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Modified Version Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming To Wii U?

December 16th, 2010 @ 10:17:31

Square Enix has resubmitted Deus Ex: Human Revolution for classification with the Australian Classification Board. The listing which was submitted on March 1st says that the version is modified. We already know that Australian developer Straight Right is busy developing a major unnamed Wii U game based on a Square Enix franchise, so this could be it. Would you purchase Deus Ex: Human Revolution which came out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2011?

118 thoughts on “Modified Version Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coming To Wii U?”


    …yeah I’d probably get it, it’s a decent game lol

    1. i definitely would. deus ex seems like a pretty good fit for the wii u in my opinion.especially if they somewhat mimic what they did with mass effect and have the hotkeys on the sides of the touch screen.

  2. I still play it on my PC now and then, don’t see why I would want to get it again for my WiiU. Though, it’s definitely nice to see games like this out on a Nintendo system.

  3. Awesome!

    Dues Ex is one of those games I’ve always wanted to play, and I’d love to see it on WiiU :D

    Honestly, I’m excited at what else is to come. The more third party support, the better!

    1. Gamepad functionality , content , graphical modifications ?

      It would have to have all of the above to get me interested. Iv’e never played a Deus ex game before so I will look into it…

      1. HR isn’t as good as the original but the original is old as hell.
        It’s a similar case of whats better, System Shock 2 or Bioshock?System Shock 2 is GREAT, like reeeally good, but damn its old as fuck and it lost its edge but to its visuals, and gameplay mechanics (SHODAN is still creepy as hell though), but Bioshock still holds up today, its obviously old, but it doesnt feel old.
        Deus Ex 1 is sort of in that weird position.

          1. Actualy thats really coincidental that i compared Deus Ex 1 to System Shock because they’re both made by Warren Spector xD

            1. Oh yeah! I remember reading that somewhere , think it was an article about Spector in Official Nintendo Magazine,

  4. If it looked appealing to me then yeah I’d buy it. Having never played it before, it already sounds good, though if they want to really sell a product, bring out something brand new like GTA5, Lara Croft or whatever brand new port that’s on its way.

  5. To show support…YES! I would gladly buy this game and play through it again on the Wii U, the game is and was great, probably the modification would be added DLC to the release version. I have been doing my damndest to show full support to all third parties on the Wii U, but I’m only one person and I have kids and a wife plus house payment… so I will only buy these games new. My game purchase will fully contribute to the numbers of “sold copies” of any 3rd party game! I love this console and want to see more support for it in the near future!

      1. Incredible but true

        Tell me, how long did PS3 have to deal with Ninja Gaiden 3 before Razor’s Edge was oh-so-kindly scheduled for them, AFTER the Wii U not only got it first, but also made it clear how superior it was in comparison to the crap that the PS360 got initially?
        I thought so. Shut the fuck up.

  6. I love this game, i got all the trophies, played it in different ways ect and it was one of my favourite in 2011…but thats the thing…2011.
    I don’t get why out of any game they’d rerelease…why this one? :S

  7. Virus (make my Custom Robo X Mega Man!)

    1. Day 1 purchase, but…
    2. Wii U is gonna start looking sad with old games coming. Ports at launch is one thing- I mean right out the gate the U had a great library of games. But a 2011 title? Give us the sequel!

      1. I couldn’t help myself :p
        I actually thought Jensen was a good character and his voice actor was good, but its just funny that everyone just thinks of that meme now

  8. oh look another 2 year old $60 dollar port coming for the wii u and when it sells like shit square-soft will complain ..

  9. Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Wii U Edition! Includes all-new framerate issues and never before seen graphical errors!

                1. hahahaha, what’s next? how you will called me now? what else do you have in mind? hahahahaha! i love your creativity.

              1. Dude, not all of us are raped by our uncles like you were. Poor Macarony, his childhood nightmares still haunt him. :(

            1. Virgin, virgin, virgins, whats next? how can you tell if someone is virgin?, do you have seen someone here having sex or not?… wait a minute, HAHAHAHAHA!!! talking about perverts hahahaha, ohh man…

                1. i heard that you made a sex tape with your pc, i cant wait till the ps4 comes out so that the ps3 isnt 4 times weaker than the wii u, than the ps4 will be 2 times as strong as the wii u ,whats wrong with you

  10. Virus (make my Custom Robo X Mega Man!)

    The rumor that Nintendo is absorbing a AAA developer could be true.
    Its supposedly gonna be a ‘earth-shaking’ announcement… SquareEnix?

