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Miyamoto Preparing Nintendo For His Eventual Retirement


Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told GameSpot that he is currently preparing the rest of Nintendo for his eventual retirement. Miyamoto wouldn’t say exactly when he would retire, but he said that he’s getting younger staff more involved in the development process. Shigeru Miyamoto is currently 60 and will turn 61 in November. Here’s what he had to say about future planning within Nintendo.

“This year I’m past 60; I’m going to be turning 61 this year. So for me to not be thinking about retirement would be strange. But in fact, the number of projects I’m involved in–and the volume of my work–hasn’t changed at all.”

“Instead, what we’re doing internally is, on the assumption that there may someday be a time when I’m no longer there, and in order for the company to prepare for that, what I’m doing is pretending like I’m not working on half the projects that I would normally be working on to try to get the younger staff to be more involved.

“And this actually has nothing to do with any kind of retirement planning or anything of that sort, it’s really more of simply the fact that people have a tendency, certainly when you’re in an organizational structure, they have a tendency to always look to the person that gives them direction,” Miyamoto said. “And really, for a long time I’ve been thinking that we need to try to break that structure down so that the individual producers that I’m working with are really taking responsibility for the projects that they’re working on.”

115 thoughts on “Miyamoto Preparing Nintendo For His Eventual Retirement”

    1. There were may rumors stating he was supposed to retire last year, but Miyamoto shot them all down. So similar articles? Yes. Exactly the same? Not really, but fairly close.

            1. Nintendo Commander

              It’s a Female Sony, soldier…

              Hence her name Nova…

              Don’t fall inlove with the enemy…

  1. mio fratello mi ha fatto un po ‘di cacca in un orinale ma la mamma ha scoperto e sai che io non so cosa fare per favore aiutatemi ho provato a fare il pollo Ronnie si mangia, ma non ha funzionato

  2. Hasn’t he been doing this for awhile now?
    I mean, this is only common sense. He’s old, he’s either going to retire or (I really hope not) kick the bucket soon, so of course he’d prepare the company for when he leaves.
    Even though he’s a legend he can’t and shouldn’t go on forever. He’s only human.

        1. I agree on you with this one. But I don’t take medical advice from you as you’re not a licensed doctor.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    Don’t you worry General Miyamoto, we your followers will do our best to carry out our mission to spread fun and creativity to the world.

    With new tactics, strategies and innovations we will make sure our battle plans are always ready.

  4. If i could meet him to sign my zelda 3ds handheld id be so happy. Also a picture. This man is a living legend

  5. H has done more for gaming than probably anyone else could ever do. Everyone else pales in comparison to Miyamoto’s achievments.

    His legacy will live on with Nintendo.

    I admit , I don’t want Mario left in Tezuka’s hands when Miyamoto leaves. He has given people the wrong impression about Nintendo due to rehashing the NSMB games.

    The NSMB games are great games , but they lack so much creativity compared to Miyamoto’s Mario games!

    1. Nintendo Commander

      I agree, it should be young leaders modelled after his imagine to replace him in that area.
      That knows gow he thinks and then carry it out.

      NSMB series are not the strongest weapons our command have created…

      1. Recently he came out saying NSMB series shouldn’t innovate . It kinda confused me a bit. Can he at least not change the music and the backgrounds and bosses ?

        1. I love NSMBU. It is a fantastic game that appeals to me just as Super Mario World did back in the day. It does feel a little easier in some parts, but I feel they did a wonderful job on it. SMW is my favorite Mario platformer with this at a close 2nd or 3rd. SM All-stars and SMB3 I also have fond memories of, but haven’t played them in so long to compare well. SM RPG is definitely my favorite game in the entire franchise.

          Innovation? They did fine work in my opinion so I don’t see where all this hate from others comes from. I suppose they could have changed how you defeat bosses, but that changes the entire game which might not work at all. In comparison to SMW the only thing I miss is the music for some of the levels and realms, but sometimes you just have to let go of the past. Soon enough the music for this game will be iconic to a new generation of gamers.

          1. NSMBU is amazing. I give the game a 9/10 . BUT it just lacks certain things. Music , Level design , New bosses and quirkiness.

            I love the game , but it could be the masterpiece that it isn’t with just a little bit more creativity in design.

            1. I believe music just isn’t the same for us since we’re used to those 8 and 16 bit jingles of the 80s and 90s. Now that we have crisper sound, it feels different. The childish charm is still there, but I agree music is a little lacking this time around.

              Level design is fantastic. Before it was more linear and only had an occasional secret exit and some minor additional gameplay if you had gone through to hit the world buttons. Now we have levels designed around collecting star coins which changes your decisions on how to approach an obstacle or how you can complete the level.

              We also have the extras like coin collection and challenges that give more life to the already iconic Mario gameplay and levels. Bosses are the same, but there’s really little you can do to it without altering the rest of the game which can be a major mistake.

