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Konami Producer Explains Why There’s No Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 On Wii U


Konami producer Dave Cox has explained exactly why the sequel to the well-received Castelvania: Lords of Shadow on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 isn’t coming to the Wii U. Cox explained that the decision was purely down to resources. He says that they would need an extra twenty to thirty additional employees to help create a version of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 on the Wii U. Cox also spoke about Nintendo 3DS exclusive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate which was speculated to be coming to HD consoles. Here’s Cox’s thoughts on both titles.

“The reason that we’re not making a Wii U-version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is because of our resources. We have a limited amount of people working on the title. About 60 people worked on the first title and that’s a pretty small team. With the sequel we have slightly expanded that team, but in order to make a Wii U-version, we need about 20 to 30 extra people. Next to that, we’re already pretty far into the development of Lords of Shadow 2, so it would be very hard for us to work on a Wii U-version without negatively effecting the general development of the title. That’s the only reason there won’t be a Wii U-version, it’s not that we don’t want to make it, it’s just that it wouldn’t make sense for us to do so right now.”

“The reason we’ve first made Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate in HD to then downscale the graphics to the 3DS is because it ensures that the quality of the images is maintained. It’s a common technique when making videogames. We used a lot of PC’s while developing the Nintendo 3DS-game, but that doesn’t mean there’s also a PC-version coming.”

“Even though we’ve got HD-assets of the game, the game is pretty much designed for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s always been our focus and intention to the release the game for that platform. We have no plans to bring the game to HD-consoles. We have no plans to create a different version. The game is pretty much designed to play with the dual screens and to use the capabilities of the 3DS.”

“It’s not uncommon for developers to save the HD-assets of a game to possibly use them in future projects, but at this time we’ve got nothing planned.”


86 thoughts on “Konami Producer Explains Why There’s No Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 On Wii U”

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      But the news seem pretty good. It’s good to hear that their reason for not putting Castlevania on the WiiU is just due to resources. It’d be bad if it was for just about any other reason.

            1. It is, but you’re basically going against a solid partnership history between the two, here.
              Konami has always had fairly decent ties with Nintendo; there’s no reason to take this one game as a sign that support for the Wii U from them is going to waver and disappear.

              1. I know they have a strong partnership and, actually, Wii has been carefully supported by Konami. However, I’m trying to see the whole picture. We’ve been seeing developers/publishers now going the way back on their declarations regard to Wii U; just check the news around the Wii U release date. At that time, everybody was praising the console, promising all efforts to support it properly, and blah, blah, blah. Now, EA and Ubi gave Nintendo their middle fingers, other developers are showing no interest in releasing games on Wii U, and the scenario is nothing but alarming. Wherever you look, people are bashing Nintendo and Wii U. It’s sad, very sad. And to clarify any remaining issue, I DO NOT HATE Wii U. Mine is right here. If you accused me of twisting words, you also made wrong assumptions.

        1. Way to twist words . He basically said we would love to make this game and get this money but we don’t have the manpower to get it.

      1. You didn’t get it, did you?

        Tell me something. I don’t doubt the game would require more people to do one more version, that’s just common sense. But if the Wii U version was expected to sell, say, 2 million copies, don’t you think they’d have hired those extra 20-30 people to do it?

        What this Konami guy actually said was just a sugarcoated version of “we don’t expect it to sell enough to cover the costs so we didn’t put the resources into it”.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          1) He didn’t say that, so you’re just assuming things. A trick I learned years ago is that when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and ME. :P
          2) I did get it.
          3) If you are correct, that’s not bad of a reason. The install base isn’t amazing, but it’s better to not support a system because of that, rather than because they don’t like the console.

        2. Keep in mind that they’re likely pushing budget on the game as it is, and likely don’t have the time nor money to spend hiring 30 more people to work on it.
          Plus, they did mention that it would take away from focus on the versions already being done.
          I doubt that they feel it wouldn’t sell enough to cover costs.
          God knows there’s been enough Castlevania games on Nintendo platforms to prove that the series has a strong following on this side of the pond.

          1. myavatarisamiddlefinger

            God knows LOS is a tremendous piece of shit of a reboot and he’s glad it isn’t on nintendo platforms.

        3. Unfortinatly I agree they don’t think enough money would be made to justify hiring more people or delaying release so they can port to the wiiu. This is a business. Its all about money. If theybthought money could be made they would port it to the wiiu

    1. Off-topic but should I call Nintendo since both TVii and Wii menu arent working? Wii menu just reboot the systems and shows a black screen, I can only reboot the system if I unplug it… TVii says it’s unavailable. Is there a known fix?

  1. Sounds reasonable to me , this is the problem that faces new consoles with small installed base. Time should change things though.

