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Miyamoto Admits That They Should Have Had Pikmin 3 Closer To Wii U Launch


Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted that ideally Nintendo would have wanted Pikmin 3 closer to the Wii U launch. Miyamoto doesn’t really have many regrets, as he says that the delay has helped them create fun and interesting new ways to play, including new gameplay systems. He also says that as they become more familiar with the Wii U hardware, the more they are able to get out of it.

From my perspective, I think ideally it would have been nice if we’d been able to release Pikmin 3 closer to launch, but the Wii U — though it shares the Wii name — is obviously a brand new system, with new chips and graphical capabilities. It can do a lot more, and in the process of developing a lot of the features and functionality, the resources required to best utilize those features drew on some of the same resources that might have been spent developing games, thus we weren’t able to bring quite as robust a lineup initially.

At the same time, we still have new things to learn about how to leverage the features and functionalities of Wii U in ways that create fun and interesting new ways to play, including new gameplay systems. As we become even more familiar with the hardware, we’ll be able to do more from a software standpoint. That’s an area we’re currently devoting resources to.


148 thoughts on “Miyamoto Admits That They Should Have Had Pikmin 3 Closer To Wii U Launch”

    1. The fact that Luigi is running this year and the 3DS is selling like hot cakes, Pikmin 3 will have nintendo’s marketing push from Luigi’s mansion Dark moon carry over. It’s a beautiful year for gaming. Nintendo and Sony stock doing wonderful and climbing. Monster hunter 3 ultimate this month. Ubisoft basically making it rain with games. Smile gamers smile.

    2. When the commercials for Pikmin 3 start rollin’ you had better believe that the WiiU will get a huge sales boost. Pikmin 3 is a justifiable system seller.

    1. How is he being a bitch? He’s just stating why he couldn’t release Pikmin 3 earlier and that if he could’ve released it earlier it would’ve been nice. There’s no bitching.

    1. Ocarina of time was delayed by Miyamoto and company. Upon release it now stands as the greatest game ever made. Patience is beautiful, the Wii Us little January hiccup has forced nintendo to make us the greatest games this generation. Watch and see as the roll out the marvels :).

      1. Agreed. I think there’s a Miyamoto quote that goes, “A delayed game is a eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

    1. ^This Stri-(…… seriously?)
      Some of you are acting like you forgot what game development is…
      Yeah, no Instant Pikmin. They’re delivering a better game instead of giving us a broken one first, then fixing it with patches and months of DLC.
      Is there a Wii U game you haven’t tried? Play it!

    2. Nintendo Commander

      I agree withnyour statement when it comes to Nintendo weapons only…

      But just take on…Aliens Colonial Marines…

  1. Well spoken and said by a very humble genius. A man whose creation Super Mario Bros. Single handedly saved video game entertainment for we that reside in the west, Pal regions Africa, Middle East and the Americas { NTSC }. Here is explains why patience is a great virtue. Pikmin shall have enhanced features, probably off tv play and much much Miyamoto-San more.

  2. Quote :

    “Miyamoto-San doesn’t really have many regrets, as he says that the delay has helped them create fun and interesting new ways to play, including new gameplay systems.”

    Study the above gamers and smile uncontrollably.

  3. Notice how Nintendo wants to make fun new ways to play while the other guys just throw out “moar power”? Gaming innovation would come to a screeching halt without the big N.

    1. I agree. If I want “moar power” I will upgrade my PC, which by the way can already destroy the P$4 and the SwagfagBox 720.

  4. No,. It’s NOT obvious. (That WiiU is a new system with better graphics)

    I personally believed if they called it anything without “Wii” in it, sales would have been double.

    Maybe that’s crazy talk, but I believe it.

    1. You are indeed correct. A different name would have moved the Wii U faster. With the new games and word of mouth, the system is going to sale like hotcakes. With an eventual price drop when the xbox720 is released :). We are winning gamers.

    2. If it didn’t have “Wii” in it, casuals would say “Oh, is this the new Nintendo console?” instead of “Oh, is this an add-on for the Wii?”

