GameStop has listed Ubisoft’s eagerly anticipated game Watch Dogs on its website for pre-order on Wii U. Ubisoft has yet to confirm whether the game is coming to the platform, but a recently leaked Watch Dogs poster states that the game is coming to all home consoles this holiday season. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get confirmation from Ubisoft that the game is coming to Wii U.

Update: Best Buy is also offering Watch Dogs for pre-order on Wii U

Thanks, Mike S and Gamenchick



    • Legends is only on a vacation, a really long one to be honest. i hope he doesn’t change over this months. cause hanging up with strangers (360,ps3) will affect you in one way or another


  1. afcourse will this game coming on the wii u. The bigboss of ubisoft say it almost a week ago. He say there are big games in the make for the wii u, so watchdog is realy a big game,rainbow six also a big game. Now they can use high end texture for wii u games, this one gonna be huge and beatyfulll!!!


    • I think we can safely say Watch_Dogs IS coming to Wii U. Anyway, you should not be mad at Ubisoft in the first place. They were the main third-party supporter of Wii U at launch and the reason they delayed Legends is because of Microsoft multiplat policy.


  2. Sure I don’t think Ubisoft was right about the whole Rayman thing, but I wasn’t really bothered with that game anyway. However Ubisoft are still being good to Wii U owners, getting AC3 so quickly and all the other games, I just hope WatchDogs and AC4 come to the U…


  3. Forgive but not forget. Yeah this’ll make things a bit better for Ubi. If anything, the U is still within it’s first set of games so this’ll make a nice addition


  4. Anyohe boycotting Ubisoft by buying their games used needs to realize that if adequate 3rd party sales aren’t shown, it’ll only deny the Wii U of potentially great games later on, whether it be from Ubisoft or other companies. Also, it’s hard to blame them with Microsoft apparently having a policy that requires 3rd party games on their system simultaneous with others.


    • Respectfully I disagree. If Microsoft is to blame for the delay due to some policy of theirs, then Ubisoft should’ve just released on Wii U, PS3,and PC. No 3rd party developer should abide by such a policy. Due to a small selection of games available on the Wii U, Rayman Legends was poised to be that showcase game. It would’ve sold a ton on Wii U. Now Wii U owners like myself are insulted and angry. As a result, if we still buy it, it will be used or on sale. With GTA V, and others, many Xbox/PS3 owners will buy Legends on sale or used. Ubisoft made a dumb decision. Even though the developers are innocent, I can’t support shady business practices!


        • Well we’re all expecting the next two consoles to be a big leap, all of us are expecting that. I just have this weird feeling that it isn’t going to be a massive leap like last time, but if it is, meh. I’m going Wii U and PS4 this gen. Haven’t been able to touch my PC in sooooo god damn long XD


  5. If this is true, then I will more than likely buy the game. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I forgive Ubisoft though……they should release the Wii U version in February. That would be the only way I could forgive them.


  6. Great! I’m looking forward to this game, i’m getting a little bored with AC games, i’m a huge fan of AC since the first game (which everybody hated), but it will be great to play a new IP on my WiiU from Ubisoft.


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