    Maybe a future port ?

      1. You mean it didn’t have the *Symphony of the Night* feel. There were other Castlevanias before Symphony, you know, and they DON’T have the same feel. Lords of Shadow is a nod back to those.

        Symphony of the Night is the Resident Evil 4 of the Castlevania series. Both are the best games in their respective franchises, and they achieved it by reinventing them.

        1. I ben playing castlevania since the nes and belive me wen i say that dmc have a better castlevania feal heck even máximo had a better feal.

        2. myavatarisamiddlefinger


          Where are the Hearts? Where is the Vampire Killer? Meat pieces? Stop time clock? EVERYTHING THAT MAKES A CASTLEVANIA GAME A CASTLEVANIA GAME?

          LOS is a good of war wannabe. It mashes up a lot of concepts from various games like the mentioned god of war, shadow of the colossus and more. Yet it sucks on doing it.

          “Best game in franchise”
          Go suck a dick.

    1. Nah, I’d prefer a brand new one or a sequal. Mainly because there’s no system like the Wii U. ( I mean that in a good way.)

      1. True… Oh well. Not exactly that bothered , i will just buy it for the old Dust box 360 one day when its in a bargain bin :)

        Wiiu lineup for 2013 is amazing depending on if some games like Mario kart Wiiu launch :)

      2. True… Oh well. Not exactly that bothered , i will just buy it for the old Dust box 360 one day when its in a bargain bin :)

        Wiiu lineup for 2013 is amazing depending on if some games like Mario kart Wiiu launch :)

        1. I’m truly looking forward to see what Nintendo is briging to us this year. Another Star Fox? Sequels to The Last Story and Xenoblade? Mario 3D? F-Zero? New Zelda? Fingers crossed.

          1. I rather not have a sequal to XC, mostly because there’s no way to continue the story after it’s ending. I much rather have a new Xeno game myself.

    2. Problem is, late ports usually sell even less. If they didn’t think it was worth it hiring more resources to do a port *now*, during *launch*, I doubt they’d do it later for diminished returns.

  2. Well then, how about working on it afterwards! Didn’t I read somewhere that the architecture of the Wii U and 360 were incredibly similar so porting was quite simple

  3. I wouldve assumed that they was going to go for the “wait and see” approach after Castlevania Judgement failed miserably on Wii. Atleast the reason is legitimate and mature.

  4. Makes sense. I don’t think every developer hates Nintendo (except you EA), it’s just there have been some problems. With the Wii, it was underpowered and developers thought it was just easier to make their games on the other systems. I think that we won’t get many third party titles on the Wii U until 2014 because
    a) not that many people own a Wii U right now compared to current generation consoles
    b) developers have already started working on games for the ps3/720 and want to finish them without worrying about a Wii U port
    2014 onward is when we’ll see multiplatform releases on Wii U, 720, and PS4.

    Ubisoft’s excuse with Rayman being delayed, however, is a different story…

    1. ” I don’t think every developer hates Nintendo (except you EA)”

      What are you babbling about? Go see what Activision has said in its recent investor meeting. Compared to *that* even EA is *very supportive*…

  5. That’s reasonable. Obviously both games are made by Mercury Steam, where as Ubisoft is, well, Ubisoft, they certainly have staff, although by sound of it, they didnt hire anyone extra, they just fucked over the WiiU one, finished it, now theyre literally just porting it over while keeping the finished WiiU one with themselves till September, which is fucking stupid

  6. Well, if it’s a lack of resources issue, then so be it. Maybe once production is finished, they’ll consider reassigning some of their staff to work on a Wii U version, maybe not.
    Either way, we’re getting Mirror of Fate as well, and I’m sure that this won’t be the last time that Castlevania shows up on a Nintendo console, right alongside the others.

  7. People are really getting their titties in a twister over games that aren’t good anyways not coming to Wii U (this game, Bioshock,Resident Evil 6 etc.) seriously just get a PS3 or PC for multiplats and cheer whenever a good port with off tv play comes out for Wii U. I myself will buy certain multiplats twice if they have off tv play but really, don’t worry about them.

    1. > “over games that aren’t good anyways not coming to Wii U”

      > says this game and Bioshock

      God damn i wana punch your face right now.

      1. Damn dude don’t get your titties in a bunch over some guy (me) on the internet for having the opinion that they’re bad games ;o

        1. The only idiots and fanboys think Bioshock is a bad game, it’s the highest rated FPS franchise ever, and is the exact opposite of the bullshit FPS that plaque this generation.

          1. I meant Bioshock Infinite, sorry I should’ve elaborated that. I haven’t played the first but it’s the only one that interests me. And ratings don’t mean shit, think for yourself on that my friend.

