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Aliens Colonial Marines Scores 49 On Metacritic


The review embargo is now officially up for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game has scored a disappointing 49 on online review aggregator Metacritic.  Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the only positive review of the game, stating that it’s a wonderful homage to the Aliens franchise. Eurogamer gave the game a damming 30 and said that it’s a generic effort coasting on borrowed iconography. The game launches on Wii U in North America next month.

69 thoughts on “Aliens Colonial Marines Scores 49 On Metacritic”

    1. It’s a shame. I know a lot of people were looking forward to playing this. Despite what a lot of people say, reviews do have a sway on people’s purchasing habits. So while some people will get the game regardless, others will not be picking it up.

      Sad to hear that most reviews are saying it was a poor game though. You would think after all of this time and that huge delay, improvements would have been made.

      1. Not necessarily, take Duke Nukem Forever as a comparison. A game under a long development cycle, which came out only as a mediocre game. Not to mention that one of the devs of Aliens said that the development was an utter train wreck.

        1. Development gears shifted a lot with Duke Nukem Forever, so by the time Gearbox picked it up, it wasn’t even the same thing as what the earliest dev was making back in the 90s. The amount of time Gearbox spent with DNF was least only two years.

    2. WHat do you expect? SEGA publishes shitty ass games. How fitting, Here’s a game I don’t have to play in order to rate it 1 point/star on every retailer website. See fuckers?

    1. dude I really your comments! haha, you are so funny too! (in a good way!), I always look for your post here and Wii U daily hahahaha. dont listen to the haters! keep it up the great work! you are great nintendo fan!

    2. Wii U version is being made by a different developer but Gearbox is still making the Multiplayer so I actually see that happening XD

        1. “Demiurge is developing the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines with our longtime partners at Gearbox Software and publishing partner Sega. As huge Aliens fans, we’re honored to contribute to this missing chapter of the renowned series. And as huge Nintendo fans, we’re thrilled we get to push the envelope of Wii U development. We’re bringing some unique features to the Wii U that aren’t possible on other platforms. Using the Wii U GamePad’s motion controls, you can use the screen as a fully directional motion tracker – just like in Aliens. You can also use the touch screen to hack terminals and scan for enemies.”


    1. DMC is really good, what are you talking about? Its the best reboot game I have played, and the most enjoyable gaming experience I have had in awhile.

    1. Well the Wii U version is being made by a completely different developer and the one that is released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 are handled by a in-dev Team inside Gearbox Software. Gearbox made the online part of the game which has been getting more praise than the singleplayer game.

      So really if the Wii U version comes out and people say its a 65 or above… I want you to eat your own shit on Youtube…

  1. No Offence, but I knew This game would be Shit. :/ *ActiveGamer4Life* was ABSOLUTELY Right with his prediction. U guys should check out his channel, He’s really Spot on about Most things in the Gaming Industry. (;

  2. So the biggest issues overall is the AI and the mindless shooting.
    2 things that has always kept me from even considering buying an Xbox or PS3.

    Bosses in particular in both of the consoles are so damn repetitive and boring that theh have to include an occassional “cinematic” move to makea bit less boring.

    If the Wii U version gets the same 2 verdicts, Al and mindless crap then sorry, I won’t buy it even though it was actually the first game besides Pikmin 3 I was boing to buy first along my Wii U

    1. Well with the added feature of the gamepad as the Xeno tracker and the more powerful and modern hardware of the Wii U, I’m pretty sure it will do great.

      1. Infinite_Rubix_Cube

        It’ll be the same crappy game regardless. Besides, I highly doubt the Wii U’s “modern” hardware would help it out much while even the PC version looks like shit.

    1. I know this sucks so much!!! I was really looking forward to this game but I’m going to hold off until I see further reviews. I highly recommend DKCR though.

        1. Now that you mention it, I have played every Retro game. Anyways, I will forewarn you that the game is extremely challenging but is a lot of fun to play with a buddy.

  3. If these developers skipped thisbstupid hollywood american soldier attitude in everything they do, they might actually be worth something.

    That’s what sucked the most in Metroid Other M, too hollywood and too stupid story wise, but the gameplaynis what matters most which I thought was excellent, specially the hero mode or whatever it was called…

  4. Fans mostly did not like Mass Effect 3, and I loved it.
    Fingers crossed?!
    I’m buying Aliens. If it sucks, I’ll experience the disappointment myself.

    1. I’ll join you if the Wii U version has the online co-op campaign like the others. It can’t be worse than Epic Mickey 2, right?

        1. I bought the Wii version for $26 on Black friday at Wal Mart. Thankfully GameStop had a deal where I could trade it in for all the money I spent. I put the money towards a preorder of Aliens :(

    2. I’m debating whether or not I should buy it right away. I was really looking forward to the online co-op with you and Mike.

  5. can somebody please explain how in any way shape or form the wiiu has something to do with this industry shite that ms and sony fans buy in droves


    1. That makes no sense. Do your homework, this is a game that’s going to come out on the Wii U.
      A bad game is a bad game, regardless of the system.(And please stop being a goddamn whiny fanboy.)

  6. Of course the Wii U version will be better what the fuck are you thinking. Just playing with the gamepad is enough to get 6.5/10 or even a better score… now .. add better graphics into the mix and you have a solid 7/10. Wii U win.

    1. Just because it’s on another console with a different controller doesn’t mean it will be better at all. Better graphics are also unlikely if the PC version doesn’t look good, they’re not going to remodel the whole game.

      1. They postponed the release date for Wii U indefinitly. Now they have all the time they need to correct this game and make it better for Wii U. A lot better. It worked very well for Ninja Gaiden 3.

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  8. That’s not fucking funny, man! (Must resist quoting Aliens!).
    I found this game to be really disappointing. I was hoping for Borderlands Gearbox, but I got Duke Nukem Forever Gearbox.
    I’m hoping that the upcoming Wii U version is an improvement over the PS3/ 360 versions.

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