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Bayonetta 2 And The Wonderful 101 Will Stay As Wii U Exclusives


Hideki Kamiya, the Platinum Games developer who is responsible for a lot of Capcom’s success, has told his Twitter followers that both Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 will remain as Wii U exclusives. Kamiya reiterated that Nintendo is funding development, and it would have to be down to Nintendo to say that they want those franchises on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – which would obviously never happen.

“We’re a development company…Nintendo gives us money, we make Bayonetta 2 and W101, and they sell it…So if Nintendo says ‘We’re putting Bayonetta 2 on PS360’ it’ll come out on those platforms…So ask Nintendo about it…”

115 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 And The Wonderful 101 Will Stay As Wii U Exclusives”

    1. The moral of the story here is that Nintendo needs and must open up the wallet to get quality exclusives and games release on schedule. There is a reason why Ray Man Legends is now delayed till Sept and will be multiplatform… Nintendo refuse to pay and hence their supports get screwed.

          1. The game’s funds are all coming directly from Nintendo, which gives them full rights to say where it ends up. Platinum has no say on the matter of those two games, in particular, unlike Ubisoft and TN.

          2. Yes, they published Ninja Gaiden. They’re publishing AND funding the development of these games. That’s a rather crucial difference.

                1. You’re right. It’s been a week since I’m a Wii U owner and had previously purchased Razor’s Edge. And from the look at the GamePad’s loading screen, it reads out “Distributed by Nintendo”. At least NG3: RE was the first to be released before Tecmo-Koei’s decision to release it on Sony/Microsoft’s consoles and NG: Sigma 2 Plus for the Vitanic.

    1. Or better yet, Crapcom to how poor the sales were for Okami and God Hand were back when they were known as Clover Studios.

      1. Clover Studios was a different company that Capcom closed down. Kamiya and Mikami opened up a new studio named Seeds Inc., which later became Platinum Games. Would be nice if people learn to do some research before commenting.

  1. Already 2 games were switched from Wii U exclusive, to multiplatform!
    NO WONDER the Wii U is failing!
    Why pay $300 for a new system, when you can go to Gamestop and buy a used Xbox for $85 , and I’d argue the Xbox is still a more powerful system than the Wii U.

    At least I do, or I’m selling my Wii U while I can still get 2/3 of what I paid for it.

    1. Do you ever realize that in about a year, the Xbox 360 is going to be replaced by the next one with for sure a bigger price tag than $300.

    2. sell a new system, when they have only like 3 month of been released, dude that’s patetic (don’t rage), better keep that console, and wait for future release, and if you can, buy the used xbox separate. remember that other developers are still waiting for the other consoles to make their games ready for all the next-gen systems.

    3. You can’t argue the xbox is more powerfull as that”s factually incorrect. The Wiiu is potentialy a nice little leap ahead of gen 7 consoles when maxed out.

      And the Wiiu is still a baby. It will take time as with any console to spread its wings. Of course the 360 , ps3 , wii , DS , 3DS all have more games than the WiiU right now and are cheaper

      1. Next Gen is already being predicted to blow the Wii U out of the water since they will be in a different league, same thing happened to the wii this generation, doesn’t stop me from buying one yesterday however.

        1. Willy… you shouldn’t believe what you read on the internet. Next generation isn’t about graphics and you know it. Your so-called “Next Gen is already being predicted to blow the Wii U out of the water” is 100% bullshit. In this economy, you’ll be looking at $400 – 800 video game consoles that you’ll have to shell out $80 – 100 to play games online (Xbox 8) and lack of playing used games (both X8 and PlayStation 4). The next generation is already here and it’s already changing the way we play video games, socialize with friends from around the world, and enhance your viewing experience. The Wii U is one of the next gen consoles… and an affordable video game console at best.

          1. You are talking about rumors and economy…… so it cant be 100% fact/truth and like i said somwhere else:

            Wii U is not much stronger than PS3, ofc the next PS is going to be more stronger than Wii U. The fact is, Sony always released a much more powerful console than its predecessor, and Nintendo didnt do that always. Nintendo didnt do that with Wii and thats why Nintendo is behind.

            NES – SNES = BIG JUMP
            SNES – N64 = BIG JUMP
            N64 – GC = BIG JUMP
            GC – Wii = NOT A JUMP AT ALL, same GPU without programmable shaders, only the CPU was overclocked
            WII – WII U = BIG JUMP

            Thats why….

  2. If by any impossible scenario it still happens, then we all know who to blame this time.
    And obviously it’s not Platinum Games we will blame and send to hell…

  3. afcourse they will stay exclusive, nintendo pay the cost of this two games, i know that for a long time.nintendo is the one who says what to do with both games

  4. Nintendo is funding both projects [as in, paying for their development], so I would say ‘no shit.’

    But since people don’t bother doing research anymore and just jump to conclusions…

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      Yeah, but when they proposed the idea of a sequel, Microsoft and Sony both didn’t wanna help. Nintendo agreed but they ended up funding the whole project. So I think SEGA’s still the ‘creator’ but Nintendo is the complete publisher.

