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Resident Evil Revelations Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Capcom has released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Resident Evil: Revelations on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. The trailer shows off the unlockable Hunk as he blasts every creature he sees into oblivion. We’ve already heard that Resident Evil: Revelations will include off-TV play, and will support the Wii U Pro controller. The game is due to be released in North America on May 21st, and throughout Europe on May 24th.

31 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Gets A New Gameplay Trailer”

        1. You aren’t a race, you’re bunch of people who own a PC with an elitist opinion, in gaming culture, you’re the equivilant of a nazi.
          Nobody gives a fuck what platform you play on, and people like you actually make PC less desirable, i sure as hell don’t want to be part of an online community with sad fucks like you.

        2. >PC master race
          >wanting a port from a hand held
          With that said I’m likely to be buying this on PC as well just so I can play with friends, Wii U version may still happen if my wallet allows it to

          1. I don’t get it on the PC because I see myself as some kind of “master race”. I actually ADDED PC to my gaming systems and guess what that was only six months ago. Before that I was a PS3, 360, Wii only guy. FYI the main reason I got that hardware was because of the dolphin emulator.

            I play the PC game because of several advantages:
            -I can up the video quality
            -I can up the framerate
            -The load times are A LOT shorter
            -The PC game is always cheaper
            -I can decide between mouse+keyboard or gamepad

            You see that are a lot of benefits.

            1. Well the reply was to the guy who said PC master race and console fag.

              But still, just saying “better than the inferior console version” was unnecessary, just say “i’m gona get this on my PC”. Is it really difficult for people not to take a stab at something they dont like or use just because?

  1. Hunk? God dammit, well looks like im buying a WiiU in May -.-

    Looks great though, glad the gameplay controls are the same as Resi5, good camera, no bullshit like Resi6. The artifical crosshair, health bar and damage numbers are bad though, i hope you can change it to just the laser sight and nothing more, hide away the HUD so it’s on the gamepad too, so its just the game on screen, build up that immersion.

      1. The health bars and damage numbers are features of Raid Mode, the multiplayer co-op playthrough of pretty much every and any level in the story mode. None of that is there in the Story mode.

      2. The guy above me answered the question. I guess for Raid mode its okay, its all about action in those parts.

        Also real talk, i only just noticed, but fucking love the HUD designs, broken glass displaying ammo and weapon, and a fogged up screen with the map on it, thats bad ass.

  2. Yet again completely missing the point of survival horror… what made this game so scary was that the enemies were tough and real threats and that you COULDN’T just plough through them or fire wildly and not have to worry about ammo. This kind of thing BREAKS TENSION COMPLETELY.

    1. Well what they are showing off isn’t supposed to be survival horror, they are showing off Raid Mode which is the more action oriented multiplayer co-op the game features. The Story mode is completely different in terms of you talk as if you played the game but it also seems you forgot about Raid mode.

  3. Yeah I remember going through Raid Mode on the 3DS version, even though it wasn’t “scary”, the tension of avoiding some monsters especially with those that could possibly kill u in 1 hit like 1 particular monster.

  4. No matter what Isee about Resident Evil now…it just seems boring…no horror, no survival…just mindless shooting and music that makes it that much less scarier…it sucks.
    RE4 pwned in all areas.

    1. I take it you’ve yet to actually play Revelations on 3DS, right? There are times where you just have to stop shooting and start running from the enemies to save ammo. Not all enemies are easy to take down. Raid Mode is defeat all monsters to proceed, but even that becomes more difficult in later stages.

    2. You’ve not played revelations based on what you said. This is gameplay of Raid Mode which takes the more action side RE and turns it into a co-op/stand-alone online/offline stage select mode. This isn’t the main campaign; that char is only available through Raid Mode

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  9. Who is Capcom trying to fool? Of course they changed the game resolution from 400×320 to 1920×1080, because in such a low resolution it would be unplayable on a HD-TV, but that’s all. They didn’t even work on the textures, models nor anything. They are so frickin’ lazy. And for additions, they just added HUNK for Raid Mode and changed the laser pointer for a crosshair. Lame.
    And for anyone that hasn’t played the 3DS version yet, no, the game is not more action-packed. It is the Raid Mode which is already available on the Handheld version.

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