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Ubisoft Says Wii U Is A Great Console, But It Has To Sell More Units


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemo thinks that the Wii U is a great console for gamers, but he admits that the system needs to sell more units. However, Guillemo says that the company is fully committed to producing games for the format. The company recently announced that Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 will be coming to the console later this year.

“We think Wii U is a great machine. But it just has to sell more.”

108 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Wii U Is A Great Console, But It Has To Sell More Units”

      1. Actually it was because Nintendo wouldn’t bend down and let Ubi take control of them like a sex doll.

        1. You mean EA.

          EA wanted Nintendo to use Origins as their digital distribution and Nintendo rightfully told them to piss off

        1. Nah, you are just a complete waste of time, and patience. We all know that you just hate Nintendo, grow up son.

        2. Hey, this isn’t an Xbox or Playstation forum, can you please refrain from talking about the PS360? We ALL realize the PS360 is garbage and a waste of money, but that isn’t needed in a Nintendo forum.

        1. EA and Microsoft suck DICK

          Ah, I see your dad has been raping you again, wait, it isn’t rape, cos you love it.



  1. Oh how Ironic. It would have sold more units if you released Rayman Legends Four Days ago like you planned to. It’s your own fault Ubisoft.

    1. It is Nintendo’s responsibility to make sure the Wii U sells. Maybe if they released Pikmin 3 now instead of later. It’s only been in development since the begining of time.

      1. Without Third party support a console can only sell so much on First Party exclusives. Nintendo may have been enough to carry the Cube and the Wii but if they want the Wii U to be better they need more third party support. But Ubisofts kick in the teeth situation was a dick move which could have moved another million units and owned the Wii U market.

        1. Nintendo could have secured Rayman Legend’s exclusivity with Ubisoft by paying them more money. We all know Nintendo has money to burn. It would ‘t have hurt.

          1. Nintendo never payed Ubisoft for exclusivity. It’s similar to how Capcom made Resident Evil 4 a Timed Gamecube Exclusive only to be ported later to a much weaker system called the Ps2. Ubisoft could have easily made Rayman Legends a Timed exclusive. Besides, I’m not worried about the Wii U. Nintendo’s been in the business longer than any developer so they know what they’re doing.

            1. Thats good that you aren’t worried. I know I’m not either! I think the reason for it not being timed exclusive is because (rumor) Microsoft has a policy that forces 3rd parties to release games at the same time as it’s competing system’s release.




      1. Do you really read what I wrote? I’m talking about Rayman, the supposed best Wii U game that will make people look to it until the new Zelda or Xenoblade 2 come out. The responsibility to one company sell a console is satisfied with games, if these games are Nintendo’s games it will not be soon… like I said, not releasing Rayman now is helping so much on sells…

  2. Well duh. it only just launched. How about releasing some system sellers Ubisoft, like Rayman? Cunts.

      1. Man: Honey…let’s have a baby!
        Woman: It will be our little bundle of joy!

        6 months go by..

        Man: Honey…baby’s almost here!
        Woman: Can’t wait to show our baby to the world! Imagine how popular our baby will be!

        6 more months…

        Woman: Sweety! I think it’s time!
        Man: It’s time when I say it’s time…so shut up until my other two whores water breaks in September…you slow-system sellin’ prude!

  3. That’s pretty funny Ubi, because i can think of a game that would’ve sold more units.
    Oh man, whats it called again, it’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s almost as if Ubi actually made it, aah, i cant remember /s

      1. How? Nintendo aren’t publishing it.
        The issue is either Ibisoft being stupid or Microsoft, with their bullshit multiplat policy which basically says “you can’t have early release of any game, it buy release on the 360 at the same time or earlier than everything else”. Sometimes a company can say fine, you dont get the game, and MS cop out and says fine, but Rayman isnt big enough for MS too care i it gets the game or not, so Ubisoft have no choice.
        Anoter reason MS are fucking cunts

        1. Well, the Wii U is Nintedo’s system so it is THEIR responsibility to sell THEIR console. NOT Ubisoft’s. Ubisoft just wants to make money(like every other company)…

          1. Yeah, ok? I know this, and i agree Nintendo needs to do a better job, but Ubisoft cant sit there like “oh it needs to sell more”, when they do dumb shit like delaying a finished game which wouldve made the WiiU sell more.

