US retailer Best Buy currently has a superb offer on for Wii U games. If you purchase one Wii U game you can get a second for 50% off. This promotion applies to a number of top Wii U titles such as New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU. There’s a lot of games on offer so be sure to check the site to see if there’s anything there that you fancy. The retailer is also holding a sale on Nintendo 3DS and DS games including Kid Icarus: Uprising, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Pokemon Black & White 2 for $14.99 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $19.99.

Thanks, MagykMaster



  1. *Off topic * I just had my Miiverse user suspended for two weeks. In other words, I can check my messages and read posts, but I can’t respond to messages or leave posts. What they suspended me for was SO stupid. I was responding to a comment about the State of the Union, which they allowed TV tagging for. Anyhow, for those of you that own a Wii U, be careful. After being insulted, now I have reason to turn my PS3 back on. Way to go Nintendo. Send me running back to your competitor. I’m really going to be paying attention to Sony’s press conference on Wednesday. Love Nintendo, but I will NOT tolerate this foolishness! Now that I think about it, I will be checking out Microsoft too.


    • Well if your response to the State of the Union was a “naughty picture” or swear words then that is pretty understandable. You never clarified what it is you actually did… and you must have been given warnings before this incident so it can’t be the first time you did something you weren’t suppose to do..


    • I was banned for 2 weeks before cause I told a troll impersonating Miyamoto to shut up lol. But that’s the moderators not Nintendo themselves. Its stupid and all but oh well I get banned from time to time on everything. Been banned on Wii U been banned 2 times on my Xbox 360 been permanently banned from and lol


  2. Guys……You probably won’t believe me but I just saw a Wii U commercial and guess what…..IT MADE SENSE AND EXPLAINED WHAT IT CAN DO (HD, off TV play, etc..). I think Nintendo finally fired the people who made the crappy old ads.


  3. @Scooby..First, not a kid. I’m a grownup. Probably older than you (no disrespect intended). Also, if I buy a PS4, it WILL be because I want one. Also, in response to the other person, I didn’t do anything negative. For example, if something was said that I agreed or disagreed with, I would say so. Plus, Miiverse doesn’t give warnings. Your comments are deleted, period. A warning would’ve been nice! So again, my message is simple. To all current and future Wii U owners, be careful. Miiverse is wonderful, but only flawed by some of Nintendo outdated attitudes in regards to online activities!


    • You still won’t give specifics as to what you said. You easily. Could have said something in appropriate in support of what somebody said. I think you know what you did was inappropriate and are just upset. Hat you were called on it


      • @Trev..I gave an example which I thought was specific enough, but let me try again. A guy talked about how compromise was a dirty word in Washington, and I said that it wasn’t a dirty word, but certain groups have made it appears that way. And hence, I’m banned for 2 weeks. Now, if you still feel that I deserve to be banned based upon what I just told you, then respectfully speaking, I would say that you’re about as outdated as some of Nintendo’s online policies. Have a nice day!


    • I got banned back in December for 2 weeks..for drawing a picture of Pac-Man approaching fruit, but it wasn’t fruit. It was a pile of poop with flies flying around it…….

      Now I have drawn pictures of violent images and never once were deleted nor banned….

      But if you draw pac-man eating shit????? Leads to a ban


    • Well it was the way you worded it, sounded as if you wanted a ps4 because you were banned from Miiverse and because you only wanted to use your ps3 because you were banned from Miiverse and the ps3 doesn’t even have a Miiverse. If I offended you by calling you a kid I apologize, It’s hard to tell the age of someone from forum posts. In my defense my 17 year old nephew was just banned from Miiverse a couple of weeks ago and said the same thing (almost exactly) and I told him the same thing, the only difference is he actually deserved to be banned and probably shouldn’t be allowed back….ever.


      • Thanks for the apology. And your right, I probably could have stated what I said better. It’s that I’m typing from my cell phone, and it’s just not the convenient, so I try to summarize everything. Anyhow, I truly like Miiverse, but just couldn’t understand how my comment got me suspended when there are ones that are truly questionable. I’m still upset, but I’m getting over it. I really wanted to just share my experience as a word of caution, so no one would share my same fate. I will say one more thing, with Bayonetta 2 coming out, you might here about a lot of Miiverse suspensions.. LOL! Anyway, take care.


        • I didn’t think what you said deserved that either, but I wonder if people reported it because they were offended? Otherwise I don’t see how that deserved a ban. I guess stick away from the touchy subjects of politics, religion and violent/hateful remarks on Miiverse.


  4. Best Buy’s Website Offer Details:

    Savings Offer
    Excludes prior purchases. May not be valid in combination with other offers.

    Savings will be reflected in your cart when all offer requirements are met. If you remove any of the qualifying items from your cart or cancel all or part of your order, you will not receive the promotional savings. Valid on in-stock items only. Items may ship separately. Offer subject to change.

    “Valid on in-stock items only” sounds to me like it DOES NOT include to preorders..


    • I just put two pre-orders in my Best Buy Cart (Lego City: Undercover and Pikmin 3) and it did indeed give me 50% off of one, so it does apply to pre-orders. Cool beans.


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