      1. Wrong. Look at the past. Were people confused when we went from NES to SNES? Just adding an S to the name? Or what about PS1 to PS2 to PS3? Nobody got confused with adding just a number, same with going from Xbox to Xbox 360 and just adding the 360. So going from Wii to Wii U is no different then going PS3 to PS4. Just people these days are alot more brain dead then they used to be.

        1. considering the SNES sold far less units than the NES i can definitely see how the name might have been a problem back then

          and a number is entirely different from a suffix like “U”

          when people read “2” behind a product they know immediately that it’s the next iteration of that product and neither sony nor microsoft left any doubt that they were releasing a completely new console

          the name of the wii u on its own isn’t the problem.. it’s the big focus on the gamepad without really going into detail about the console itself.. many people thought the wii U WAS the controller and it’s to be used alongside the old wii
          they’ve amended that somewhat in their newer adds, mentioning that it’s nintendos new HD console and all that (at least where i live) but the focus is still mostly on the gamepad

  5. I wish they’d have just dropped the whole “Wii” name altogether. It causes too much confusion. But then we couldn’t reuse the Wii Remotes… Oh no. Create a new remote. While recycling the old controllers was cost efficient, by not creating a new one people think the Wii U is a new controller. I think that’s one of the biggest problems with it, and the fact that the big titles, like Pikmin 3, weren’t released at launch. “Launch window” was bullshit, Pikmin 3 had a huge presentation and should’ve been released right at the launch.

    1. As soon as Lego city undercover, need for speed most wanted and monster hunter 3 commercial appear this week on television and the internet, Wii U shall start giving the 3DS a run for it’s money :).

  6. There is nothing more right now I would like to play Than Pikmin 3. Well luigi’s mansion 2 aswell.

    Pikmin 3 , Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Pokemon X and Y. these are my most anticipated games of 2013. Others include Windwaker , Watchdogs , Wonderfill 101 , and some other games begining with W….

    1. I am not looking forward to play wonderful 101 or watch dogs.
      I am raping my 3ds with fire emblem.
      After that I will play paper Mario. I already have paper Mario but I haven’t played it once yet be cause I just can’t stop playing fire emblem.
      After those two games I will get Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Pokémon mystery dungeon.
      I want to get pikmin 3 but my wallet is begging me not to.
      I want to get wind waker but I don’t know if I should get it. I have the gamecube version and want the Wii U version but every time I want to preorder it my wallet wants to kill me.
      I am definitely getting both X and Y.
      So many games.

        1. Well they look interesting but I cant afford everything. I would grateful accept them as a gift. But Buying them… I am not bill gates.
          Which is good. I would hate my self if I was the creator of xbox.

      1. Oh shit yeah , forgot about Animal crossing , might aswell add that to my list.

        My new list for most anticpated games of 2013 is as follows in descending order.

        Pikmin 3
        Pokemon X and Y
        Luigi’s Mansion 2
        Fire emblem Awakening
        Wonderfull 101
        Lego City Undercover
        Animal crossing new leaf

        Games will get fit into that last like Bayonetta , 3D mario , Mario kart if shown at e3.

        1. Other than Bayonetta 2 and Fire Emblem your games look like a 10 year old’s Christmas list.

          BioShock Infinite
          God of War: Ascension
          The Elder Scrolls Online
          Metro: Last Light
          The Last of Us
          Beyond: Two Souls
          Rayman Legends (suck it Nintendrones)
          The Witness
          Infamous: Second Son
          Killzone: Shadow Fall
          Dark Souls 2

          1. Well I’m 21 and older than you , kid. Enjoy your mrated crappy games. Some of the games on your list I will be purchasing mind you…

            1. 21 is older than 23? Should have studied math more when you were in school instead of playing Pokémon. Have fun playing kiddy games, big man. Jeez, any adult who plays Animal Crossing should be listed as a possible sex offender.

                1. Haha! Unlike Nintendrones with the Wii, I am not persuaded into buying casual crap. Have fun flinging your wrist around like a fag while playing Wii Bowling.

                  1. Have fun sucking on such super fun and massive corporate dicks you suck while playing your shitty games.

              1. Says you chatting up 13 year olds on elder scrolls online.

                Nothing wrong with playing Animal crossing. Your imagination must be like a shriveled old fart with nothing left except the desire to see good graphics and violence.