          2. Consoles don’t sell themselves.
            Consoles sell because of the games.
            If Ubi wants Nintendo consoles to sell, they have to give people reasons to buy it.
            It’s Ubisoft’s fault as far as Rayman goes.

  4. You know how it would had sell more? if it would have a excellent exclusive during a dry game month like Rayman Legends, you butt holes.

        1. beemothelittleboy

          Yeah I agree it is a very stupid move on their party it won’t sell on Wii u now, think about ur in September and u have cash to burn would u rather buy. Nintendo’s big first party titles, wind waker hd, new 3d Mario, yarn yoshi, Mario kart and retros new game or buy a game u could’ve buy 5 months ago or they’re all these other 3rd party title that are coming out, ubisofts really screwed at the moment I preordered Rahman legends in october last year but I cancelled it and put it toward wind waker hd, Dick move ubisoft

    1. Doubt it. Most people who want it, would have bought there Wii U’s. I doubt it would of sold very many more.

  5. Nintendo needs to advertise it more and release a couple of virtual games or wii games on the eshop.

    1. I think Nintendo is not advertising for a reason someone posted below. It makes tons of sense. Wii U came out and sold a decent amount to absolutely virtually no competition. When the other next gen consoles come out, Nintendo will start advertising hard so that people who don’t know it exists will go out and buy one over the other two during their launch. I think it is very smart of Nintendo to be waiting. Also, the gaming library will expand tremendously for Wii U by then. It will be a no brainer for your average gamer.They Will Buy A Wii U. :)

    1. That was awesome, Nintendo should let themselves inspire by this things, and promote it where they know gamers are, while they make causal commercials on TV channels where kids and families are! :D

    2. Surprisingly enough, I’m even more excited about the Wii U because of this commercial. This commercial is 1000 times better than the one Nintendo made.

  6. Maybe if you released Rayman Legends when you said you would of then it may have shifted a few units.

        1. What did Nintendo do to stop them though? You think Nintendo would of tried to persuade them from not doing it or releasing it when they should have. Seeing as it was exclusive to there console.

          *Cue arguments from fanboys*

          1. What COULD they have done?
            Rayman isn’t their game.
            Heck, even the creator of Rayman is upset with Ubi for delaying the game for the sake of ports on other systems.
            That should tell you it’s Ubi that’s at fault here, as far as Rayman goes.

  7. Patience Ubisoft, once Lego City Undercover and Nintendo’s 1st party games start coming out later this year, it’ll start flying off the shelves like Wii did, I guarantee it, just watch :D

  8. I truly don’t understand business talk. Just how many Wii U’s does Nintendo need to sell? I’m sure they already made millions or BILLIONS just from the Wii U consoles that DID sell.

  9. Wow, people are still really pissed about Rayman :D
    At leas Ubisoft understands that they have to create a market on the Wii U themselves. Companies like EA thinks that it’s Nintendo’s fault that there are a small market, but without your games, there will be no market. Think about that!

  10. I really think that it is intentional that Nintendo is waiting a little longer to go full force on advertising Wii U. First, they want people who really want it to buy the console by seeking it out aka non-casual gamers as this segment of the market really educate themselves about video games and the technical side of it. Second, they do not want it to be identified with last gen consoles (ps360). As soon as Nextbox announces their console, ads and games will pour in.

    1. Wow! I never thought about it that way, I think you are right. They got a bunch of sales at launch so when the other “next gen” consoles come out they will start heavy hitting with advertisments to rake in others who would have maybe bought an Xbox 720 or PS4, but got the “new Wii U” instead. Clever, very clever Nintendo.

      1. I’ve been thinking as to how come Nintendo is not advertising it and there has to be a reason. They are a big company with lots of brains behind it. Then it occurred to me that their target market now includes hardcore gamers. What better way to market it as a new console than to compare it with the other next gen consoles and steer away from ps3 and 360. Marketing it “heavily” right now would make it seem that the Wii U is current gen as ps360 can also handle the games that developers currently releasing. They probably are waiting for Nextbox specs so when they make an ad it will also highlight advantages of Wii U that will differentiate it with the more powerful machines. Off TV play, better multiplayer experience (no screen peeking/split screen on fps games), backward compatibility, free online play/no premium services, etc.

