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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Demo On North American eShop Today


Nintendo of America has confirmed that the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate demo for the Nintendo 3DS will be on the North American eShop today. An ancient evil rises once more and two generations of heroes will meet their fate as the classic Castlevania series comes to Nintendo 3DS. Over two decades after Gabriel Belmont’s quest to destroy the Lords of Shadow, the Belmont clan once again finds its fate intertwined with evil. Consumed by darkness, Gabriel has now become Dracula and only his ancestors have the power to stop him.


  1. I need o buy a 3DS ASAP, so many great games:
    Catlevania, Pokémon, Super Mario Land, NS Mario Bros 2, OoT 3D, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, etc.

  2. Nintendo is the best those who oopses Nintendo will be fucked endlessly by 3 gombas with 20 inch cocks

  3. I downloaded this demo last week here in UK , it’s pretty sweet.

    I really enjoyed it ! but was the framerate isn’t perfect seems to bounce between 20-30FPS.
    But game is looking sweet and I will probably pick it up!

  4. Just played some of it and I gta say I am impressed especially If its as long as they claim

  5. I played the demo and really enjoyed it. Slightly disappointed it’s not along the same lines as the DS Castlevanias though.

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