Please bring it on over.

    4. Why “Ouch!”?

      This is great news for who have PS360, everyone will be happy now, there is no “Ouch!” for people who want to play a good game.

      1. You’re not fooling anyone, dude.

        Then again, half the people on this site have the mentality of a whiny 12 year old Blood on the Dance Floor fangirl, so nevermind.

    1. I have a WiiU I have a 360. I’ll buy this on the WiiU which is where it will be better. And when it comes down to looking for your tiny “member” … Ain’t nobody got time for that..

  1. Wow another Nintendo exclusive gone, what’s with these developers, if you want it to be multi platform, announce that it will be from the start lol.

    1. im not even mad it’s going multiplatform, infact, i was confused as to why it wasn’t in the first place. but im just mad that they’re delaying the presumably finished wii u version (since it was supposed to come out on the 26th) all the way to september just so they can port it over to other consoles. and what would be the point of even putting it on the 360 and the ps3 if both microsoft and sony are supposedly going to release new consoles at the end of the year. SO stupid. why can’t they just release the wii u version on the planned date, and then port it over to the other consoles?

        1. It’s still a SEGA IP. As was discussed yesterday with the Ninja Gaiden news, publishers can change when it comes to third-party IP’s.

          I doubt Bayonetta 2 will become a multiplatform game, at least not for several years after release, but it is very possible.

        2. Ninja Gaiden 3 razor’s edge was published by Nintendo and now will be in all consoles, so, that it´s not a good argument.

  2. That’s a major kick in the nuts to the Nintendo Wiiu – Not gunna lie :/ . I’m still looking forward to the definitive wiiu version though :)

    1. I was definitely looking forward to playing it this month too. It was supposed to be one of the titles I got at launch, but then they delayed it a few months. I could live with that. Now it’s being delayed almost a year from the Wii U’s launch.


      On that same note, Nintendo needs to find some loyal third-party support for the Wii U. That’s two supposedly exclusive games in two days going to other platforms. :/

      1. HOLY SHIT. FUCKING SEPTEMBER ? ARRRRRGHHHHHH!!! Fucking dick head Ubisoft. The Wiiu version is basically finished , but they’re making us wait so they can Scale it down and make it all Button based for PS3 and 360 ?

        That is really fucking annoying.

        1. I know. >.<

          It was the first Wii U game I played a demo of before the Wii U came out last year and it was one of my most anticipated. Now I'm just like -____________- Will I even want to play anymore when it finally comes out?


            Why not release it on Wiiu now and THEN bring it to ps3 and 360 ? that would not be so bad. :(

    2. -Announced as multiplat.
      -Announces as no longer a multiplat, but as an exclusive.
      -Re-announces as Multiplat and delayes game because of multiplateness.
      I’m… confused…

      1. I’m just really annoyed that they’re delaying the Wiiu version even though it’s finished right now and was going to launch this month.

        It’s wrong to announce a Launch date and then go back on your words like that. Fucking dick heads , my respect for Ubisoft has plumited.

          1. Not the same as Bishock infinite PRINCESS!!!!

            The game was basically promised and show off to hardcore Nintendo Wiiu owners since the start.

            And now they are delaying it , in order to release it along side scaled down versions on 8 year old consoles.

            It’s a fucking Joke.

  3. why did they put Rayman demos as the ONLY playable demos in the kiosks back in november? now we have to wait b/c of some stupid contract with $ony and micro$oft???

    1. They never said that. Obviously the touchscreen bits will either be reworked or scrapped entirely for the PS3/360, but that was the part most people complained about in the demos so it’s debatable how bad a thing that is I suppose.

      To be honest, I’m more annoyed it’s been delayed again. I own a PS3 as well as a WiiU and I don’t care if it comes out on one or the other, I just want to play the damn game…

      1. I heard in the past that the ps3 and 360 cant do the graphics of legends. It has to do with the lighting or some sort. I dont remember well, but iremember that

        1. nope they never said that…. they just said they were able to update the engine for Wii U and all that stuff. So, basically…. when it comes to GPU, Wii U is better than PS3 and Xbox360, but when it comes to CPU, Wii U is not better or the Wii U is comparable to current gen console CPUs (PS3/60).