              Quirkiness? Mmm I don’t know for sure. It feels just like SMW (or SMW2 rather) so I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. Perhaps the lack of little text boxes left around the game or the changes to the victory screen at the end of the level? Now if you compared it to a game like SMRPG or Mario Party then I’d understand, but as a platformer I don’t quite get what you mean by that.

              1. By quirkiness I mean it just seems to be missing that little bit of charm that Mario games always bring. I don’t see NSMBU being Nostalgic to me when i grow up. However Mario 3D land and Mario galaxy definitely will be Nostalgic because they have that charm…

                Hard to explain really. Basically what I’m trying to say is CoD is the least Quirky game ever made , Mario Galaxy is a very quirky game for example…..

                1. Haha oh yes I understand nostalgia. I grew up with NES and SNES and they are most certainly different. It’s very difficult to be nostalgic for a game that just came out and differs little from an old classic.

                  Games like CoD will never be in that category simply because they’re poorly designed. Classic FPS’s to me are DOOM, Hexen, Quake, Wolfenstein 3D and Half-Life. They were the great games of their time and still are today for various reasons regardless of giving birth to the modern FPS era.

                  I think time will only tell. Nostalgia is born with every generation of gamers. What I consider a classic like A Link to the Past might be unheard of to someone who remembers fondly on Windwaker simply because they started playing games much later than I.

                  1. Yeah , I agree. But to me at least NSMBU lacks the spark that say Mario galaxy 1 and 2 have. If I played Mario galaxy 1 and 2 ten years from now , I would be goosebump nostalgia fied with that little deep breathe that makes you cry inside a little. (you know the one I mean)

                    NSMBU doesn’t have that. I will just look back 10 years from now and think ”that was that great Wiiu launch title , the one that I thought was a bit to similar to pevious installments of NSMB to achieve true greatness”.

                    NSMBU is a great game though don’t get me wrong :)

          2. Nintendo Commander

            The only 2 things I want from this series are, new music and harder bosses…

            I like the way the bosses have new tricks up their sleeve in each game but they are so retardedly easy it’s just…not really my game in that sense…
            Or atleast make a hard option for us better players…

            But I am looking forward to the new 3D Mario though…

            1. Yeah the bosses have been easier and feel more prominent than before. I find that with collecting the star coins, the keeps are now more about the level and planning ahead for the boss than the actual fight itself.

              I can’t wait for 3D Mario. Having finally played Mario Galaxies recently I’m really excited to see what they’re going to do next. It feels almost yesterday when I played the N64 the first day it came out with Mario64. That was such a great game.

      1. Wouldn’t say killed , All the NSMB games are pretty awesome. But they don’t do mario Justice in my opinion.

  6. Maybe he is the only bloke on earth who can get away with wearing an outfit like that….

    Naaaaaah :)))

  7. Someone young at heart who has a similar vision should be his inevitable replacement. I wonder if he’s grooming anyone specifically for that purpose? Whoever they get, they better not ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’ Mario games!

  8. Even in retirement i’m sure he would still have some ties to Nintendo. Whether it be an occasional interview, an appearance at E3, or some special event like an anniversary or something.

  9. mio fratello mi ha fatto un po ‘di cacca in un orinale ma la mamma ha scoperto e sai che io non so cosa fare per favore aiutatemi ho provato a fare il pollo Ronnie si mangia, ma non ha funzionato

  10. In the mean time at Gear box………..rumors persist of SEGA’s Aliens money being embezzled for borderlands 2 lol.

  11. I wonder if we’re going to notice a change in the Nintendo Games that he was involved in before. I really don’t want him to leave, but he’s no more than a man, and the entire future of Nintendo can’t rest on his shoulders. So I wish both him and the future of Nintendo good luck.

  12. Nintendo Commander

    Fear not my friends…

    As sure as Ash Ketchum can jump several hundred feet from one cliff to the next, Nintendo will remain strong…

    We have to make sure command is continuing to satisfy our needs and expand those needs to newcomers…

  13. I hope he doesn’t retire too soon, he’s still very capable of making more amazing games.
    (Oh, and people complaining about Tezuka & NSMB:
    That series was NEVER meant to be Innovative. It was made purely for Nostalgia purposes and to attract the new, younger gamers to Mario).

  14. Nintendo Commander

    The only realm that doesn’t care about the legend is Microsoft’s…

    All the more reason to wipe them out!

  15. whos dis fagot in da chair?? that guy is gay why dont he mak halo of wars black ops 2k madden? charmingly joyful happy beautiful colorful games are not fun. guns blood money and rap music is what makes a game playable.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Leave while you still can Xbot or suffer the words of joy and creativity which you don’t have in your Microsoft Realm…

  16. Hopefully he picks the right people. Im glad theyre getting new younger members because that’ll inspire new ideas, and creativity.

  17. The Bullet That Killed You

    I don’t know why you guys are worried! I’m sure he has a bottled fairy somewhere. Seriously, I hope whoever’s replacing him doesn’t ruin every thing and “sega” the Nintendo that me and my parents grew up with. I’d be one heart-broken plumber.

