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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo For Wii U And 3DS On North American eShop Today


Nintendo of America has announced via a press release that the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will be available for download today. As we reported yesterday F-Zero is also available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console for a mere 30 cents.

62 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo For Wii U And 3DS On North American eShop Today”

    1. Buy it, it’s one of the only few games that I tell people to buy even without trying it. It’s like Mario bros. 1. No matter the frustration keep playing. If stuck ask for help on miiverse or gamefaqs.

  1. Despite being new to the series, i already pre-ordered this along with Resident Evil: Revelations as part of Best Buy’s Buy 1 Get 1 Half off.

  2. To the author of the article, if u can, can u post that Best Buy is having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off sale that INCLUDES pre-orders.

  3. the more you play this beast of a game the funner it getsss…..played this babay on my wii for almost 2 years lol

  4. WiiU owners are hungry for anything that comes out, even demos! lol (Ubisoft was really dumb ass, rayman would sell like never before)

    Well, I will try this game out today, someone knows if there’s gonna be online or cross-play with the 3DS demo?

    1. We have always been hungry for games. Then ubi-softy had to make me hold on to a pre-order ’till September, are they crazy. That money has been shifted to a real game Monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Replay value infinite.

          1. As opposed to the manly men watching My Little Pony and posting angry posts on the internet during commercial breaks because their mommy forgot to buy the tapioca pudding snack packs.

            Oh and Bill, just because you have a free hand, doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin.

            1. Alrite I’ll save nintedward the trouble while he eats his pizza :) Yes the demo is available on the EU shop as a 899 MB download

  5. I wanted to download it in the morning but it wasnt available, now i am at work and need to wait the whole day ;_;

  6. To those on the FENCE, get the Demo, and buy the game. This game is better than anything that will be released this year. Only Zelda HD, Zelda Wii U and Metroid on the Wii U are in it’s range. As in birds of the Same feather. Am still playing monster hunter tri and monster hunter freedom Unite on my PSP ( Sony drones, you see us nintendo fans and gamers respect quality ). Monster hunter 3 Ultimate is a combination of Unite and Tri. Then you can play with 3DS and Wii U owners of the game. Can the xbox360 allow you to play kinectimals with your smartglass user friends ?

    1. Well Kinectimals isn’t a multiplayer game, but there is cross platform play between the 360 and windows phone, if you happen to have one. So….there’s that

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  8. It seems alright, though it is difficult to learn. Being new to the series, I just my butt handed to me on easy. Not a great demo in my opinion as it doesn’t serve as a basic tutorial. The graphics aren’t too bad and the gamepad has options to play with.

    1. I agree. I just played it and I felt I was doing something wrong. I am completely new to the series as well, and I really didn’t understand anything. I figured most stuff out on my own, but still, something felt wrong. I need a Miiverse community to help me out with this sort of thing.

  9. ok is it just me, or do the monster hunter graphics look like shit right now on wii u? I mean i know they look like shit on other consoles but i thought the wii u version was gonna be enhanced?…

    1. Antidisestablishmentarianism

      You do realize that the Wii U game is port of the 3DS version
      that can’t really improve all that much.

      1. That trailer fooled alot of people then. I saw “Monster Hunter Ultimate HD” and great textures and graphics. The games story is nonexistent you just run around and hunt monsters so at least make it look good. You people were hyping this game up so hard like it was the end all be all Wii U system seller. Not even close; mind you this is coming from a Nintendo advocate.

  10. omg i’m highly dissapointed with monster hunter. I thought it would be able to carry me over untill nintendo released something. Wow Nintendo, you’ve got all this bullshit going on for the 3ds and don’t give 2 shits about your brand new generation system.

    We won’t be seeing any good games for a LOOONGGG FUCKING TIME. FUCK YOU NINTENDO SERIOUSLY.

    1. Soooo basically what you’re saying is you’re a graphics whore. I think someone is just upset his club penguin account expired and mommy won’t renew it. A tip: If you keep bugging your mom she probably won’t get it for you, just show her you have some patience and she might renew it for ya, wouldn’t hurt to make your bed in the morning! It’s the little things son.

      1. Lol i don’t even know what the club peguin is but fuck me for wanting a game that has a shit story to AT LEAST LOOK PRETTY. Like Jesus Christ, when will we get games for this fucking system.

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