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More Wii U Chat Functionality Coming?


Vidyo, which is the company that supplies the technology for Wii U Chat, has disclosed some of their future plans for the console. The company shared its plans during a presentation on video conferencing in the healthcare industry. Vidyo says it is planning video-powered game experiences, party-conferencing and connectivity between the Wii U and mobile devices. Nintendo has yet to confirm when these new features are coming.

61 thoughts on “More Wii U Chat Functionality Coming?”

  1. I bought my Wii U for playing video games, not facetiming with strangers. So yeah, this news doesn’t interest me, and it probably doesn’t interest anyone else either.

  2. It would be nice to be able to take pictures with the camera and save them to an sd, the camera on the gamepad seems a bit wasted, especially seeing as the quality is quite nice

      1. It’s nowhere near good enough, nintendo needs an independent system wide chat system, featuring cross game private chat. Nintendo also needs to produce Nintendo branded headsets. This system better be added in the upcoming updates(spring, summer) or it will be an epic let down.

        1. I couldnt agree more with you ‘purple people eater’.

          nintendo has so much potential, but holds it all back.

          things it needs:
          system wide voice/party chat
          achievements(or some form)
          Real gamer profiles
          be able to store mii and profile on gamepad
          home screen customization (folders/wallpapers)
          integrate wii and wiiu menus into one.
          maybe some new mii customizations.
          nintendo made apps (like CheckMiiOut)
          AND MORE GAMES!

          cant wait till zelda !

          1. Purple People Eater

            They have something special with the gamepad and the WiiU (i know that sounds kinda whatever) but when I pick up my 360 controller I wish it was the gamepad, which is crazy for me because I never thought I would (even for a minute) feel uncomfortable or even bored with the 360 controller. However, when I play the WiiU, I wish it was the 360 because of the features missing from WiiU(Party chat, achievements, games). I know the WiiU is a lot more “powerful” but I don’t really care about that, not really. If Nintendo gives us these things (I know the games are coming, not too worried about that) Ill be a happy gamer.

          2. It would be cool if when u get a new game a wallpaper of the game comes with it based on the game and it can be there even if the games not in there, a side from that i wish everything was blue i mean the wiius colour is blue, so why get rid of that boring as white and replace it with something fresh and new, also i wish nintendo named there console steam like the rumours were saying originally… all well

  3. “…party-conferencing and connectivity between the Wii U and mobile devices.”

    So in other words you can chat with more than one person, and the chat feature will be accessible from more than just the Wii U, but also smartphones and tablets. That is a massive improvement over how Wii U currently handles chat. However, Nintendo needs to bear in mind two things about this update. Firstly, they have to make party chat accessible in-game via cross-game chat. Secondly, they have to allow users to use the built in mic on the controller, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s voice chat functionality proves that using the built in mic for party chat IS possible. If the Wii Us voice chat receives this update along with everything I just listed, the Wii U will have the best voice chat service of any gaming console, because not only will the chat feature be usable cross game on the system, but you can enter a chat party when you’re not even on your Wii U, which makes it a much stronger experience of staying connected to your friends in Miiverse on a constant basis, which is what social networking is all about. If Nintendo wants Miiverse to break into the social space, they must apply these changes to their chat system.

    1. I agree. I think that video chat is useless unless you can do it while in the game. I don’t even care about the video, just make it text or voice. Now, about the microphone, it would be a problem. Some games don’t support it for a good reason, Imagine playing COD with it on. All you would hear is clicking. Some games that don’t use much buttons, such as trine 2, support gamepad chat.

    2. I always thought the the Wii U has the potential to have a better gaming social network to rival if not best the Xbox360’s “Community”. I agree with what you said and have thought the same as well; The only other thing I can think of is being able to share doodles and drawing or files and stuff while chatting, not necessarily like FTP, where you could save files to the HD because I’m sure someone will find a way to exploit it, but rather someone that just remains like in a bubble until either the “OP” or chatters close it.

  4. I just want skype on wii u already…. But since microsoft owns it, its most likely it wont, but then again its on ps vita

    1. I don’t get why people like Skype. There is faster video chat services out there without dumb ads and you don’t have to pay.

    2. But the ps vita is a handheld console that doesn’t compete against the Xbox. After Microsoft bought rare, they continued to make games on nintendo handhelds such as banjo pilot on the GBA.

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  6. when the “wii u” alrdy wit the “Update” is coming, im waitn for that to buy a Wii U idnt wnna do’t myslf!!! i jst wnt to buy it, turn in on and play!!!

  7. The more we get to see Wii U’s improvements, the better we get to know about the system. I’m glad that I own it and would love to see Nintendo and Vidyo adding more functionality of Wii U Chat as well as having Miiverse being released on PCs and smartphones.

      1. Whaaat? it’s completly useless as it is, i’ve used it like 3 times since launch and in the first week. Takes forever to load and by the time you answer a call the person calling has already left. Can’t play games, all you can do is talk and look at each other, using a phone is much quicker, easier and you can even play a game.




  9. I hope they update it to where I can suspend my game and switch over to chat when someone is calling instead of having to quit the game I playing just to answer the call. The party chat feature seems interesting and I’m really going to enjoy that the chat won’t be confined solely to Wii U……….if this is all true.

  10. From the PDF file:

    “Vidyo Powers Nintendo’s Miiverse Chat
    Gaming becomes more social with interactive video
    Original Wii reached
    over 100 million homes
    Focus on social networking around gaming
    Now: video chat in Miiverse
    Next: video-powered game experiences
    Chat today, conferencing soon
    Now: point-to-point
    Next: multi-party conferencing
    Extending to mobile devices soon
    Now: between Wii U consoles
    Next: between Wii U and mobile devices”


    So basically, what this means, is that we’ll be able to go into Miiverse, and possibly set up a conference chat with all the people we’re intending to play with through the Miiverse app on our phones.
    That combined with the fact that many of the games do support chat in-game[though it’s best to plug in a head-set to the pad for this], means we’ll be one step closer to ideal.
    Better late than never.

  11. I pray that they change it to a “Multi-Task” App, or give you the ability to chat with someone, while your playing a game, so you wouldn’t have to close the software.

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