    1. Yeah, Nintendo are going to buy Square Enix, 2 weeks after they were just on stage with Sony for the PS4 -__-

      1. Virus (make my Custom Robo X Mega Man!)

        Oops, I didn’t see the entire conference- kinda yawn inducing.
        And please note the use of the word ‘rumor’ and the question mark in my post.

          1. Virus (make my Custom Robo X Mega Man!)

            I’m not a fanboy, but I can’t exactly convince random people on the internet of that fact.
            Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

            1. I will ask you something if i think killzone on the ps4 looks generic and boring but i found knack of being the best if the show what is the opinion people will have of me? By the way i also found the event boring.

              1. It wasnt the most exciting conference game wise, but new announcements and consoles are exciting by default anyway,

                1. Nintendo is the best at unveiling new consoles ever since DS and Wii . they really get the croud screaming like girls. When you watch the youtube videos you here people in the crowd saying stuff like ”Oh my fucking god!” it’s hilarious.

    1. I would love more old games that would benefit of the pad to come like fallout series, just cause, farcry and others.

  11. Great I might consider buying this if and when it comes out on Wii U. I didn’t get a chance to buy it on PS3 because of other games I had to buy.

  12. It really depends on how the experience of playing this game is benefited on the Wii U, as opposed to the other platforms. This can’t be a simple port. If it is, then it’s a waste of time and I certainly won’t be purchasing it.

  13. N RUNS IT 360 is for teens ps3 for blacks

    isn’t like 80% of ps3 and 360 games pc ports? derp. like every fps is a port derp

    1. Neutron Wii U is for babies and pedophiles

      How does it feel knowing a Nintendo system will ONCE AGAIN miss a major of third-party titles?

      1. I personaly do not care as most of those titles do not interest me the slightest. And what makes you think I am a pedophile?

          1. or he is just satisfied with first party titles. but i guess your life is just boring and dull so you have to be on a website 24/7 for a console you do not like. how low can people get.

  14. dont people own more than one console, they can bring this but might as well make something new, this will just be a rushed port, which is pathetic because every normal person knows that wii u is way more powerful than current consoles until ps4 comes out

  15. Probably would, Third partys need more support and I enjoyed it on PC. Hope the ‘modifications’ are decent though.

  16. Hell yea!! Rented it on game fly a while back and never was able to beat it. Great game tho and very underrated

  17. Hard to say. It’s immensely cheap on the other platforms atm, heck it’s 4,99 a lot on Steam, and some danish stores have it for as low as 3,99 sometimes… that’s without the DLC of course, but if it releases at full price, i will wait, and that actually bugs me, since i did own it on the Xbox, but sold that to get my Wii U, and didn’t complete it. In time i guess :)!

  18. Don’t get me wrong, Deus Ex is pretty cool and a great series for Wii U. But when I heard Stright Right were porting a Square-Enix game, I was seriously hoping it would a Final Fantasy title like Lightning Returns.

  19. Just throwing this out there, does anyone else realize that Adam looks like Jeff Goldblum in that picture? Can’t unsee it.

  20. Old or new, I would buy it.
    Had it for ps3, but didnt really finish it, since I went the sneaky way, and then were locked up in the same room with that robo bully.

  21. you guys need a hobby… i play this game on mac, but much prefer the nintendo… i will probably buy it… its an awesome game… dont know anything about ps3 or xbox

  22. Deus Ex is a speeding hype train that just never reaches its intended destination. I took the bait and played the original Deus Ex, but I couldn’t appreciate why it was so special because it’s so dated. That would be like playing Doom today and comparing it to what’s available now. The game is rubbish now. With regards to HR, man the game sucked the first time round with stupid limited inventory options, no mod to auto-analyse items on the fly without breaking immersion and jumping into menus and sub menus, glitches, glitches. glitches, repetitive as hell gameplay, boring and easy hacking, silly boss fights, terrible graphics etc. The only thing I liked about Human Revolution was the music and I downloaded the OST for that…

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