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Shenmue 3 Could Be Coming Via Kickstarter


Yu Suzuki, the acclaimed developer behind the Shenmue franchise, could well be considering starting a Kickstarter project to fund development of the long-awaited game. Sebastien Abdelhamid who works with an independent French TV channel and is part of the Monaco Anime Game Show revealed the news on Twitter. Would you back a new Shenmue project?

Yu Suzuki just said that he is thinking about a Kickstarter to fund the Shenmue 3 developement ! #MAGS

Thanks, DiGiTaL

76 thoughts on “Shenmue 3 Could Be Coming Via Kickstarter”

    1. No. Nintendo is nothing like Sega. The Nintendo DS alone has sold more than all Sega hardware combined. Kinda puts things into perspective doesn’t it.

            1. N-dub nation is his own man , sir. Am I not allowed to say ‘shut up , meg’ without being accused of being N-dub nation ? what has this site become ?

      1. Well, the worst selling Sega console ever, the 32X add-on for the Mega Drive\Genesis.. still outsold the Nintendo 64 add-on, 64DD by 44 times! 64DD only sold 15,000 units and 32X sold 665,000. Even the Atari Jaguar outsold the 64DD multiple times. Kinda puts things into perspective doesn’t it? No. Because console sales mean shit.

    2. Interesting to see what this brings. It waitied so long i wonder if ppl still remember this game saga. i will pledge some money for this if they start funding process.

  1. “I didn’t ask for a third Shenmue…”

  2. Landi san!!!!!!! Best game ever. Would love to see a shenmue game using todays modern graphics engines…

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  4. As long as they make ports for the first two on U/PS4/720. I’d love to play them, I just never got a chance to.

  5. Sorry that it’s off topic but is anyone else hoping Sega announces a new Sonic game today?

    1. (Admittedly) Sonic games have gone from ‘ALWAYS crap’ to being somewhat respectable.
      I hope if they announce anything Sonic that its a quality experience.
      On topic: I’ve heard Shenmue praise for years. Hope they bring it back so I can try it!

  6. ive never got the chance to play any of these, how good are they and what is it like? thought of playing it but dont own any of the consoles they came out on

  7. Day one purchase for me as it’s one of my favourite games of all time definitely in my top ten.Please please please make it happen!

    1. Shenmue on the dreamcast is one of the best games of its time and one of the best games ever made in my opinion. Look it up.

      1. Shenmue 2 on xbox was awesome, that and morrowind and knights of the old republic were my favourite xbox games

      2. It’s also one of the most expensive to develop. There is NO WAY they will get enough money through a Kickstarter to make a Shenmue 3.

        1. I dont see why i would be.
          Yakuza is basically Shenmue, i think it was just expensive at the time.
          Obviously i doubt a kickstarter alone will fund it but if it gets enough attention and kickstarter cash, and publisher will notice and perhaps help the project become a reality

        2. with a smaller and better organized team you can usually save lots of money as compared to a huge development studio

          granted, it would take considerably longer to develop aswell but i think chris roberts has a point with what he said about a small development team vs. a big development team regarding costs

        3. I know ! Sega went bust cus they spent ALL of their money developing Shenmue. It was the most expensive game ever made when it launched i think at over 30,000,000 clams.

          Kickstarter ? more like call in a big ass publisher.

          1. That’s the unfortunate thing. The sales of the first two Shenmue games were pretty low. I doubt a major publisher would put in the huge amount of money and time this game would need only to get maybe 1-2 million sales from it.

            1. Sad but true…. It’s funny how Shenmue actually was one of the major reasons they failed. The game was mind blowing at the time , but they were in no position to be spending 30M on 1 game at that time lol.

  8. Hell yea I’d fund the shit out of this project if they were serious about it. Would love a Shenmue 3. Good ol Dreamcast days.

    1. Sega has sunk ALOT lower. Like licensing Sonic porn (Im not even trolling, they actually did, google it)

  9. Reblogged this on No Dice At All and commented:
    I was content with Yakuza being the spiritual successor to Shenmue. Then again, that may not be fair. It would be like expecting Sonic fans to switch to NiGHT’s.

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  12. Nintendo Fans .. You guys has the terrible tastes in gaming and you Disgust me in gaming world so stick with Zelda and Mario to make you “feel better” to the entire gaming history .. Honestly you guys don’t deserve to get these kind of games for the Wii U tablet thing .. no joke ~

  13. I watched the trailer linked in the article and it looked really cool. But I’m a little confused. Is it a game that hasn’t come out, or it has come out and now they’re doing a remake, or is this is an unfinished series? Could someone explain it to me? Thanks.

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