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Gunman Clive On Nintendo 3DS Has Now Outsold Android Version


Bertil Hörberg, an Indie game developer behind the acclaimed Gunman Clive, has announced via Twitter that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game has just outsold the Android version. Hörberg announced just last month that the Nintendo 3DS version outsold the iOS version of the game.

“The 3DS version of Gunman Clive has now outsold the Android version”

Thanks, Nintedward


      1. That’s your opinion. And that is fine, I however enjoy it as another alternative to gaming.

      2. problem with phones is they offer inferior gaming experiences because of their lousy controls, some games are okay but not platformers/shooters/action rpg and so on

      3. I like the controls. Every console doesn’t have perfect controls for a game, Look at Kid Icarus Uprising for example, I thought they were lousy, just a matter of preference really.

      4. I bash you become you’re an idiot who keeps making assumptions about me without any evidence.

  1. Hey sickr, good news for wii u fans. Found this on bungies new game destinys website. It’s in the source code (you can yourself look it up to verify)

    var platformClasses = mem.platformClasses = {
    pc: “platform-pc”,
    ps3: “platform-ps3”,
    ps4: “platform-ps4”,
    xbox: “platform-xbox”,
    xbox720: “platform-xbox720”,
    wiiu: “platform-wiiu”,
    psvista: “platform-psvita”

  2. This proves Nintendo 3DS can compete with IPod, iPad and should also focus on being a media consumption device.

    1. Me. How much money is made on iOS & Android platforms compared to Handhelds? If you think just cause one unheard of game sold better on this platform than Android, then you’re an idiot.

      1. How many IOS or android games games can sell 8 million copies for $40 a piece ?
        3DS will achieve things the IOS couldn’t dream of. By the end of it’s like certain games will of sold 30M+ on 3DS presumably for $40 a piece.

        Free games and $1 games are not even real games…… Don’t deserve to be compare to 3DS or Vita sales. Vita and 3DS are real gaming platforms. Phones are phone. And shall remain that way until one comes out with buttons. Oh ? they already have numerous times and flopped hard.

      2. Pricing of games doesn’t matter squat. Handhelds are threatened by iOS & Android. There is a way larger install base on the platforms and more money making opportunities too, and eventually handheld gaming will UNFORTUNATELY more than likely disappear.

      3. Pricing doesn’t mean squat ? Nintendo can make more money of selling 20 million $40 games than IOS can by selling 500M $1 games. Ofcourse it’s important :/ .

        Sorry but IOS and Android is totally different to 3DS and Vita. And 3DS is turning out to be Nintendo’s most successfull handheld ever.

        Come back to me when IOS and android are actually gaming platforms with proper games and buttons.

  3. Pretty cool to see, and also that this game is doing so well. It was only made by 1 person!
    I didn’t think I would like it but the trailer made me buy it on the 3ds and I completed it on normal and duck mode :D great game

  4. but…. but… haven’t the haters swear that the phony market was killing the 3DS? Oh yeah, sorry, haters gonna hate…

    1. In your opinion. There are are some pretty amazing games out on phones/tablets. Mainly tablets though.

  5. I don’t understand why the article about Gamestop stores wasn’t posted on My Nintendo News when I sent the link to sickr/alba the other day? And now this says “Thanks, Nintedward”, as if Nintedward was the one that sent his article to them? Makes me wonder.

    1. I sent this link yes , as i have sent others. Sometimes I send links and they don’t get put up. Most of the time infact. A- they get lost in all of Sikr and Alba’s messages. B- They’re not news worth enough.

    1. yeah! let’s play……… dust! Tegra has no games, Vita has no games, and penis head? Rly? you mean, penis in butt head, right!?

      1. yea thats what i mean, all those apps which are games, about 1 million games and more coming which will always have backwards compatibility, not to mention the tens of thousands of roms you can download for free

    2. There is no reason to own to own a 3ds because tegra 4 is more powerful…. This just sounds soooo idiotic, it’s unbelievable…

  6. In other news millions more people have a free version of Super Mario Bros on their android device than people that purchased the inferiorly emulated game on the 3DS eshop

  7. Been getting my western fix by playing Red Dead Redemption again so I may get this, could be a nice change of pace.

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