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Off-TV Play And Cross-Region Online Play Coming To Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate On Wii U


Capcom and Nintendo have today confirmed that following the 22 March release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U, a software update will be released in April as a response to Capcom community feedback.

The software update will add online cross-region functionality, allowing European and North American gamers to play together online in up to four-player battles. Monster Hunters will also be able to play the game using just the Wii U GamePad without the need for a TV screen as the software update makes the title compatible with off-TV play.

93 thoughts on “Off-TV Play And Cross-Region Online Play Coming To Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate On Wii U”

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  1. I really do not recognize this Capcom, with MH3U they have made so much good things for the fans. I cannot believe that tis is the same capcom that f-ed their fans in the A quite a few times.

    1. Monster Hunter team isn’t all of Capcom. I will agree most of capcom is dogshit and there are only a few good parts of capcom left, MH team being one of them.

    2. Well they’ve only done so with PS3, 360, and PC Capcom fans. With Nintendo, they have a partial clean slate to work with. The worst thing they recently did for a Nintendo device was with RE 3D: Mercenaries with the single save ordeal and even then, it was patched for that feature to be removed.

  2. Monster Hunter is one of the most unmanliest series ever made. It is just a glorified D&D for lame Nintendo virgins. It is disgusting how much comic book virgins love this pos series. Be a real man and buy Crysis 3.

    1. Monster Hunter is a shitty game indeed, but seriously since when is Crysis manly? Be a man and buy a subscribtion to QuakeLive or get yourself a copy of Street Fighter.

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    4. Sorry, but COD is much better and has a lot of more players. Than your shitty game.Some trolls will awake after my comment though.

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    1. The X series is already over. It originally should have ended with X5 but Capcom got money-hungry. But, I wouldn’t mind seeing another Megaman X game just for the fans to have some fun with it.

  4. I was not kmpressed with the demo, but I’m going to play the demo again as a different character.

    I really want to like this series, so I’ll give it anoter go with an open mind. Some say the demo is to short to judge the game, others say online MP is needed to fully enjoy the game. Both of these statements are a problem for me because if I can’t trust a demo, what’s the point of a demo?

    Anyway, I really hope we see MH4 in the states!

    1. The full game will help you love Monster Hunter better. I used to hate Monster Hunter with a passion but after replaying Tri with my buddies I fell in love with the series. Yes online helps alot too

    2. Have you ever played the series before Dry bones ? Trust me on this , this game is a blast once you uncover the depth. Try using the Bow on the demo and use sleep coating , poison coating. Try and work out some of the secret techniques and combos each character has by pressing two of the attack buttons at once in certain situations .

      That demo was awful , really throws a newcomer off guard. The actual game is much better , it starts of easier , you get your own equipment , etc etc.

      The demo was terrible. They just put a locked segment of the game with no explanation up for demo….

      1. Of course the biggest virgin fanboy on this site would be praising one of the unmanliest series ever. Be sensible, Jaded_DryBones, and do not listen to these nerds. Get a gaming PC instead.

        1. Have fun playing Monster Hunter ultimate on your gaming PC. lol.

          Your too busy playing CoD , Minecraft , Madden , Fifa ….

            1. I know , I know :) . But a lot of assholes only play CoD , Fifa and Minecraft…. at least that’s what is happening in UK…

    3. Indeed the demo doesn’t show the game well at all. Not only it is short, but it completely ignores all the other aspects the game has. It also puts you in a situation to which you get in the game only after quite some time. They should have indeed done the demo a lot better. At least give it a tutorial of some sort, and in a best case scenario even show a glimpse of all the other things in the game. Unfortunately demos tend to be quite bad quite often actually.
      MP is great (or actually it’s just plain awesome), but not necessary to get the epic feeling of hunting monsters.

      Changing weapons might help a little too. I started with sword and shield, because it was supposed to be good for a beginner, but I didn’t like it (though I did learn the basics of moving and such). Then I tried Greatsword, which felt a lot more like my thing. To each their own.

      By the way, see the game’s manual too (trough home button). Tells you all the combos. I hated the controls at start, but once I got used to them, they feel now to me as if they really belong to the game. Even though they are a bit clunky, the clunkyness well fits the game.

      1. I loved the Sword and Shield a lot! I couldn’t use the Great Sword at all, though… So, I told my friend that I decided I will using the Sword and Shield for the rest of the game but he said I won’t be able to survive with it X_X Oh well, I guess I will have to get accustomed to the very slow weapons…

        1. Don’t listen to him, that is a completely false statement. my brother and me survived with the Baggi sword and shield till the rathalos, but then he started liking the long sword. Still he used the sword and shield to kill the barioth. So yeah you can finish the game with any weapon you may like.
          I never finished the one for the wii, and my wii wrecked so I will have to wait until I have Ultimate, when I get it add me

            1. You are welcome. Tell me your Nintendo Network I.D so when I have my wii u which is coming to me in 10 days, we could play some mh3 ultimate online. Oh and everyone else that reads this tell me your allycode too. Lol ally codes, so much memories and pains in the ass. When i get it, i will write it in the soonest news, my nintendo ID.

    4. Its not a great demo for people new to the franchise.
      If you are interested do a little bit of research on the series. If you read about some feature you like, then I think you should pick it up in some way- either renting, buying or borrowing.
      But yeah that demo. In the actual game, it eases you into the mechanics. Much slower than it ought to. It takes a good 2 hours before you fight your first monster. Plus you can also carve monsters to make tons of armor and weapons. And also its a 50 Minute time limit. Not 20 Minutes.

    5. The only thing that I can see you not liking DryBones is how long it takes to take down a single monster (but then again why would you invest in a short game?). Monster Hunter is a lot like learning how to drive a car. At first you’re a noob and are a little uncomfortable but you learn from more experienced drivers that are around you and so you slowly start to get better in time. Once you get good enough, you can start training people. I recommend playing single player for an hour or two then jumping online to see where the real fun is at. Monster Hunter is one of my favorite series and Monster Hunter 3 Tri is my favorite online Wii game. Something tells me that once you sink at least 20 hours into the online experience you will enjoy the game more. Can’t wait to go hunting with you!

      1. +infinite. This guy has explained Monster Hunter perfectly. I’ve played it for hours and hours on end, I’ll happily admit, I’m still a noob at it.

      1. It is, im mexican, and my relation with spanish people is of hate, if Mexico es a bad country is because of spain, and i have played games like cod with spanish people, and they suck, and also they stealed my care packages with the black hat, thats not team play.

  5. This is the best news I have heard in a very long time and shocker….. it’s from Capcom! Just pre-ordered both versions on Amazon. Can’t wait until March!

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