  18. It’s weird how everything in life seems to be coming to an end. I’ve been getting bored of video games lately (though I blame that partly on collecting so many retro games that my mind got boggled). It takes a LOT to get me interested in modern games. And only Nintendo’s first party games can usually do that. But I haven’t played a new game all the way through since Zelda: Skyward Sword. And I really hate seeing the way the game industry is headed. Nearly every news post lately on MY NINTENDO NEWS makes me roll my eyes because it’s something else I don’t care about. The digital era of gaming is killing my remaining interest, and now there’s been talk about Shigeru Miyamoto retiring. Just the thought of him retiring makes ME wanna retire from gaming. This world is getting too darn crazy & weird to tolerate it.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Fear not comrade…

      Someday, we remaining true followers of the gaming universe will probably send a few of us to guide misplaced gamers and return us to the glory of our once golden age…

      Untill then we have to continue supporting our command aslong as they stay in the right path…

  19. I’ve been preparing for this news…and I guess wasn’t ready. Miyamoto is a true legend, and it will be hard to see him leave.

  20. is he really the reason why nintendo games are so good because he is the head of everything nintendo related, when he retires is that when nintendo is like sega, and can hardly make a good game anymore, because he is the one that directs alot of it

        1. That’s the idea behind stepping out of the way and training all the fresh meat. Yes, he’s behind all of the iconic characters and games that we grew up with and love today, but helping the younger guys into different roles and encouraging their input is how you continue to drive the business.

          We won’t have Mario and Zelda forever and getting fresh ideas from the younger employees will encourage brand new IPs we can fall in love with as well as continue to make good of the Nintendo name. Just because a legend leaves doesn’t mean we’re doomed or there won’t be more legends born soon after.

  21. The Nintendo Reviewer

    So he’s training other staff members to be stronger leaders in game development and keep making quality titles. Good idea in the long run. Miyamoto created a lot of great IPs that need to be handled with care to continue to have great titles we expect.

  22. When he retires, I wonder if he’ll still be around in the game industry? I mean, I wonder if he’ll leave permanently, or just do other smaller jobs?

  23. i hope he can do some good games before he finishes, like a cross between sm64 and smg, also a really awsome zelda game which carries on from the first zelda and merging the timelines, also a super mario bros 4!

  24. it’s a good thing to make room for the youngsters.. after all there may be another miyamoto hiding somewhere in there waiting to direct the development of some kickass new franchises

  25. I’m sure Nintendo will be fine when he retires. I love Miyamoto and all that he has done. We’re already seeing other developers taking the reigns like on Mario Galaxy games and Animal Crossing games. Miyamoto might retire soon, but someone will be there to make things just as great as him, just as great artists come after learning from even greater artists.

  26. Can’t remember what age I was when I first played mario on arcade machine on the sea front were I live but since then the joy of playing mario and zelda games as been second to none.Nes mario bros,super nes mario world and link to the past amazing games,n64 mario 64 and oot some more favourites of mine,gamecube mario sunshine,wii probably the best games ever in mario galaxy 1 and 2 definitely my favourite games of all time.He’s a genesis!

  27. Hey, I’m gonna make a bet right here and now;
    Miyamoto will temporarily come out of retirement after he enters it, at least once, if he doesn’t die first, to help Nintendo out in a time when it needs it most.

  28. I love that man to death for being such an amazing human being, so I understand. I better prepare myself too, and all Nintendo fans should too. Even if he is not going to retired now, we should considered this in the future.

    God, somehow I hate this generation because is taking all the awesome things I grew up with, but what can I said? Everything has an ending.

  29. When I think of Miyamoto retiring, Robotnik’s Tea Party comes to my mind, I mean I’d love to go to Miyamoto’s for some tea and something to eat.

    But yeah, it’ll be a sad day in gaming once he does finally retire, but atleast he’s training younger devs for him to pass the torch. Besides, they are learning from the real Game Master, so I’m sure those IP’s will be in good hands.

    1. Will never happen.
      Miyamoto’s kinds of ideas aren’t in line with the mind-set behind Sony’s way of doing things. They’d never accept him into their ranks, especially since he wouldn’t be able to take his series with him.

    2. Nintendo Commander

      That would be the worst thing that ever happened to the Nintendo Realm…

      I for one would lose my faith if that ever happened but I know General Miyamoto rather retires and continues to support our beloved Realm than joining the forces of graphics…

  30. Miyamoto never focused on graphics and storylines. Instead, he concentrates all his thoughts on core gameplay features and ease of access. Having created such craze IPs and applied such strong core formulas to all his games is what makes him legnedary. He’s pretty much the man responsible for setting the gameplay standards for what we call video games industry today. Respect to a living legend!

  31. Maybe they can take the company in a better direction, less kiddy themes, more mature story telling. And no, that doesn’t mean blood and gore and guns but something along the lines of LttP

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  33. when SM leaves Nintendo, all hope is lost.And I mean all hope cause the clueless Nintendo crew won’t know what to do with out him

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