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F-Zero Roars Onto Wii U Virtual Console At 60HZ


Nintendo Europe has announced that F-Zero is heading to the Wii U Virtual Console this week and will run at 60HZ. There was quite a lot of anger amongst the Nintendo community when they released Balloon Trip at 50HZ, so it seems they have actually listened to the community. Here’s the details: In the year 2560, the greatest racing competition is the F-ZERO championship. Pilots from across the galaxy risk their lives in a high-speed battle of turbo-charged hovercraft. Taking full advantage of the Super NES’s ‘Mode 7’ effect, F-ZERO redefined racing games with its smooth, fast graphics and thrilling gameplay. It also featured one of the most famous soundtracks in video games, and introduced players to the likes of Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh.

32 thoughts on “F-Zero Roars Onto Wii U Virtual Console At 60HZ”

        1. If you don’t have a Wii U, and aren’t getting one before the promotion ends (each lasts 30 days), then you’re going to have to go the $1 route when you get the Wii U.

    1. Well normally, if you want to play it on the WiiU, you either transfer it but its in the Wii mode, or you’d have to pay $1 for the upgrade for gamepad, miiverse support plus it being on the WiiU menu, but the game is part of the 30 cent games so just buy that one

  1. The trial campaign starts getting good now. I want every game except Balloon Trip.

    Will be purchasing this as soon as possible.

    Would like a 50/60hz option, so I can play them both and see the difference for myself. Never played at 60hz, so it would be interesting to see which I prefer; the original intended speed, or how my nostalgia and memories remember it.

    1. I really don’t see the difference people just like to bitch and whine about anything even when something as great as .30 cent games are given to them so they chose to do so with the 50/60hz thing.

  2. who cares i can already get it for free on my pc or android device and i can use bnes for more accurate emulation or if i wanted features like texture packs, hacks, or gameshark codes i would just use snes9x….for free

    1. not to mention online play for free something nintendo can’t even do with their regular games, if microsoft can do it why can’t nintendo?

      1. and it’s all LEGAL because about 15 years ago i owned the f zero cartridge meaning i can emulate it on any device i want forever. i am not paying for the same game more than once unless they added a shitload of features especially online play. almost every game on nintendo consoles is now a port

  3. Everyone… just a little reminder..

    Super FREAKING Metroid is also part of this promotion, coming out in May. Whooooooo!

    This promotion is pure GENIOUS from Nintendo. Obviously, it’s not abotu the 30 cents. It’s about getting people to put some money on the eShop and trying it out.

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