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Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Seasons Coming To 3DS eShop In Japan


Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are coming to the Japanese Nintendo 3DS next week, on February 27th. The news was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation which saw trailers for both Monster Hunter 4 and Shin Megami Tensei IV.


  1. Cool! Y’know Oracle of Ages was the very first Zelda game I’ve ever played. I didn’t know english back then so it took me half a year to finish it XD

    1. These are the holy grail of the US and EU eshops/ I have both on GBC already , But these are the 2 best games that could possibly arrive on 3DS virtual console.

      1. I had seasons when I was younger.. I actually still have it. Its the only Gameboy color game that I still have actually! Although I don’t have a Gameboy color anymore so I can’t play it lol

  2. Oh man, I might finally be able to play through Oracle of Ages! I had Seasons as a kid and I just loved it.

    1. I had ages for awhile but could not find seasons until like sometime last year. Kinda wondering if I should buy this. I do have a Japanese 3ds with a couple thousand yen on it.

    1. They are completely different games, each has its own story but the two also connect once you finish both stories to sort of tie together. At least, on the GBC they did, not sure if they’ll keep that feature on the 3DS. Seasons’ gameplay was based on using a magic rod to alternate between the four seasons, opening up new areas of the world map. In Ages Link time traveled between the distant past and the present, which also changed the areas available in the game.

  3. I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed because these are very important games to me and they are almost impossible to get a hold of! If they once again dont give the US some love on this one, this Nintendo fan will have some words for NoA!!!!

  4. Thank god. I had downloaded these games just because I didn’t know if they’d ever arrive on eShop. Definitely buying.

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