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Special Assassin’s Creed Press Event Happening On February 27th


A number of gaming press have been invited to a special Assassin’s Creed press event by Ubisoft. The mysterious event will happen on February 27th. The event takes place after Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal which is due to take place tomorrow, Wednesday February 20th. Maybe it’s a look at the next generation Assassin’s Creed game, which is undoubtedly in development.

33 thoughts on “Special Assassin’s Creed Press Event Happening On February 27th”

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  1. After 3, i dont really care. Milked the series dry with minimal improvements or even made it worse in place. im bored of it

    1. I hated all AC games that came before 3 and never able to finish any of them cus it gotten repetitive and boring, 3 however was fresh and the gameplay combat mechanic was refine and i couldnt get enough of it, the tree climbing is a good addition as well as the naval battles. First ever AC game i enjoy and finished :)

          1. In my opinion ac3 was the worst of the saga, ac1 was awsome ac2 also awsome, brotherhood and reveleation, regulars. but at least this last two follow a solid story line. In the ac3 the history of connor doesn’t fit at all. i hope the 4th has a consistent story line and a solid gameplay.

            But thats just my opinion, sorry for my english XD

  2. And the so called small touchscreen in the PS4 controller will be called revolutionary and innovative while the U-pad is not considered like that.
    What is it for? Molesting women in games? –.–

      1. That’s kinda useless, if there’s a screen you have feedback from the game, you can navigate through maps, itens, or browse the internet. I think that’s a prototype with the controller funcionalities, so developers can already jump in and make some games, while Sony is preparing the real controller, a Gamepad just like the WiiU. OR they are so afraid to change the dualshock that they will launch that prototype, with minor changes.

  3. Played the first ac and got real bored, real quick,there wasn’t enough to do. Rented the third to see the improvements, same boring gameplay, a little bit of added quests nothing special but it had a better story at least. This series probably just isn’t for me despite how much I wish I could like it lol I wish they would add more things to do that’s wt open sandbox games are for. They need to completely revamp the fighting it sucks and they have to give the player a sense of progression by starting off as a rookie assassin and not a 100 percent beast through the whole game

  4. I think it’s time for SquareEnix to hold a press conference and announce a newly re-imagined resident evil XV ( 15 ). Ever thought of the day Ubisoft would announce an event or game, and your first thought was bollocks!

  5. Rayman legends and Aliens colonial marines are the two game franchises a lot of nintendo gamers were picking up a Wii U in February. Then Ubisoft sold out to we can speculate Sony or Microsoft. Gear box on the other hand just made a mess of a supposed premium title. Nintendo with the Wii U and next handheld should be the major game producers, and only deal with long time friendly developers :
    1) Capcom
    2) Namco Bandai
    3) Mistwalker
    5) Game Freaks
    6) Platinum games
    7) Warner bros. Studios
    8) Disney interactive

    and their foely friends should also be their as well :

    1) EA
    2) Square Enix

    Everyother rogue second tier created in the late 90s and 2000s third party should be third choice. Due to the latter’s non understanding of loyalty and history. Also their hunger for everything FPS.

  6. just like movies and music, games are becoming boring, mainstream and mindless.
    That’s why Nintendo can’t die, because for the most part they still get it.

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