ZombiU Wii U Hardware Bundle Comes With Latest Firmware Installed?


Kolgar from the NeoGaf forums is reporting that his newly purchased ZombiU 32GB Wii U bundle comes with the latest Wii U firmware update pre-installed. If this is indeed true then it comes as good news to prospective Wii U owners, as they won’t have to endure the lengthy updates that we’ve all been accustomed to before playing the system. Here’s what he had to say.

To my relief, the ZombiU consoles come with up-to-date system software–no need to endure a long update. Good thing, too because one you turn this machine on and that relaxing, melodic mix of music teases you from both television and Gamepad, all you want to do is dive in.

Thanks, Dillon


  1. I know this isin’t related to the article but, isin’t theire suppose to be a 3rd party Nintendo Direct in Japan this week. Haven’t heard any news from it

      1. yea that would be good, wonder if there would be anything good for wii u 3rd party thats unannounced, fatal frame hd collection

  2. If I were to purchase the ZombiU bundle, I would have gotten it just like that. But, it’s all good though. I’m already a die-hard Wii U owner.

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  3. I remember I was updatng mine in day 1 and my lil bro tripped over the power cord (even though I had made it VERY clear to avoid the fucking wire) it was hanging on , it was like half in and half out :O , so tense ….

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