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Here’s The New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata showed off a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation. The long-awaited game is still scheduled to be released this Summer exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. You can watch the trailer above.

31 thoughts on “Here’s The New Monster Hunter 4 Trailer”

  1. Capcom: Let’s make every game like Dragon’s Dogma!

    Dragon’s Dogma, this and Deep Down are like almost the same game xD

      1. That game looks so good xD i’ve want a game to have the whole blocking fire with your shield and having the shield melt for so long. Hopefully it is a sequel or spiritual successor to Dragon’s Dogma, want co-op fighting those beasts >.<

        1. I never got Dragon’s dogma, do you recommend it? is the gameplay solid and does it have a good story? I’ve played the demo on my PS3 but it didn’t really impressed me, though I liked the climbing monsters thing.

        1. I’m buying the PS4. I like sony’s exclusives. But since I got the WiiU and this year it is getting lots of games, I will not get the PS4 day one. It also depends on the price, I don’t think it’s gonna be released for less than $500 not with that huge amont of GDDR5 and features!

      1. ….that was the gameplay though.
        The gameplay in all 3 is just very similar. Medival dude, big tough monster, contexual opinions.

        1. It didn’t look much like gameplay to me, if that’s what the gameplay has to offer it seemed pretty boring. And maybe they’re similar visually or thematically but that doesn’t make them the “same game”.

          1. “Boring”

            You’ve clearly never played Dark Souls then.

            If it’s a mix of Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls, certainly gameplay wont be the issue.

            But lets face it, i know why you’re not excited for it, because its bad WiiU publicity because its a PS4.

            1. Gotta say, it’s a great show for Sony. Anyway about deep down, this is the only one game that makes me want PS4. Others is bunch of shooter, probably good with the likes of Killzone and Watch Dogs. I did fall for the PS3 Killzone game trailer last 2006 so i dunno if its really a Deep Down “Gameplay” yet. oh crap, whatever. E3 2013 gonna be amazing for Sony and Nintendo!

            2. … actually it has nothing to do with that, I was just completely unimpressed with what I saw. It looked like a cutscene, and I have no idea how it could be considered gameplay.

  2. Pretty sure it’s coming to Europe this year too, so no need to worry ^^
    Also, I see 2 new weapons and a load of monsters reappearing! :D
    Can’t wait for some portable online action :3

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  4. Did you guys hear about the Ps4? It’s gonna suck balls. NO backwards compatibility whatsoever, for the controller they just added a small touch-pad to the dual-shock 3 basically. And its gonna be $900. And I thought the ps3 was overpriced when it came out.

  5. Capcom has the engine called Phanta Rhei, I think this engine is not only design for PS4 or Xbox720 or PC but also has an Optimized version specifically for Wii U as well. I hope the real Wii U Monster Hunter will exist under this engine hood. Monster Hunter 4 is badass.

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