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Joystiq Confirms Need For Speed: Most Wanted On Wii U Is The Definitive Console Experience


Alex Ward, the Creative Director of Criterion Games, recently sat down with online gaming publication Joystiq to discuss Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the Wii U. Ward explained that the game didn’t make launch as the team were unaware of Nintendo’s online plan with Wii U. He went on to say that online is an integral experience in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Joystiq says that after playing the game relentlessly on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 it was instantly noticeable that the Wii U version was technically the more impressive game, with a much longer draw distance and a better frame rate. Here’s what Joystiq had to say.

The extra time was not spent in vain, something that became obvious once Most Wanted was up and running on a television. The Wii U port pulls in the PC assets and immediately sports a much longer draw distance and better frame rate than its console cousins. Having played my fair share of Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the work that went into this Wii U version was clear – and not just in graphical fidelity, either.

Thanks, Mike S

109 thoughts on “Joystiq Confirms Need For Speed: Most Wanted On Wii U Is The Definitive Console Experience”

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                        Criterion Games have taken full advantage of the Wii U hardware and made Most Wanted the definitive version. Even the PC version is better than your fucked up PS3. You still lose. Good day sir!

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      1. Staight from the devs mouth.
        Most Wanted rocked.
        Carbon had the best music.
        Undercover makes me hurt.
        Hopefully this’ll be as good as Project Cars -___- probably not…

        1. EA is only the publisher. Criterion is making it and since they’ve made the awesomness that is Burnout, this is no surprise

      2. Guardian of Time, Clock Hero

        And that is how you do a Wii U port :)
        Game looks beautiful! I don’t like car games, but seeing this kind of effort makes me want to buy it and try it out!

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      3. Love the fact he states the wii u is a powerful piece of hardware.
        But the thing that caught my ear was he states that we didn’t want to just release a vanilla port. He lets all know that they made it didn’t feel good about it took there time and added more of everything.
        I don’t play racing games but because of that they earned my money.

      4. I find it amusing that when there’s negative news, they bash the FUCK out of the Wii U and Nintendo. . . but when there’s good news (hell this is great news) they get all uncaring, nonchalant, hell to the point that the devs are on something or lying.

        Fuck off. Just fuck off.

        1. I agree with you but here is the real problem. people who by Nintendo products aren’t internet viewers.
          They don’t spend a lot of time online they are more of the word of mouth people. If you look at the wii’s success people told there friends you have to play this or they they wen’t to friends houses and there was this awesome party device.
          On thing to remember Nintendo once had this blue ocean strategy where they said people who don’t play games don’t because there are to many buttons on controllers. so they find the control method to difficult. Good example is Pac Man. it was a simple game eat the pellets evade the ghost and try to flip the game. The levels got harder the ghost got quicker and the game cheated. ( At least that’s how i felt).

          Someone once said if Nintendo is to win this Gen they have to do them and not worry about Sony or Microsoft. I agree they had a good start with the anniversary games. Why not continue that with games with hd graphic upgrades but use miiverse as a way to Gage interest in that IP people like it do like the wii download version of excite bike..

          Also what happened to the advertisement I’m watching the bulls game and I saw the nissan car commercial at every break. They need to push it there was no catchy commercial during the superbowl but the allstar game is coming up.The most important thing is they need to get hungry again be the artist selling his album out the trunk. Go and have a demo set up at the car show, go to malls it’s weird they say people have to play it to understand it. Why aren’t nintendo people in the trenches pushing this wonderful product.

          1. You do have a point about that. I do agree. They not only need to advertise it more but show what makes it unique and different.

          2. That’s bull.
            I spend at least as much time on the internet as I do gaming, whenever I can reasonably afford to do so, and I know plenty of other people who do the same despite being Nintendo console owners who use them frequently.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I guess he just lives in a different sort of area or talks/sees different kinds of people. My community is similar to his. A lot of teens who are like, “Fifa, CoD, and GTA make me such a bada** and I’m such a gamer.” I’m not dissing those games at all, but when casual “gamer” teenagers who think they are in some way “hardcore” because they ONLY play those THREE games on their Xbox 360, it gets a little frustrating.

              They don’t want any part in changing to a new console. That would involve doing some research, going on the Internet and looking around, changing to a different company, getting new games and new controllers and new features. They’re lazy. They aren’t real gamers. They just play three games to fit in and pass their free-time.