  5. nintendo is publishing it unlike legends, hopefully these games come out before some of the really big ones, legends will sell better on wii u anyway, thats a really dumb move not to let it out this month and wait for some of the bigger titles to come out, it could have sold more, for other platforms it wont sell as much anyway, just watch

    1. Mein Gott, that’d be funny. But I’d rather Sega remain independent, and we support them more. Then, maybe they’d get back in the console business, and we could crush the Nextbox and PS4 with their used game banning and constant online requirement.

      Miiverse: ByteManNeo

      1. That used game rumor for the ps4 was debunked by Sony. Don’t know why people would even believe such nonsense. Sega is done with the console business, so I doubt you’ll see them back in the console market for years to come. They lost a lot of money over the years, and to be honest…..I’d be for the idea of Nintendo buying them off. It’d at least save them from going bankrupt.

    1. Its not going anywhere. Nintendo is funding their development….. Bayo2 and W101 will remain on a Nintendo console as long as Mario does.

  6. Good to hear. Wish Ubisoft followed in this direction. I know the situation is a bit diferent because Nintendo didn’t fund Rayman Legends… would have been nice though.

    1. The world did end. Its a barren wasteland out in what’s left of the world your in shock your brain is showing you a false reality.

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  8. I love bayonetta but it needs to be on all platforms. No one on wii ew has a clue about it unless they have played the first one. The demand for it to be on 360 and PS3 will be too great for them to say no and they won’t make any money out of it just being on wii ew.

    1. You have absolutely no choice but to accept it like a man. Either support the Bayonetta franchise and buy the Wii U and get the sequel… or don’t. And just like The Wonderful 101, Nintendo will, and is now, an exclusive publisher for Bayonetta 2 only for Wii U.

    2. You can demand all you want. Unless someone buys the rights from Nintendo, its not going anywhere.

      And for the record, I never bothered to play the original, but I’ll buy the sequel to encourage Nintendo to put the third one on the Wii U too.

    1. Well, people thought Razor’s Edge was Wii U exclusive because Nintendo helped fund it. I guess people were worried it might happen to Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101.

  9. That’s very good to hear. I like how direct Kamiya is. That’s why he’s perfect to be with Nintendo. He doesn’t bullshit. Leave luck to heaven.

  10. Good to finally hear some good news for Nintendo! I have always had a deep respect for Platinum Games and am glad that of all the developers, Nintendo chose Platinum to support the most. Here’s to hoping Nintendo will publish Madworld 2 exclusively on Wii U or 3DS.

  11. Bullsh*t. All Bayonetta 2, Lego City, Wonderful 101 and ZombiU need is to picked up by a different publisher other then Nintendo. Very little will remain exclusive on WiiU except Nintendo’s 1st Party childrens games and cross-over titles with Nintendo characters i.e. Shin Megami X Fire Emblem. So unless your hanging out for DQX or a MH3 re-hash… Just wait for GayStation4.

    PS: Ubisoft sucked @rse way before the Rayman news in my book. WHERE THE F@K IS GHOST RECON ONLINE, YOU FRENCH PR*CKS.

    1. U denying both Kamiya and Nintendo? Never underestimate either of them. Nintendo have already funded the developers and bringing the Bayonetta franchise back and their promising title The Wonderful 101 only for Wii U.

    2. Except you’re wrong.
      Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101, even if they got a different publisher, are completely funded by Nintendo, in addition to being published by them.
      Meaning it can’t fall to the same conditions as Rayman Legends or Razor’s Edge.
      Also, quit falling back on the “children’s titles” insults. Mario and Zelda, alongside many others, are for all ages of gamers.
      That means adults too, unless you’re an elitist bigot looking for excuses to slam a company you hate.

  12. The more exclusives the better. Damn i wish Rare was still with Nintendo now more than ever. Banjo, Conker and whatever else Rare made that was popular would have really helped. Damn Microsoft!

  13. Bayonetta has a chance of being in other plataforms, in the other hand, the wonderful 101 is a nintendo/platinium ip

    1. Except the part that you don’t understand is that Microsoft and Sony had already turned down the funding… only Nintendo have brought the Bayonetta franchise back. Without Nintendo, there would be no Bayonetta at all… period!

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  15. Learning to love Platinum! Looks though like we might have to promote The wonderful 101 for them though because Nintendo aren’t showing it much love but it looks epic and not diserving of being the next best game no one buys.

    1. I hate to tell you Benny… but you should know the fact that Nintendo is the publisher of The Wonderful 101. You should respect the company as well as the publisher responsible for making these Wii U games.

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