    2. you are spot on, an by that time, hopefully a 3d mario on wii u an maybe even a mario kart, since that franchise speaks to casual s an hardcore,an should move units, i doubt smash brothers will be this year since sakurai is injured, but regardless mario 3d on wii u ,a mario kart, an zelda wind waker hd, an pikmin backed by a Nintendo marketing blitz this fall an better bundles with the afore mentioned games an the wii u console, this fall while M$ an Sony have expensive systems, the wii u should sell like hotcakes!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hasn’t the Wii U sold better at this point in it’s lifespan than the PS3 or XBox360 did at a similar point in their lives? And very nearly to the Wii? How much more is expected?

    Really, his comments kind of sound more like encouragement. To me it sounds more like, “The Wii U is a great machine. Why aren’t you buying it?”

    1. Ubisoft is greatly promoting the Wii U. I don’t know why everyone is still freaking out over Rayman Legends. It really is not a big deal. The game wasn’t a life altering decision that would make or break Nintendo. The Wii U is going to do great in the future.

      1. Yeah, I don’t think Rayman would have made a difference. But, I can understand people still being mad.

        Ubisoft is far from a perfect company, but I really do think the CEO here was being less jerky than his words imply at face value. Plus, I’m not sure if he’s a native english speaker, which could affect the way he appears at times. For now, he does seem committed to being a force on the Wii U, wants the platform to succeed, and was trying to nudge people into buying it. I don’t think he could have actually said “Go buy it, you dummies!”

  12. Yes it will do great I have no doubts about that.The advertising as been poor I have to be honest but when these games start coming it will change.Couple guys at my works are definitely buying wii u just waiting for more content.By the end of the year going to be some absolute brilliant games.

  13. I’m not worried anymore. The console will shock everyone in sales in the future. I just know it. Sony may have the Vita as their controller for the PS4 and more powerful system but does Sony know what to do with it? Everyting that the Wii U can do is not all unveiled….trust me. That’s why Sony has to figure out how 2 Vita controllers for the PS4 will be useful once Nintendo does it first. This is how they did with Miiverse. Copied it and just made it more powerful. That’s all Sony does. Super Smash Bros. was copied for Sony. I can go on forever.

    1. Seeing all of your comments one after the another was quite an entertaining read, but I can’t help but feel that you are seeing Sony’s copies a little too much… I really don’t think that they are THAT bad…

  14. I’m not done. LETS REALLY LOOK AT REALITY HERE SHALL WE!!! First of all HATERS aren’t going to give Nintendo it’s propts I see. The Wii and Wii U came out totally different focused on a new ideas and new oppurtunities while the cowards Sony and Micrsoft were taking notes off what to do and not to do. Seriously if the Wii had the power of the PS3 and the RAM and all that other shit…. would it have sold over 100 million units? I mean sure Sony copied the Wii but it had something to feed off. Nintendo did it first with no one to rely on but itself. Nintendo didn’t focus on something super poweful with the Wii U maybe because of “price.” I mean tablets aren’t really cheap. I’m still impressed how the hell a Gamepad that feels comfortable in your hand has great quailty. If Sony were to come out with a gamepad for the PS4, they would just give it a longer battery life….. but that’s easy to do since Nintendo did first. Also, Sony maybe thinking about how will their version of next SSB work on the Vita and the PS4 together….but first they have to see how Nintnedo does it first….before Sony does anything totally NEW!!! Sony to me is a wannabe more powerful Nintendo console they never try to be different.

  15. Also remember a view weeks ago on here, we read about Sony wanting to have a mascott (Mario and Sonci anyone?)? If I’m not mistaken they also want to use remake and try to embrace histrocal items, characters (not playable characters) and some games and use them again kind of like Nintendo. For example.. on SSBB Andross is on there helping a particular player defeat his/her enemy. Sony wants to do that. If Nintendo dies….Sony dies because Sony looks a Nintendo as a role model. If you come out with something different….you got to end your horsepower somewere….making it easier for rivals to over power it.

