Capcom has announced that those who chose to purchase Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS via Amazon will eligible to get $20 off their purchase. Both version of the game must be purchased at the same time for the discount to be applied. Those that have just pre-ordered one edition will need to cancel their pre-order and order both for everything to work correctly.



  1. Dang it Nintendo/Capcom! Sony gives away their Vita version for free with Playstation All Stars and some other games when you buy the PS3 version. Ah well, at least here they did something.


  2. Essentially I’m just being given the option to buy the 3DS version for 20 bucks. Can’t refuse that offer. I’m getting the Wii U version for myself the 3DS version for my brother’s birthday.


  3. nintedo sucks, capcom sucks all the big japanese companies suck Wii U sucks. NSMBU should of had a level creator and online multiplayer not stupid Luigi DLC. DQX should have been a Wii U launch title not a stupid delayed port and VC games should be 99 cents or free. Cloud gaming, nvidia, android, ios, and steam will destroy the 3ds and wii u. Sorry pokemon isn’t going to save the 3DS and neaither is that stupid luigis dream rpg. More of the same crap from Nintendo it was fun but now its boring people will get tired of the same games cause they want variety so they will go to the ever growing open markets of android, ios and steam. And the 3ds sucks it has no battery life, no games and no games in the forseeable future. Donkey Kong return port? Seriously? Nintendo can’t even grow as a company even though they made billions of the ds and wii but they did not hire and new staff it seems because they make games at a snails pace and they are lackluster like skyward sword which was good except it was missing a lot of things that make a core zelda game. Pikmin 3 over ten years in development wtf? Goodbye nintendo you will never make another console again. Stick with games and peripherals and plushies and crappy overpriced candy cause no one is going to keep spending thousands of dollars on your shitjust to play mario and ssb


  4. My problem with the 3DS version is lack of online. I get what Capcom is trying to do to establish Monster Hunter parties, but I only know two people who play Monster Hunter, neither have a Wii U or 3DS right now. So what would be the point in getting the 3DS version? Again, I get the party idea, but what Capcom needs to realize is local gaming is not big here like it is in Japan. In the US, if you release a multi-player game, it will not succeed in the mainstream without online. They should’ve included online in the 3DS version, even if they thought it unnecessary for the goal of MH parties. People in the US don’t usually have time to get together for gaming these days, which is why they now rely on online parties.


    • Monster Hunter 3 (or Tri) came out on the Wii a couple years ago. It’s hard to call this a remake because its much more than that. The game is called Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate/(HD ver. On Wii U). It has more than double the content of the original, HD/3D capabilities, Wii U & 3DS cross functionality, and more embedded online with voice chat and Miiverse community support. So the fact that you haven’t played this before its all new to you. I put 600+ on the Wii version, and I can easily say ill put 1000+ into this one. If you have a 3DS or Wii U, check out the demo on Feb. 21st.


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