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Former Wii Exclusive The Conduit Is Coming To Android


High Voltage, the developers behind former Wii exclusive The Conduit, have announced that they are bringing the first person shooter to Tegra-powered Android devices. The mobile version will be released for free, but you will have to pay if you wish to continue past the first couple of levels. You can purchase the full game for $4.99 or you can opt to buy levels 3-6 and 7-9 for $2.99 each. Here’s some of the game’s features.

  • Pick-Up and Play Accessibility: The robust sensitivity of the touchscreen controls gives players a seamless sense of connection with the game.
  • One of the Best Looking Games on Android: The Conduit looked awesome on the Wii but has been further improved by the graphics power of NVIDIA Tegra devices!
  • Fearsome Enemies: Fourteen (14) challenging human and alien creatures work against you, and are more challenging through their use of cover and tactical thinking.
  • Intense Weaponry: Unleash destruction with a huge arsenal of eighteen (18) different weapons, many of which utilize unique aiming and firing modes.
  • Puzzle Solving Unlike Other FPS Games: Use a device called the All Seeing Eye (ASE) to reveal concealed objects and enemies, providing additional layers of gameplay.
  • Unparalleled Customization: The Conduit can be adjusted for your style of play through changing the huge number of control options, layouts, and more!
  • GameStop Controller Support: Enjoy more traditional control by using the fully supported Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller by GameStop!


76 thoughts on “Former Wii Exclusive The Conduit Is Coming To Android”

    1. they canned the 3DS title of this game. Now i’ll have to wait for Renegade Kid’s FPS. if the wii can do it, 3DS can do it better.

    2. Actually it wasn’t shovelware, as a matter of fact it was actually better than your Call of Duty garbage -_-

  1. Yet another example of a crappy exclusive Nintendo game becoming nonexclusive to find more and better sales. HAHAHAHA

      1. What is this “daylight” you speak of? I have heard some legends about it but never seen it for myself.

    1. i know right? is not like cellphones and tablets are realased every year making a 1year old phone obsolete, consoles dont upgrade so often, and believe me a 2006’s phone wont run this game

        1. ……Not going to finish that? Then allow me.

          “…but still, it’s so goddamn surprising that newer pieces of technology can upgrade old games! Nooo, I’ve never heard of an HD Collection, that’s so mind-blowing!1!11!”

    2. not so old? :O
      well almost 7 years is quite old in my books
      that being said, mobile devices have been more powerful than the wii for a while already

      however xbox 360 and ps3 are each about 10-15 times more powerful graphics wise than the wii so it’s still gonna be a bit before mobile devices such as tablets will reach that level

      likely not more than a year tho, current high end chips such as the powerVR 6 series are already pretty damn powerful and highly scalable on top of that

        1. so? just because it “has” dead space that doesn’t mean the mobile version they released isn’t scaled down
          which it was…

      1. Xbox 360 and ps3 are not 10 times more powerfull than the Wii lol About 4-5 times more powerfull max. People always exagerate that one….

        1. no that is actually correct
          at least when looking at processing power

          any other measure is purely subjective

    3. The Wii is old. What console are you talking about?
      Just look at the phones out 7 years ago compared to today.
      I’m just not following you there.

      1. definitely.. because with the android version you won’t only have a flawed game, but flawed controls aswell.. the wii controls were good at least

  2. Oh so NOW you guys don’t like this game, I remember when it was fairly new it was praised by Nintendo fanboys as being better than Halo. And now since its coming to android all of a sudden it sucks? Or am I just remembering a time of incredible hype and buyers remorse in the Nintendo fanbase. Oh and wasn’t this game coming to 3DS at one point? Oh well I guess I’ll get the eshop fps by renegade kid when it comes out.

  3. but this game is not one of the nintendo franchises so why would they not put it out on other systems. it is up to the people who distribute this game

  4. Well this is an unexpected surprise. If its free then I may download it for my phone, I enjoyed C1 on Wii despite its flaws.

  5. Why would anyone buy this for android?
    The whole reason the game was good in the first place was really, the controls, its literally as perfect as you want them to be, you can change practically every setting imaginable, not FPS does that, not in Metroid Prime 3 had that level of control.

    And as a game it was kinda like a Halo cross Perfect Dark (the real perfect dark, not the 360 one), it was fun.

    I’d love to see The Conduit 3 made on the WiiU.

  6. once google, apple, nvidia and gabe newell start doing business together they will utterly destroy Nintendo and sony

    1. I find it difficult to take someone seriously with the username “penis head”, even without their ridiculous argument.

        1. That comment doesn’t really help your credibility. In fact, it completely destroys any you had in the first place.

  7. Was it really an exclusive? Or just built around the Wii.

    It was a pretty cool game, but only cause of the Wii-mote controls. Not surpassed they testing the water to see if they can make a little money with out destroying there brand.

  8. Nintendo Commander

    Conduit 2 will probably be released in a near future for Android aswell…

    However, what Mr Miyamoto is working on will make us forget these games completely…

  9. I never liked this game on my Wii. I got hyped befere it was launched, because High Voltage said it was going to be one of the best looking games on Wii, and physics and all that stuff, I never seen any of this on the actual game.

  10. I got it at launch because of all the hype. Graphically it was good and the control customization was great, but the rest wasn’t. Not even the multiplayer was good. COD on Wii was way more better than this.

  11. This game would have a better chance of selling better for $9.99 on the Wii U eShop now that there isn’t much on the system plus there were many people who didn’t play the game on Wii.

  12. the first one was awesome with all its reference to conspiracy theories but with OK mechanics the second one lost most of the best parts but ended on a BIG cliffhanger.

  13. going to get this on my note 2. I mean I can play the first couple levels for free…. why not get it

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  15. The first game was an okay game. I actually enjoyed it and thought that it gave a lot of customization options to the player which is a good thing. The second game, something about this one level gives me a massive headache that eventually turns into a migraine so I can’t even finish the game without getting sick. I was really hoping for a Conduit 3 on 3DS but oh well….

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