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Nintendo Giving Away Fire Emblem Awakening Art Books

fire_emblem_awakening_art_bookNintendo has announced that it will be giving away Fire Emblem Awakening art books. Try to receive one by telling Nintendo America, via Twitter, why you love the game with the #FireEmblem tag. The giveaway is taking place right now and ends 6 p.m. PT. Fire Emblem Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS is out now in North America, and it arrives April in Europe and Australia.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Giving Away Fire Emblem Awakening Art Books”

    1. There are only 25 winners. They will be randomly selected. Also, in reply to Tenshiros, NOA usually also excludes Canada in their prizes. I’m surprised that we have been included this time. Maybe this means that they will start including Latin America in the future.

  1. Hate NOA and Nintendo, they never consider Latinamerica for prizes, and they must know that we love more Nintendo in Latinamerica because we grow up following and loving their consoles. =/

  2. Twitter…yeh…how special…
    I miss the times when you actually had to make some effort to win something, like draw something for a contest or whatever.

  3. I don’t even have my copy yet, althrough I pre-ordered it. I’m from Mexico and the dumbass company to which I bought it has been delaying it untill this thursday.

  4. I just watched the YouTube video about this game, and MAN it looks boring. I don’t understand the appeal. Unless it’s one of those games that’s more fun than it looks. But that I’ll never know.

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