  4. This is becoming a legitimately sad situation. This was the ONLY Wii U title I was generating interest in too.

    This platform is losing “exclusives” left and right.

    1. Yes indeed :/ Well well :) I think it is better for the Wii U to have Multiplats than exclusives as that becomes an indicator if it is worth going multiplat or not for third parties.

      1. Exclusives are important… To important…. Although I have all 3 consoles… I don’t want to see Nintendo go out :’c

    2. Not really. It’s not sad at all. More people get to play Rayman Legends . However after playing the demo and using it’s AMAZING touch controlls , the Definitive version will be on the Wiiu.

      It would be SHITE having to swipe things with an analogue stick. Infact unless using SMart glass or a Vita , it pretty much won’t work the same and I am interested to see if they remove certain elements.

      1. Want to know a secret? Most people do not CARE about getting the definitive version if it is for a console they do not own.

        1. Want to know a secret ? Most people do CARE about getting the definitive version if it is for a console that they do own.

            1. I know… I just wish it was still on track for release on Wiiu to launch this month. Now they are making Wiiu owners suffer and going back on promises they made , to make a Worse version for a lod of people who still play 8 year old consoles.

              It’s fucking disgracefull by Ubisoft.

                1. Yeah actually I am. I really was looking forward to playing this game this month on my Wiiu. Bt now I’m being made to wait due to people who still have their dick up an 8 year old consoles arse.

        1. Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors edge was not sad at all. That’s not really an Exclusive , it’s an enhanced port of a ps3 and 360 game So that’s that. Nobody really cares about that one , Good for ps3 and 360 owners on that one I say.

          But Rayman Legends is a biggy.

          Hopefully The Wiiu will be the definitive version at least. The graphics are amazing on the Wiiu version , and might have to be scaled down a bit for ps3 and 360 , and like I say , what about all the touch sections , and the awesome Touch multiplayer ?

          It would fucking suck balls having to use a controller to do the murphy controlls. It would be slow and cumbersome. Which begs the question will they get an entirely different version of the game or will smartglass be recommended…

          TBH it’s not the exclusivity that’s annoyed me . It’s the fucking delay until September. Why give us a demo in 2012 if its not launching until september 2013?

    3. Agree with you on this one, i was playing to get a WiiU in March with this game, but now what’s the point?

      Nintendo need to stop fucking about teasing us with 1 second trailers and actualy fucking show us the games they keep saying they have, and make SOLID business deals that won’t fuck up because some little bitches complained about a game they probably wouldnt of given a shit about anyway, i wouldn’t be surprised if Bayonetta 2 went to other platforms now…

      1. All hope lies on Lego City and Monster Hunter now then :/. Rayman Legends was my most anticipated immediate Wiiu game release.

        1. There’s literally no point in me getting one till Pikmin 3, WHIC THEY HAVENT SAID SHIT ABOUT, gets released….
          Seriously, Nintendo are actually pissing me off now.
          Don’t get me wrong, i want a WiiU for all the first party titles, and the Wii had some of my favourite games ever, but the Wii had nothing, and like..1 or 2 games a year at one point.
          I don’t want that, especially if im paying double the price than the Wii. They need to get their fucking shit together, stop tip toeing around making announcements like “here’s a screenshot”, and “we’re making a Zelda”. WE FCKING KNOW YOUR MAKING ZELDA, YOU TOLD US THAT 2 YEARS AGO!

          1. I hear ya bro….. It’s annoying and I can see why people would delay their purchase. I’m a sucker with some money in the Bank and I always get their Hardware on launch day.

            They need to pull their finger out ASAP. Hopefully they will make up for this by dropping a Pikmin release date for April. I dont want to have to wait until June or fucking July :S

            I’m still looking forward to Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City , Aliens colonial Marines , NFSMW (maybe) , Game and Wario for the immediate future. And Pikmin 3 , Wonderfull 101 and Windwaker Reborn after that.

            1. The problem is, the have games to show…
              I meant, what’s Retro been doing? All Reggie can say is, “oh its good”.
              Great, building up the fucking hype meter Nintendo.
              And the ps4 is probably getting announced soon, and Nintendo will just sit there and say “our focus is not to do what other companies our doing”. Fucking great, how about some games that arent going on other systems!

