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Nintendo To Host Wii U Developer Presentation At GDC 13


Nintendo will be presenting a Wii U developer talk at this years Games Developer Conference. The first presentation will focus on sharing a new way of rapidly developing Wii U applications that takes full advantage of unique Wii U features, while significantly reducing development times and will be hosted by Nintendo, senior software engineer Ryan Lynd. The second talk will come from Miiverse co-creator Mizuki Kiyoshi. The description says the talk will focus on how Miiverse makes it possible for your Wii U games to connect more players and to offer more enjoyable gaming experiences in ‘Miiverse Support from Your Games.’

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15 thoughts on “Nintendo To Host Wii U Developer Presentation At GDC 13”

    1. I don’t think so…I think(assuming you don’t know) that the games that appear are the games that currently have the most people playing them at the current time. At least, when I go into Miiverse and look and the numbers in each community, it seems to correspond to the highest and the ones that appear in the plaza…

      1. Thanks, and that would make sense and I just saw the ubisoft app appear for me and I never seen it in wara wara before.

      2. I think it’s based on what’s popular for people that are around age and location of the user. For me, a 14 year old in Toronto, I see games like Mario, Sonic, Nintendo Land, indie games, and the occasional 3rd party E10 – T rated game, and Uplay, Youtube, and Nintendo TVii. When I made an account for Mature eShop things (age 27, same location), games like Call of Duty, Nintendo Land, Assassin’s Creed III, Mario and… Skylanders were on the plaza.

    2. Not specifically, but if you choose communities as your favorite or you participate in the community they will start appearing there.

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