            1. Okay, you really are a fucking moron.

              1. Clearly you’ve seen NOTHING on Bioshock Infinite

              2. I’m pretty sure ratings, like Game Rankings and Metacritic, which are the collective review of every reviewer, and user review, is legit.

              3. Bioshock is in my top 10 favourite games ever, so i certainly fucking think for myself.

              Basically, YOU are a stupid fanboy cunt, damage controlling EVERY fucking situation.

              1. I’m not sure how I’m damage controlling considering I have every platform. I also didn’t say reviews aren’t legit and I never said favoring Bioshock was not thinking for yourself, I said generally reviews aren’t always right for everyone. As for Infinite I don’t particularly like the graphics or the art, or the cover for that matter but that’s just my opinion. Key word: “opinion” ;)

            2. And 4. This game and Bioshock Infinite aren’t even fucking out, so how can you say its “not even that good”. Oh yeah, the developers gave it early to some little shite in him bedroom, seems legit.

  8. Just give us a Castlevania Judgement 2 with better controls, new characters, and designs that stays true to each character.

  9. I think that why this and more 3rd paty games are not coming to wiiU has more to do with developement cycles than the platform. I think that a lot of this games where to far into development and dev teams saw how much more potential the wiiU had that they decided to wait to make new games for the wiiU so they could better utilize it’s unique features. I still think that the wiiU will get most future 3rd party games including most shooters, action and sports games. I have confidence that this is the case and I base this confidence on the fact that Wii saw CoD games and sports titles even when it was way over power. FIFA is a system sellers, I know this because of so many people that I’ve met that only play this game. I think that the wiiU will see equal future version of this type of games and there for pull some of this type of gamers into the wiiU family. I see a bright future for the wiiU so this type of news do not phase me.

  10. While I would like to see Lords of Shadows on Wii U, I certainly understand. I’m glad he explained why, and didn’t give one of those half baked answers that many other publishers have been giving! I think publishers are starting to realize that while we knew the Wii couldn’t do a lot of their games, the Wii U can. Plus, if they aren’t putting games on the Wii U, it’s going to make them look bias and anger a whole community. Remember: Negative is bad for business. Look at Ubisoft!

  11. “The game is pretty much designed to play with the dual screens”

    Have they ever seen the wii u? Last I checked there were two screens

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      They’re talking about two different games…
      The game for the 3DS “is pretty much designed to play with the dual screens.”
      Castlevania, Lords Of Shadow 2 isn’t designed for the 3DS.

  12. So they can’t make a port of Lords of Shadow 2 on the Wii U because of the amount of time it would take to make it, but they already have an HD version of Mirror’s of Fate that could run pretty well on a PS3 or 360. What, exactly, is so hard for them to port LoS2 on the Wii U?

    I hope I’m not the only who didn’t understand his arguments.

  13. You would have to be stupid not to notice why it wasn’t on Wii u. The console is a failure and doesn’t provide what the Xbox provides. Ps3 is almost as bad.

    1. Do you own a wiiU? Have you integrated it into your main room? Have you played Nintendo land? Have you used their web browser? Have you notice the added sound the gamepad provides? Have you drawn something on miiverse and seen the precision the stylus gives you? Have you switch to your ps3 and continue surfing the web on your gamepad while you wait to play a match on FIFA 13? Have you used nintendo tvii? Have you made a video chat? Have you ever fought 3 zombies with a cricket bat on zombieU and paused the game to post a picture of the action on miiverse with an added comment? Have you ever offended ubisoft on miiverse? So have you? If you haven’t then you don’t know what you are talking about son!

  14. WHAT THEY ARE HONESTLY SCARED TO SAY IS USED GAME SALES WPULD EAT UP THEIR PROFITS SO THEY CANT THANKS TO GAMESTOP AND TOPPS TRADE CENTER. . All companys have to cut profits thanks to Gaystop. They sale a used copy for 54.99 next to a new copy. Some stores will LIE and say they don’t have any new ones until they sale their used ones. Konami would not get a cent of the 54.99 just made off their product. Multiply that by 4500 storrs. I think thats theft and gamestop should have to pay 35% to publishers for resaling their shit. WHY DO PEOPLE IGNORE THESE FACTS????

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  18. i liked castlevania los,it is true that it was kinda different but it did felt like castlevania ,the only thing that bothered me was the music,it was awesome but it needed more castlevaniaish music in an orchestral way like scv4,it did had a few,i hated the vamp killer easter egg it was horrible,but the game was epic and the new 3ds game looks more like castlevania classic even mr.cox changed it cause of the few rantings about los1,at least he hears the fans.please respect my opinion as i respect yours,if you didnt liked it thats fine with me is your choice,your life,peace…

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