European Exclusive Fire Emblem 3DS XL Bundle Coming


Nintendo of Europe has just announced a Euro-exclusive: Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL which includes Fire Emblem: Awakening. The bundle will be available from the 19th of April.


    1. Really? since it looks lazy and cheap since all Nintendo of Europe did was slap a fucking sticker on a normal blue XL.

      The US Fire emblem bundle was miles better.

      Also Europe didn’t fucking get Kirby Dream Collection whereas the US did.

      1. ill trade you that game for many others that europe was willing to risk and noa didnt, and that bundle comes with the xl while the us had the normal 3ds, all those kirby games are already are released or will be on the vc anyway, so no loss in a way

  1. The Xl is out in America too. And frankly I don’t care for these bundles because the game is downloaded into the system so you don’t get the hard copy which can cause a number of problems.

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