              Just to make myself clear, not MANY are like this. But I can say that a lot of the “popular” teenagers, DO have this mindset. And finally, to kids and teens, having a Nintendo console/handheld is now regarded as kiddish, as demonstrated by the trolls on this site >_>


        We’ve been saying all along the wiiu is OBVIOUSLY CONSDIERABLY more powerfull than 7-8 year old consoles , Hell it’s pretty much FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE for it not to be unless you’re using Ouya tech…..

        Wiiu is a fucking beast. Is it gunna be as powerfull as PS4 or 720 ? hell no… Is it more powerfull than PS3 and 360 ? hell yes. And that’s all that fucking matters coupled with the Gamepad , miiverse etc.

        Wiiu – Generation 8. Deal the fuck with it.

        1. S-Unit is already mad, Nintedward. He’s in full denial about the best news ever about an upcoming Wii U title and a perfect port of the current gen counterpart.

          1. Can’t handle the modern architecture. Wiiu uses half of the electiricity the ps3 and 360 do and can produce significantly better graphics whilst streaming to a tablet controller with no latency.

            And they say it’s not next gen ? What the fuck is it then ? It’s honestly all a Nintendo fan could of wished for and more…

      6. Good to hear. I normally don’t play racing games, but I think I will buy this. Hey Ubisoft, there goes your Rayman Legends money!!

      7. I went in to game stop to pay of this game and the clerk said “you know you can buy this game now for xbox or ps3 and it will look better on those systems” I pulled out my phone and showed him this article and his response was “you can’t believe everything you read the wiiu is less powerful than the xbox so this can’t be true” we I laughed and said I want the wiiu version not the dumbed version on underpowered 7 year old hardware and I want to pay it off. HE just looked at me oddly and said “ok just trying to help you out” he took my money. I think it’s funny how dumb and biased people can be.

        1. “you know you can buy this game now for xbox or ps3 and it will look better on those systems”

          It’s actually sad that people like that SELL games, its fucking atrocious, people with no knowledge what so ever, being in charge of selling games. Fanboys working at video game stores, i dont want to live on this planet anymore.

      8. Could someone list the third party games that we really need on the Wii U, not the ones that we want but after completion and before are impulse media propaganda driven monsters.

        Here is my list :

        1) Tomb Raider revolted
        2) Niño kuni “‘wrath of the white witch”
        3) Watch dogs
        4) Final fantasy xv ( come back home FF )

        That’s all the third parties I really want.

        Honorable mentions are :

        1) PES14
        2) FIFA14
        3) Dead space 3
        4) Metal gear solid
        5) transformers 1 and 2 ( fall of cybertron ).

      9. its the best graphically,its the best multi player,its remote play of tv,its got huge draw distence,best framerate,multipul gamepad modes,and by far the best controller choice-support

        wiiu has saved gaming lol kinect and eyetoy 2 ffs GAY ASS SHIT

        1. D0n7Bl1nk I appreciated a lot of the tgihns you said in this video, most notably I approve of your using the word missiles to describe the missiles in the game. Rockets fly straight and are unguided while missiles seek out their targets. I know, its clips vs magazines again :X but I just hate it so much when people play shooters and have never taken the time to get their terminology right or ever google a single gun. I approve

        1. crazy is using a plastic stick to aim in fps games 7 years after the wii remote re devined fps control THATS CRAZY



        THEY JUST DO NOT GET IT WIIUS GPU IS FLIPPER 2 ITS A 2012 version of gamecube wii gpu its loaded with high performance hardwired effects and lighting NOT JUST SHADERS

        the edram bandwidth has insane bandwidth LOL PC THIS PC THAT PEOPPLE NEED A WAKE UP CALL

      11. The ” Wii Underpowered ” comments from Nintendo-haters needs to cease. I can’t wait to pick this game up next month. Listen up my fellow Nintendo fans…please support this game, so that we don’t give developers an excuse not to bring their biggest games to the Wii U

      12. I’ve decided to break down all of the Wii U features, having seen the video.

        1. Play on GamePad
        2. PC Textures
        3. Improved lighting engine
        3. Co-driver mode, where a second player controls traffic and police

        Pretty cool huh? Can’t decide between this and Monster Hunter now!

      13. Bought! First day, was going to anyway, caus i skipped the PS3 Version to wait for this on Wii U, the wait haspaid off…Excellent news!!!!!!!!!!

      14. You hear that? That’s BlackB0nd, Hard8, 7thlevelofshit, nxtgen720 and so on are starting to type out their damage control videos now XD

        Owned the haters >=)

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      20. This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained.
        Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!)
        Excellent job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and
        more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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