  16. Nintnedo knows what to do between the relation of the Wii U and gamepad… Sony will just take notes then copy them. This is one reason why we haven’t seen a lot of 1st party games people. Nitnendo wants to wait closer to its rival’s launch then bring them out. This way Sony has to wait to make games that fits the relationship between the Vita and PS4. So far all Sony has is Nintendoland and nothing else in their R&d yet. Sony doesn’t know how Super Smash for the 3DS and the relationship it has witht he WII U yet. Sony doesn’t know how the Gamepad will work with the next 3D Mariio or Zelda. I don’t even know that. But believe me, I believe that Nintendo has some serious different ideas with the Gamepad and Wii U. We don’t even know how Pikmin 3 really is going to be like. This is why Nintendo is not lowering the price of the Wii U yet…….they’re not looking at the now.

  17. One more thing. In the future, I bet you, when Nintendo sells the Gamepad at retailers, will have a better battery life. Not to worry NINTENDO FANS.. These upcoming games have to wait because of Nintendo’s rivals as well as developing them. If 3D Mario or next Zelda came out with another totally different way we play, development would be easy for Sony’s Vita and PS4.

  18. One thing Sony didnt’ think of: Will people really buy 4 seperate Vitas just to play every PS4? You see Nintendo’s Wii U can support 2 gamepads. Sony will have the PS4 support 4 Vitas. Why? Will the PS3 Move has a more sensable controller. The Sony rumble pak came with the controller but the N64 had it first. Nintendo had the analog stick while sony later placed their analog at the left. Nintendo introduced 4 players on one console first. Nintendo had handhelds since 1991/1992..Sony made sure the Vita would be more powerful thant he 3DS. Nintendo TV came out before Playstation TV. Miiverse arrived first too. Super Smash arrive first. So you can pretty much predict what Sony is going to do….copy Nintendo with a ton of more horsepower.

  19. It’s not just the Wii U that will have trouble selling, I think the PS4 and next Xbox will not sell either. Nintendo underestimated the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3, I think Playstation and Xbox may underestimate the staying power of this generation compared to next generation.

  20. I did send email to Nintendo of America that Nintendo need to put out ads for Lego: City Undercover and the future games. I tried to get them into the action in term of advertising on TV and Internet. I hope not that Nintendo would be dead.

    1. Exactly. Of course, delaying a finished game for no reason what so ever which was the game featured in Wii U kiosks worldwide and was the first glimpse of what the Wii U Gamepad can do had NO effect on Wii U sales. Clearly, Ubisoft are the victims here. Those poor babies. Awwww. It’ll be otay.. Gimme a freaking break.

  21. Can someone explain to me how a console that has sold more in it’s launch month than the PS2, PS3, 360, and Wii; sold more than the 360 and PS3 combined worldwide in their first December after launch, and sold more in 45 days (3.08 million) than the PS2 (which is the best-selling home console of all time at 153 million units sold worldwide) PS3, 360 and Wii sold in 5 months is not ‘selling’ good enough?

    Can anyone show me a home console that had no killer-app, no games being release for a span of 3 months, and no advertising sold more?

    Lastly, can anyone show me someone left in the gaming industry that has the ability to think for themselves, use common sense, take responsibility for their mistakes, and not jump on commonwealth BS drivel that is perpetrated by the gaming media for the own selfish purposes?

    I won’t be playing any Ubisoft games for any console from now on. I’m so sick of listening to the BS from these arrogant SOBs from these 3rd parties whom think they control everything. I honestly hope the 3rd parties abandon the Wii U so that new and more talented indy developers can have a chance to give us some new gaming experiences instead of the same crap year after year.

  22. I agree on that fact. One of my friends dislikes nintendo. Yet, he said the Wii U was actually pretty fun when he tried it in stores. My point is, nintendo really need to hype up the demos in stores. Despite the fact I live in Australia, I haven’t been able to try one yet.








  24. Every single time I hear Ubisoft say something about the Wii U, all I hear is “We know delaying Raymond Legends was the dumbest business move a company can make, but we’re STILL not going to veto it!”

  25. I think Nintendo should’ve waited until 2013-2014 to sell their console, that way they could’ve finished Mario Kart and Mario’s new 3D game. They could of ALSO make the system better during the time AND look at the enemies (Sony,Microsoft…) ideas.

  26. once again ubisoft: why delay your supposedly wii U exclusive games for several months and for no apparent reason and then start wondering why the wii U is selling so few units?
    how stupid can you get

  27. I think Nintendo should have waited a little more to release the console and push the hardware to another level. I hope the new games save the them, otherwise I won’t buy one.

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