              2 second teaser and screenshot dont get me hyped up. They showed Monolith’s game, but thats in alpha form, and it doesnt even have a fucking name!

              What exactly am i supposed to get excited about?
              A Zelda game that wont appear for another 2 years?
              I don’t want my WiiU to do what my PS4 will do, i’ll multiplats on my ps4, same as this generation, but they HAVE to give me something to buy the system for, and something new.

              I dont even have faith in the new Zelda after that shit that Skyward Sword. I don’t have faith in THE most critically acclaimed, and highest rated series EVER….
              Thats bad.

              1. I know what you’re saying , But Skyward sword being bad is just your opinion , and others. It has a 93 on Metacritic and I believe it to be one othe best games released in Gen 7. Moving on

                Yeah , we won’t see anything about X until E3.

                I dunno , I’m still excited about all the stuff coming to Wiiu this year , But Rayman Being delayed JUST to bring it inline with previously unannounced platforms has just taken a huge bite out of my Wiiu apple.

                1. Well i stand by Skyward Sword shakeful getting away with games designs that would otherwise be critised and slaughtered for in other games.

                  1. What was wrong with Skyward swords design ? It was a Masterfully designed game. And I really liked the Metroid prime style area revisits which was refreshing compared to the same old empty Hyrule field or Big empty sea.

                    1. No it wasnt. 1. Motion control worked…80% of the time. 2. The Sky is fucking boring and theres nothing to do, and all the time i have the twist my gamd around like dick, and you have to go there all the time..
                      3. No other towns, feels like a boring empty world. 4. Too fuckin linear
                      5. Reusing the same 3 areas, 3 times
                      6. FUCKING FI, AND HER BULLSHIT TUTORIAL
                      7. Tell you about every single thing you pick uo, and showing you were its put, which gets reset after every time you quit the game. 8. Content iut side in the sky was just fetch quest and looking for bullshit chests filled with money you dont need
                      9. Boss design, besides one or 2 was shit. 10. THAT FORSAKEN BOSS, why do i have to fight it FOUR FUCKING TIMES.

                      1. Well I disagree with pretty much everything all of your negaitives.

                        Skyward sword is one of my favorite games ever. Not being a biassed Zelda fanboy. It’s litteraly the way i feel about that game.

                        To each his own.

        2. Maybe Lego City Undercover is a last ditch hope as far as third party goes…

          But watch something happen to the former too, why even trust the phrase “third party exclusives” at this point -.-

          1. I do want that game, but it’s not going to make me buy the system. Pikmin 3 probably wont come out till summer, and Raymans been pushed to all consoles for September…

            They need to stop mincing around with their games, Retro has been making a game, or 2 games, and a rumour game engine for about 3 years. Why don’t they just show us something? Why leave it to the last fucking second?

          2. And you know what makes it worse for them? The PS4 could be announced on the 20th, and Nintendo will probably do nothing. I love Nintendo, and i love their games, but they need to sort shit out.

            1. dude nintendo was treating its fans like shit the past 6 years and your just seeing it now, all the games they refuse to give us even ones already in english or was about to be done in english and now all there exclusives are leaving, if this happens with the wii u, ill be leaving, the very few games that got over wasnt there dong,

              1. I know what its been like, but they go on about reaching out to third parties, and restructuring their dev teams to bring more games out more frequently, and announcing loads of “exclusives”, it actually sounded like they finally got it, and understood what they need to do, but i havent seen any proof of that.

                1. it sounds like there just talk, there nervous or something, there just going to have to build relation ships with teams, next level monster, good feel, make more of those and those teams can help make nintendo franchises good, because nintendo cant make them all, thats what its going to come to, some big developers wouldnt give a shit about them but they are some pretty good teams, and nintendo can do that, n64 rare is what saved them, they were there only supporters really

      1. That’s funny? They get a port, while you lose an exclusive which could have been a purchase incentive for somebody else.

        some of you really don’t think things through

        1. True

          This was the only title i was looking forwards to on the Wii U, of course it wouldnt make me buy a whole console but now that its multi-plat, i dont have to consider it.

