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Pokemon Comes To iOS… Pokemon TV


The Pokemon Company has released Pokemon TV on Apple’s iOS platform. The description says the following: Take Pokémon TV on the go with the Pokémon TV app! Watch amazing Pokémon animated adventures starring Ash, Pikachu, and all their friends. Plus, don’t miss exciting special features and trailers for upcoming Pokémon movie events. It’s the perfect app for Pokémon fans to keep up with Pokémon TV episodes. Even better—this Pokémon TV app is free!

44 thoughts on “Pokemon Comes To iOS… Pokemon TV”

  1. Great, here comes the fanboys saying “what a load of shit, IOS!? Bullshit” and the trolls saying “haha nintendo is coming multiplatform”

    No and no.

    It’s a TV app for the crappy TV show.

        1. The person I replied to is probably crying cause he/she is an immature asshole

          … anger issues? I feel like someone needs to learn to control his anger.

            1. Calm your tits boy/girl, you need to shut-up and listen to him/her and take some ange management classes, he/she’s got the higher ground here.

              1. “Calm your tits?”

                At which point in that comment was i not calm?

                Did you actually READ the persons username?
                Even the original comment, wasn’t even angry or anything, it was pointing out how fucking stupid anonymous commenters are, little cowards behind a keyboard.
                I mean seriously, the comment, “Just you!”.
                Just me what exactly?
                I swear, 60% on here, are so fucking stupid it’s unreal.

                Be you a fanboy, troll, whatever, it’s insane.

  2. So… These are new episodes? Are they supposed to be whole new thing? Should we expect it to become real tv material? Wut. I don’t even.

        1. ugh…only 2 positive reviews. Well, all my money was going to the two Tri ultimate versions anyway, but I was thinking of picking this up later on. I’ll have a look at a few gameplay videos myself, don’t really trust reviewers blindly, but yeah, not looking good at all :/

            1. Erm, no, the game just looks terrible.
              “Oh it must be a conspiracy!”
              No, it’s just a shitty game.
              As much as i hate COD for not innovating, it has fluid action, set pieces, satisfying and simple gameplay mechanics that while out dated, still work, and generally, a story thats pretty good.

              Aliens:CM doesnt seem to have any of that, it’s just locations of the movie mashed into a game

                1. Well the “try before buy” doesnt happen because people rarely sent out demos for shitty games.

                  Seriously, when i see proffesional reviewers, small time reviewers, and commenters saying, “it’s a bad game”, i’m pretty sure i trust their judgement, and save myself £40

  3. The beginning of the title is misleading as crud. A better title would be “Pokemon TV App arrives on iOS” Just saying the first half is very misleading as Pokemon tv is squeezed in right at the end.

  4. Would be great if they made a Wii U version or brought the 3DS version to the home instead of having to be in Nintendo Zone.

  5. I wonder why The Pokemon Company have been releasing Pokemon software on iOS lately.
    Now we have a Pokedex and Pokemon TV.

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