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NPD: Xbox 360 Sold 5X More Units Than Wii U In January


More details have emerged regarding January 2013 NPD figures. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 outsold the Wii U by five times more units in North America during January. Nintendo declined to issue a press release detailing how many Wii U console were sold, but industry site Gamasutra estimates that Nintendo only sold 55,000 Wii U consoles. Microsoft announced that they sold 281,000 Xbox 360 consoles. Wii U software sales for the month of January were under 15 million.

45 thoughts on “NPD: Xbox 360 Sold 5X More Units Than Wii U In January”

    1. Exactly! People are still not giving them a chance and I know how loads of people have wanted the consoles after seeing Nintendo Direct and recent one for 3DS has been just as good and them sales went over the roof after the bad start.

        1. Sad but true. I stayed by my gamecubes side through thick n thin. Stayes by my wii’s side. And damn it im sticking by my wii-u’s side. I still think THEY SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME TO WII-2

          1. Seriously though, I think the Name could have made a significant impact on sales.

            I don’t think “WiiU” is doing it for people.
            Sounds superficial, but for real, box color and name are important to people, and although launching with a Black console was great, Even I was not fond of the name. :(

  1. Read the name of this website….now look at what you just posted for us to read, sickr! Now I want you to tell me who at this web site gives a flying f^(K about how much more the 360 sold in January than Wii U!

    1. its not a clever article… there is about 3.2m wii Us sold out, if they pointing out that less than 15m wii u games have been sold… its more like… each indevidual should buy 5 games in 1 month!! each month? are u crazy…

        1. Lucky for me, I’ve never played any Darksiders games, so I have that to hold me over! These “dry” months aren’t doing anything to make the Wii U look appealing to anyone, not even with the promise of future class “A” games around the corner! It’s like owning a George Forman grill and waiting for something to cook on it…we’re STARVING!!!!!

          1. I right now want one but i dont have the money so im screw and Nintendo hitting whit the 3ds so hard i prefer to invest in that.

      1. Their point is that there aren’t many consoles sold compared to what they (and Nintendo themselves) expected, therefore making software sales suffer as well.

        The console is just not selling nearly as well as it could/should have. I seriously doubt this will happen to both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. The reason being that many gamers are passing on Wii U in favor of those consoles; saving their money until they see what the other consoles have to offer.

        Nintendo’s only hope is that people will be disappointed with both XBOX 720 and PS4 and opt to then get a Wii U. But I doubt many people will be THAT disappointed with them. Still, with prices on Wii U at certain places going down, people may opt to get a Wii U first and then wait on the other consoles to either price cut, or build up more games.

        That is, of course, if those consoles release at an expensive price point and/or come out with only a few games. Both of which I don’t expect to happen; Microsoft seemed to outline a $349 price point if the PDF floating around the Internet is to be believed. I doubt Sony will make the PS3 mistake again as well, especially in the economy the way it is.

  2. Ooooh, x360 sold 5x games than Wii U? Ooooooh, but they forget that there are around 25x 360 than Wii U in the world ahahahahahah
    So, in % Wii U is selling more games than 360

    1. Learn to read: 360 sold five times more CONSOLES than Wii U consoles. Also, it sold more in software as well.

      The second part is to be expected, as there are far more XBOX 360’s around. The first part however, is bad news for Nintendo. That a 7 year old console that many, MANY people already have, is outselling their new console. And you can’t even say it’s because of the “red ring of death” anymore as that hasn’t been an issue for years now.

  3. This to shall pass! No games = no sales for the console that doesn’t have them. More games next month = more console sales. I’m not selling my wii u yet, I’m having too much fun with it!

    1. I know right! Its pretty sad. People only come here to bash consoles and games they don’t like… Sickr look what you have created. A breeding ground for mega fanboys who are full of hatred for no reason. I hope you are happy. I can’t believe some of you people are adults, because some of you adults are the most immature people on this site.

  4. If Nintendo doesn’t do something really fast, this may be a dreadful circumstance. Nintendo can not depend on third party publishers. Or Nintendo needs to pay for exclusives. The biggest mistake is not making a Wii U Sports and not updating the Wiimote and Nunchuck with more buttons, triggers and another control stick and adding camera to Wii Sensor. I know most of you don’t like motion control games but lots of other people do.

  5. Oh no! 5x times more?! whatever can we do?

    How about the 3DS selling about 2000x times more than shitboxes in Japan?


  6. U guys are funny 3ds isn’t even selling well out side japan so why you guys talkin like 3ds is doing well in other regions. Sure wiiU will pick up steam but until nintendo understand there fans myself included are not kids anymore thats why I bought a ps3 and 360 cause wii was for girls and kids but wii u seems to be for everyone. I wish 3ds appeal more to everyone not just rpg and puzzle solvers. By the way whats with tha fps renegade kid is workin on?

    1. Not selling well outside Japan? Its selling just fine…its at least over 7 million units in North America…as far as I can read, thats a faster pace than the ds sold, considering it came out just over a year ago…

  7. Well DUH! The Xbox 360 is cheaper, and there’s a lot of boneheads out there who thinks it’s a great console. So they spend their money on the cheaper deal instead of waiting to buy the “better” console.

  8. Oh wow a almost 7 year old console thats about 100-200 dollars sold more than the wii u ? give the wii u a chance man. it’s not even 6 months old lol it’s hard to sell a console at a higher price with only launch games these days.But look at wii it was cheaper and still sells more. look at 3ds the sales were in the trash and now ? uhhh it’s selling like 50X times more than xbox 360. here is the real reason i swear this is true, i promise you this is were the numbers come from, a shitty parent goes to the store and buys their kid an xbox 360 and the parent also grabs call of duty. And then you ask who they are buying it for and it’s for their kids.Their 5+ year old kids(trust me i know 5 year olds that play) are getting this for call of duty and since all their friends play call of duty on xbox they buy them an xbox for’s a sad world when my GFs cousins age 3-15 have a xbox and only play call of duty and now her brothers want one for that same reason and they are both 11.

  9. Get that neoFAG shit out of here. They are retarded.
    Also not to mention, previous gen consoles nearly always outsell current gen launch ones purely for the fact that they’re cheaper and have a massive library.
    PS2 was outselling the 360 and PS3 in their respective launch periods for months, nobody seemed to care back then.

    1. But do you know who did care? The nintendo fanboys they were laughing at whoever owned the consoles. Basically what is hapening with the wii U. But only time will tell if the wi u can be successful.

  10. come on seriously, how many years have the 360? Xbox 360 console price are now like 90 bucks and up, so obviously it has to be cheaper for a current-gen console. Wii U is a next-gen console, and their price is just fine, they only need time and more popularity. the next 720 and ps4 will be around $450 or more, so, that’s also fine for a next-gen. the only real issue for them, is that the people are still buying new 360 ans ps3…

  11. So erm…..I wonder how many gloom and doom articles we’ll get when the 360 outsells the Nextbox, and the PS3 vastly outsells the PS4. Oh wait, they’re not Nintendo….

  12. Hmm, that disc destroying capability of the slim version, the fact that Microsoft can’t be bothered to address the RRoD problem YET and the fact that Microsoft is the only company that actually charges for online play must be really winning the love of people.
    Or perhaps this is the simple way of the universe telling us: Now that everyone has a Wii (And no need to get another one), they’re looking to get amused by something else.

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