        2. Yes….. but, Ubisoft wants money. What do you think they should do? they have Rayman Origin, why not Legends? I was confused at first when Legends was mentioned as a Wii U exclusive game. Going multiplat is not a bad business…….. 75mil+ PS3 and 75mil+ Xbox 360 owners and so far, only 3mil+ Wii U owners.

          OFC they want more money…..

      1. Well, to be honest…. most of Nintendo fans on this site arent acting like fanboys, they are not upset because the game is going to be a multiplatform game. They are upset because the game got delayed just for more money…. cmon, the game was basically finished (only 2 weaks).

          1. Some people consider it an exclusive. It had exclusive features and the game was changed a bit from the original, but yeah, it wasn’t a full exclusive.

            I think people got the idea because it was published by Nintendo in the States.

            1. Oh haha yeah, but ah well, as I said in an earlier post these companies need to stop using the term “exclusive” first resident evil, castlevania, and ninja garden, and now this lol.

    4. Fuck this game and fuck Ubisoft! I hope Nintendo crushes all competition this gen and does it so hard that MS and sony wont be able to recover!!!!

      1. I hear ya!!!!! this is taking the biscuit, first ninja gaiden, an now rayman legends, which was one of the main games they have been pushing to show what the wii u could do, an to top it off, an kick you while your down, they announce that the wii u version is now delayed yet again, to september, WTF??????? Nintendo is being treated like a mug, an the Nintendo fans who bought wii u on launch, even though there was no killer must have first party game,on top of that, every game we knew about form Nintendo kept being pushed back, i mean come on, pikmin was supposed to be a launch window game, what the hell is going on? an the fact that no matter how much people sugar coat it, the wii u is being sold to us at a premium, an having old tech with a new controller to bump up price is ridiculous! just watch when ps4 an xbox 720 come out, an are being sold for £349 an £399, an they will be filled with more new tech, which will last another 6to 7 years, while wii u will not be supported by Nintendo come yr 5, history repeats itself! this is terrible, i mean what have Nintendo been doing? they research an make these systems years before we know about them, why did they not have worthwhile games ready for the launch window? instead all we got were mediocre ports of ps3 an 360 games, its laughable!

        for people like me, who own an game on all platforms!! i bet you if bayoneta 2 sells well an us reviewed well on wii u, it will eventually be ported to the other platforms,oh Nintendo, how you fail your fans, the fact that the wii u is not getting no 3rd party support now, is a big deal,games like bioshock infinite, crysis 3, farcry 3, dead space 3, these are games wii u gamers need badly, since Nintendo develops the first party games so slow, its 3rd party games which can keep us occupied till the next big 1st party game drops,lucky for me i play on all platforms, but my wii u only buddys are livid!! Nintendo needs to dig into the company’s pocket, an secure some 3rd part exclusives, or at the very least pay for the 3rd part games to be ported to wii u! what the hell happen to all that money they made form the wii, an ds? all that money they made form old tech,a game cube on steroids, is what they need to plonk down!

    5. hahahahaha i feel the next thing we’ll hear is ”Zelda Wind Waker HD coming to 360 and PS3, Super Smash Bros 4 also scheduled for Sony and Microsoft next gen consoles” — but seriously what’s up with these guys? -_-

    6. Oh FFS, I was already finding it hard to wait for March to play this. Now I have to wait until f***ing September. Come on Ubisoft, FFS.

    7. It feels like things are just getting worse for the wiiu. Ninja gaiden now rayman. Maybe I made the wrong fchoice in getting a wiiu.

      1. No you didn’t. You will still get X, New Zelda, Wind Waker remake (which is very good if you haven’t already played WW) Pikmin 3 and ofcourse new SSB. I would get the Wii U even for just 2 random ones of these games, just saying and this is just a little bit of what’s coming.

    8. Its funny how they said that it was unpossible to play Rayman Legends on other consoles because it was made for the Wii U controller, thats major bullsh*t. This will change alot of customers into not buying the Wii U since people were gonna buy a wii u just for this game.

