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Nintendo Releases New Game And Wario Video For Wii U

Nintendo Japan has just released a new video of their forthcoming Game and Wario for Wii U. The video shows off an assortment of intriguing and genuinely fun looking mini games. The game revolves around 16 fast and frantic mini games played using the Wii U GamePad. Game and Wario will be released on March 28th in Japan. The game has yet to be given a release date in North America and Europe.

49 thoughts on “Nintendo Releases New Game And Wario Video For Wii U”

    1. A new wario game would be sweet! But I for one loved the Wario ware series. I hope this is at least as good as the wario ware games or I’m gunna be pissed.

        1. So much character and fun , and some pretty insane score chasing depth too!

          I loved those games , thought they absoloutly nailed Touch and Motion gaming respectively.

  1. Did the 1st game remind anyone else of the Pokemon B/W PokeTransfer? I can spend hours on that- I love me some PokeTransfer… hm… so I’d like this too!

  2. jesus, why do people even buy this crap, no wonder the wii an now the wii u will be full of shovel ware, people need to up the standards of what they buy! its fine if you like this stuff, but jesus Nintendo we need a mario 3d,a metroid prime,an some more of those great 1st party games,not more party games! i get depressed when i look at my wii u,sitting next to my ps3 an 360, an wii, an so far all i have seen are games which look like this gen, an nothing which is next gen, or something which remotely proves wii u an its game pads proof of concept! i love Nintendo an all the games they bring, but i hate how the casual farts are now the focus,an not the true gamers,who have playing Nintendo all the way back to the game an watch, an nes!

    1. There’s no such thing as a true gamer. That’s just something people say to make themselves feel good. And e3 2013?

  3. I need to see more mini games to give my opinion in this one, I love wario ware games, and I liked some concepts in this gameplay, but I can’t tell that i’m really interested, but I definitelly want to see more, since I really like WarioWare games.

  4. The Guitar Hero-like battle game looked really fun! Also, the very first game with the bow and arrow looked pretty awesome. Still don’t know if I should get this game or not. Had Warioware for Wii way back and that was a great game!

  5. If this is a budget price or something, as in $30-40 I would definetely buy it! Especially if the micro-games part of it (the boy playing his handheld while trying not to get caught) is like a whole Warioware game inside ^_^

    1. At first i questioned Nintendo when they were creating the Wii U why did they make it as powerful as a PS3 knowing Sony and Microsoft would also make even more powerful consoles? But Nintendo should have made the Wii U as powerful as the gamecube since i still never seen Wii U’ s graphic capacity maxed. I probably never will.

      1. So I guess you would rather play a very boring and dull game for graphics than a game with not-so-bad graphics and as fun as heck? People like you make me ashamed to be a gamer… Graphics isn’t everything! Look at Trine 2, for example, it’s beautiful, but I felt it was a bit boring and dull… I gotta admit it is pretty good but I would get bored if I played more than one level every gaming session.

  6. Keep in mind that Japan loves these type of games due to the WTF worthy humor and its simplicity. They have greater sales in Japan than the West becuase of that to the point of them not even caring for Wario Land anymore. Ever heard of Bobobo-Bobo-Bobo or Gintama?

  7. You know when you go to Best Buy in the video games section 360 and PS3 have all this hard core games! When you look at the Wii U’s section you ask yourself “how is Scribbles and Nuts going to bring Wii U sales up?” Yet according to Wii U fans power ain’t everything. Yet Wii U sales lost to the Vita! If Nintendo doesn’t arrive with some games soon’ I’m trading my Wii U for a PS4. Its bad enough Nintendo was too dumb to think of PS4 and focused making it more powerful than the PS3!!!!!

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