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Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails Confirmed As Wii U Exclusive


Indie developer Dakko Dakko has announced that they are now an officially licensed Wii U developer. To celebrate the news they will be releasing their action title Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails exclusively on the Wii U eShop. The press release states that the game mixes fast-paced shooting gameplay, with a rail-riding platformer mechanic. Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails will be released sometime later this year. Here’s what Dakko Dakko founder Rhodri Broadbent had to say in a press release.

“Our new game came into being almost as soon as I heard about the Wii U and its GamePad. I’ve long been fascinated by the different experiences made possible when playing a game in your hands compared with playing on a TV, and the chance to combine the best of both worlds in a brand-new HD action game was irresistible.”

27 thoughts on “Scram Kitty And His Buddy On Rails Confirmed As Wii U Exclusive”

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      1. The big developers are limited by what the big corporations tell them what they can and can NOT do, the indie developers are only limited by what their imagination tell them they CAN do.

    1. they are more creative that the big studios, the only thing that big studios can deliver are amazing graphics, but little content

    2. Indie Devs love the Wii U for a few reasons. Gamepad and its huge amount of possibilties. The fact that Nintendo doesnt charge them $50,000 for a single patch/update lol. And 3rd since they are indie devs they get to explore new tech, they actually put time into figuring out the Wii U and as we all know devs who put in the effort to figure out the Wii U by actually working with it LOVE IT. This is why Nintendo will win the Indie devs for the 8th gen. We must show them support and prove to them they made the right choice going Nintendo. Not saying buy every indie game lol. But keep an eye on all indie Wii U games I have a feeling there will be alot of gems.

      1. Oh really? If “not a fuck was given” why were all the Nintendo fanboys crying over Rayman Legends it was announced it would no longer be exclusive and was getting a delay? Explain to me Sellers! Do it!

        1. Less were complaining about the exclusivity than the fact that it was pushed back for inferior systems.
          The only people celebrating a push-back were arrogant retards like you.

  2. From the article:
    “It is, if you’re after a lazy comparison, a little like Smash TV getting together for a playful tea party with Jet Set Radio.”
    Loved Smash TV, was interested in JSR, this has me very interested now.

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