    9. So Ubisoft decided to give the fans what they wanted, huh? No, they want to make as much money as they can. While my inner fanboy is screaming no, I respect their decision. Seems like it’ll be a wonderful game, and regardless of console, all gamers should get a chance to play this. Especially after playing Rayman Origins. I wish all 3rd party developers did this.

    10. This turns out to get ugly for Nintendo. After Ninja Gaiden and eventually Castlevania their losing another good exclusive title. Of course they still have mario, metroid, zelda but this still bad news imo (this and the surprisingly bad third party support).

    11. SEPTEMBER 2013? I’m guessing they’ll prob release this alongside the PS4/720 i guess i’ll pick up the PS4 version.

      1. If you think the 720 and PS4 will be released in september this year I want to know what grass you smoke, it sounds like really strong stuff I could sell it for millions of $$$.

      2. No next gen console will get released this year. They need feedback, they need to five people time to save up money, they need to consider re-designs, not happening this year.

        1. I don’t see why either Durango or Orbis could launch at the end of this year, perhaps not in all territories but there is certainly enough time left in 2013.

    12. They’re delaying the Wii U version just for it to go multiplat? Why not leave it as a timed Wii U exclusive, what do they gain? Dick move, Ubi. And THIS is the “big wii u related news” that IGN guy was teasing. This was the one game I was looking forward to before monster hunter, fuck everything.

    13. So now I have to wait for fucking September? Seriously Ubisoft you suck!!!! I had this game pre-ordered at launch and now I have to wait another whole seven months because you guys had to take it up the ass with Microsoft and Sony. Give us our version early you fucking bastards!!!!! I know damn well it’s already finished.

      1. It is just payback for the major ass-fucking Nintendo have given to third-parties over the years. Nintendo do seldom care about third parties at all. You can see this in several ways, the most obvious being ALWAYS using strongly customized parts for their consoles forcing the developers to relearn everything they know just to program for Nintendo consoles.

    14. I am ok with them going multiplat with this game. I am actually happy for it from a gamer perspective. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SATAN AND ALL OTHER DEITIES: Why did they have to release it later for the Wii U because of this? Did Microsoft and Sony bribe them with $ or something?

    15. they won’t release it early or the $ony and micro$oft fanboys will cry. rayman was available on all three before so this is not a surprise. nintendo have alot of exclusive franchises like Mario Kart U, Pikmin 3, and the 2 new Zelda titles all coming this year also

    16. While I have no problem with Rayman Legends coming to other platforms, I do have a problem with being told that I’ll have to wait another 7 months to get this game when I was planning to get it in two weeks. So, regardless of how wonderful the game might be, I will no purchase it. From my viewpoint, it is inexcusable to make Wii U owners wait!

    17. Surprise me! this is old news… Ubisoft had already talked about this last year when the game got delayed and this is the reason why it is now delayed!! I also agree with LivinAintEazyWhenYouCheezy.

    18. Oh, so this is how this shit works? Well then, where is Splinter Cell: Black List for Wii U? We fans of Splinter Cell want it…

    19. So…First RE Revelations, Castlevania then NG3RE and now RL…wtf?!

      Soon LCU, Bayonetta 2 and ZombiU, I’m certain of it.

      Then why not give Wii U, Watchdogs, South Park, Enhanced Dead Space Trilogy, Assassin’s Creed Trilogy, ME Trilogy and so on?

      Like I said before, fuck the word EXCLUSIVE, it doesn’t exist anymore!

      And sorry to say this but you are partially to blame for this Nintendo, you just sit there and barely promote a console you just brought out wtf is this shit?!

      This era will be called The Video Game Era of Deception!

    20. Nintendo knew about this. On the direct with iwata, he talked about the games that are coming out soon but he didn’t mention Rayman..

      Oh god, It’s like finding out you’ve been dead all along..

      It’s a little discouraging, it seems like Nintendo can’t ever have anything nice.. “sigh” oh well.

      But why did they have to delay it for the Wii u also! $%#^%#$@ What ever Ubersoft, I’m just going to go buy lego city instead.

    21. Dont care or gayman … I bought Wii U for the next Zelda Metroid and Super Smash … everything that comes before is a pastime for me. That include my Prestige 9 call of duty account.

