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EA Has 15 Frostbite Games In Development


EA has revealed via a presentation that it currently has fifteen games in development which utilise the company’s impressive Frostbite engine. EA is already rumoured to be running the game engine on the following titles: Battlefield 4, Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect 4, Need For Speed 2013, Visceral’s New IP, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Plants Vs. Zombies TF2, and Command and Conquer. Any guesses to what the other games will be?

114 thoughts on “EA Has 15 Frostbite Games In Development”

  1. In other words: EA has revealed via a presentation that it currently has fifteen games and none of them will come to Wii U.”

                    1. I go away for a wedding, and come back to all this? O_o

                      @Anubis, @SkyGrounder

                      No I will never go that low, I’d rather jump off a cliff than be a loser on “the dark side of the internet”. These loser fanboys just like to assume and not have any evidence to back it up. Frankly, I’m starting to see why Nintendo fans are thought to be childish in the gaming community. The minority on here ruin it for the rest of you. But seeing this immature & disgusting display has really put me off Nintendo and its fans, in fact gaming in general. I think I’ll start to put more of my effort into volunteering and less into gaming because it seems most “gamers” these days are uncivilized.

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            1. Idiot I am not Neutron and YOU are the one who needs to get with the times. Do you not realize how far behind Wii U will be to PS4/Xbox720?

              1. BTW, you’re really Jellybean. Everytime you reply me and infringing my identity, you act like a fucking child on a period. You don’t belong here and STILL not acting like a civilized human being.

                1. Jellybean? I thought you just said I was Neutron? I will tell you I am neither. Oh this is hilariousyou will never guess who I am.

                    1. Yes continue to believe I am Jellybean. And please tell everyone I am Jellybean. This will RUIN that idiot’s reputation. Two birds with one stone.

    1. Criterion Said all future Need for speed games will be released on Wiiu the same day as other consoles. And maybe Mass effect 4 will make its way over and a few others. Let’s just wait and see. As the Wiiu’s installed base grows this year to a decent size , I’m sure EA will start to support the system better than they already have been.

        1. I have Mass effect 3 for Wiiu also , I already had it on 360 , but since I bought my Wiiu I don’t enjoy playing Xbox or PS3 anymore , they just seem to old for me to enjoy. I am more enthusiatic about playing Wiiu with its gamepad….

          Will get either a PS4 or 720 to acompany my Wiiu and will be very enthusiastic about that also.

  2. Let’s hope EA make a promise and release Battlefield 4 on the U. That wake up call from Criterion Games sure to make EA to change their minds and release games on Nintendo’s 8th generation console.

        1. The Wii U hardware will reach its full potential… evidently the GPGPU and the possibilities of games powered by selected engines. Nintendo and third party developers will soon go the distance.

      1. Yes thats right ,, wii u will be dead by 2104 and so will the ps4 and next xbox and the next fuckin gen and the gen after it … Troll failed

  3. that’s right! Unfortunately, none of the game will come to the Wii U! :-( (((((RIP Wii U!
    Nintendo did a shit thing!

                1. So basically everyone on this site could be Jellybean.
                  Its not. Its that stupid retard who was pretending to be that old woman, when he’s really jus a dumb 10 year old cunt.

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  5. 15 games being made with Frostbite 2? Ok…. I’m guessing I’m supposed to be impressed, but…I’m not.

    (Goes back to drooling over the glorious CryEngine 3)

  6. While this news is almost interesting… How does it pertain to the Wii U? EA has proven their disdain for Nintendo in how they are not showing any real support for the console, so what’s to make us think any one of these “15” titles will even sniff at the Wii U? While I would love to play all of these titles listed her on my Wii U, I am not holding out for many of these to come to the Wii U. Sad but true!

  7. I agree, Nintenbro. A majortity of the comments on this article are replies to Mother Hen and a retarded fight between N-Dub and The S-Nation.

  8. Fucking EA will probably not bring any of these games to Wii U. But who cares, I for one definitely do not buy Nintendo consoles for multi-plats.

  9. Please not for the next NFS. Frostbite is not suitable for NFS, since the game is being made with this engine, it has a “tractor beam” effect that makes you crash into back of cars for no reason unlike every NFS game BEFORE NFS: The Run.

  10. Come on guys I do not trust EA but they have brought about five games on the Wii U. If at all we get 7 of the games on that list, let it be the goodones. This young dude does not want zombies and freaky plants.

  11. Everyone thought that Watch Dogs had almost 0% chance of coming to Wii U but it will nontheless.
    If atleast 7-8 games comes to Wii U that’s pretty good.
    Nintendo will be good no matter what though.
    If it weren’t for third party games, Shitbox would be out of business in seconds and Sorny would not be all that popular but they would still be around for some time.
    Sornys problem is that they do not have mascots that are as big or as recognizable as the Bods of Nintendo.

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  13. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    I think one of them will probably be called “Need for Speed: The Second Run”, which is a sequel to Need for Speed: The Run.

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