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Mighty Switch Force 2 Is On Its Way


A sequel to Mighty Switch Force! the puzzle platformer developed by WayForward Technologies is on its way according to the developers. The development company has confirmed that we should hear about the game in the coming weeks. Sadly no more details were provided. Are you looking forward to Mighty Switch Force 2?

Mighty Switch Force 2 is on its way! Should see more on this in the coming weeks. :)

Thanks, Spiggy and Sonofmrpeanut

50 thoughts on “Mighty Switch Force 2 Is On Its Way”

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      1. No offence to the runners of this site! it is probably the best Nintendo news site , But this site could be so much better with a simple flag or hide button. This site probably has the worst case of trolling I’ve ever seen on the internet.

    1. I think we can all safely say there will be a Mighty switch force! Hyper drive 2 . They’re probably just gunna put it out on 3DS fisrt earlier like they did the original.

      Off topic – Who else is looking forware to the new Runner game coming this month to WIiu ? Legend of future alien. It keeps getting Perfect Review scores , I’m extremely excited for it , bit trip saga is a peach of a game.

      1. I find the Bit Trip series really really challenging…I’m sure if I focused REALLY hard and trained for a LONG time…I’d be okay at it, but the challenge>satisfaction from beating it…it has great music tho! ^.^

  2. This is wonderful news. The e-shop is shaping up wonderfully. Will get both at a future date, Need for speed most wanted is calling me. Also remember to buy need for speed gamers, let’s support criterion such amazing developers they are :).

    1. I’ve never even thought twice about the need for speed games. This one and the positive feed back from the main guy at criterion, about the Wii u and how beautiful they were able to make the game on the Wii U, has me sold and anxiously awaiting its release! I know EA are publishing the game, but this game is is looking awesome and I want to support devs that really push the Wii u and see the potential!

      1. Well said. Imagine he is making such a wonderful game with PC quality this early in the Wii U’s life. It’s a day one buy for me as well.

  3. Msf is so much fun. I’m sure they are going to go all out in part 2. What do you want to see apart from just more levels?

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