    22. The only thing I don’t like about this is that the game has been delayed until September.
      The rest I am fine with as more people will get to play the game as well as Ubisoft getting more sales from the game though I’m guessing the Wii U version will still be the definitive version overall. Really I think we should just be happy that soon one day we will be able to experience this game to its very fullest.

    23. Fuck you Ubisoft! I have already saved money for the game! Now, what do I do? Do I wait for six months to buy the game, or do I buy the 3DS XL that I can finally afford when I don’t have to buy Rayman Legends? HMM, now, that’s a hard question! *sarcasm off*

    24. If they announce that Lego City Undercover will go multiplatform and be delayed like Rayman.
      I’ll become Bane for gamers and correct this unfair treatment!

    25. Damn, Nintendo took another blow. With Rayman Legends now coming to the 360, it is really giving me less reasons to buy it this year. I haven’t lost hope though, E3 is coming up.

    26. i’ve personally never been a fan of 3rd party exclusives to any single platform, still this is bad news for the wii U.. if other developers follow suit this could leave the wii U with only a handful of attractive 3rd party exclusives

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    28. Even though this Game is getting delayed till September now (that sucks :/) I’ll still be getting the Wii U Version regardless, and Beyonetta 2 (another exclusive) is coming to the Wii U aswell.

    29. Im not going to type up my long ass rant again cause it caused my internet to crash lol. (Well Facebook anyway) Point is thanks to this stupid move I no longer am supporting ANY 3rd party developer on ANY system.

    30. Well this is just great, I needed a new game to play on the Wii U. But now Ubisoft killed it by doing this move. I understand they want to sell it on many consoles, But they should never have said it was going to be a Exclusive on Wii U. They should have said it from the beginning and now they tricked everyone on the Wii U. I am gonna cancel my Pre-order to not show Support to them :/

    31. Fuck you Ubisoft
      So you delay a FINISHED game so it can launch with the PS3 and 360
      This game was the reason I was gonna get a Wii U this spring

    32. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

      2.5 weeks away from playing the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time. Now it’s gone for another 7 months ;( screw you Ubisoft ;(

    33. Which cares Rayman is the poor man’s Mario… thinking it’d innovate cause characters fart and burp is stupid

    34. It’s not exclusive to Wii U anymore? No problem. But why delay the Wii U version? They said it was done and it was only 2 weeks away from release. And they moved it to the same month as GTA V. Genius move Ubisoft.

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    36. While I would’ve preferred it like this to begin with (since it’s a sequel to Origins, a multi-platform title) it’s actually kinda bad for the Wii U. I’m curious how they’ll change it up for the other two consoles that lack the gamepad (though the Vita could be used in cross-controller mode for that, and maybe… SmartGlass?). Either way, I’m annoyed that we’re left waiting even longer for this game.

    37. Antidisestablishmentarianism

      I would imagine that the Wii version will be superior anyway
      considering it was built for the system.

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    39. I am very disappointed with Ubisoft. I was waiting for this game and now is delayed because of some fucking bullshit excuse of “launch it with all systems on the same day”?

      For fuck’s sake! You wanted to make it for Wii U and to be able to launch at fucking Wii U release day! It’s like Ubisoft giving a cake to Nintendo many times but the cake is always a lie. (very awkward sentence)

      Screw this, I ditching Ubisoft with Atlus and Platinum games. I just be praying they don’t turn out as a Hyprocrite as Ubisoft.

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    41. Rayman Legends being ported to PS3 and 360 is good, but holding back the Wii U version just so it can be released along side with the other versions is a dick move.
      I don’t own a Wii U myself, but what about the people that own a Wii U and were highly anticipating this game? That must blow for them…

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    43. I would use Miyamoto’s quote on rushed games on the delay.

      But this is horrible.

      Once again, the Wii U has lost another third-party exclusive. This game was complete, but Ubisoft holding it back for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions is a dick move anyday.

      Hopefully Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 doesn’t get ported to Xbox 360 and PS3.

    44. The fact that it was pushed to September is much more painful than losing exclusivity.

      I think the bigger question is, why wasn’t it multiplatform in the first place when it was teased in its reveal?

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