                In other words , you’re an immature prick who thinks he’s all grown up even though you are the very definition of an immature prick.

                1. Why are you talking to me, pedo? I’m not twelve! Run along now and play with your animal friends in a virtual village, cool guy.

                  1. Animal crossing new leaf looks tight! if a game is good a game is good. You listed Rayman Legends in your list. Isn’t that a kiddy game ?

                    1. according to his list of what’s childish it must be

                      and of course he’s going to have loads of fun with the CoD clone killzone 4^^
                      well if you wanna be mature you have to play the crappy games aswell i guess
                      just so long as they’re violent

                      1. It’s all down to what appeals to the individual. Some people only like military shooters and that’s fine!

                        Put some people are just ass holes when it comes to gaming period.

                    2. Of course you’re not 12. You must be 13, of course your avatar is the most faggot I’ve ever seen and only a 13 year old like you would make something like that and use it.

                2. wow you’re incredibly mature
                  throwing around childish insults and being a general dick and all
                  be proud of it

            2. Haha, almost all of those are Sony games yet again you bring your cute list to a Nintendo site where nobody gives a rats ass.I will break down each game on your list with my personal opinion.

              Bioshock Infinte: I like the original when you fought big daddys underwater I have no interest at all being on the surface now its a generic shooter.

              GOD Acension: Haha GOW has past its prime, they waited far to long to come out with GOD Acension.

              Elder Scrolls:…Cant recall who is making it but if its Bathesda then thats all I need to say more glitch fests.

              Metro Last Light ah yes…THQ’s last game lol. They would still be around if they made great games but since they are not well…Metro will fall short of peoples expectations.

              The Last Of Us: A game that really only has graphics and violence going for it. I remember watching the video when they first showed it off. The main guy smashed a guys head against a desk or table or whatever…all I could say was oh look more senless violence. I was bored out of my mind.

              Beyond Two Souls: Actually have never heard of it so meh no opinion.

              Rayman Legends: Meh…it will drown under all the other games. You can have a weakend PS3 version I guess, surprised you wouldnt want to buy a PS4 and PS4 games instead of a weakend PS3 port lol. Surprised you dont have GTA5 on your list but meh.

              The Witness: Never heard of it.

              Infamous Second Son: Looked neat but I havent seen any actual gameplay just CGI.

              Killzone Shadow Fall: No improvement over a PS3 game. Looks the same, and its a generic bland FPS game. Oh no, enemies in my way kill them, move up, kill next guys in my way, rinse and repeat, get to the end of the level, done…Zzzzzzzzz boring.

              Dark Souls 2: Never liked the 1st one so I dont have much to say on that.

                1. I’m not hating or whatever, but why do you have to insult others, and hate on Nintendo including their franchises?

      2. Admittedly, id rather play Bioshock Infinite, i think Luigis Mansion and Pikmin 3 will be amazing, its a Nintendo game, cant really go wrong (ok, it could but its not), but Infinite is gona be something special, you can see it when you watch the gameplay

        1. Yeah , i do like Bioshock and will be getting infinite , but it’s not as anticipated for me as the games I listed.

          Pikmin 3 and Luigi’s Mansion 2 are 2 Miyamoto specials. I will be extremely dissapointed if both games don’t turn out to be the sort of masterpiece that gets a 90+ on metacritic.

          Miyamoto does not fuck around with his core games :)

        2. Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin both mean a lot to me. The gamecube was my first proper console . I did obviously have consoles before that but the Gamecube/GBA was where I became a proper gamer.

          As a result games like Pikmin , Luigi’s mansion , F-zero GX , etc etc etc are nostalgic which is why I am so hyped for Luigi’s mansion 2 , Pikmin 3.
          Same applies to Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon red , blue were some of the first games that i properly got into and finished…

          1. Thats fair, ive never played either, while Bioshock 1 is in my top 10 games ever, an with this game, i can see the effort thats being put in

            1. Indeed , you know how Nostalgia trips work in gaming.

              Bioshock was amazing , one of the first games I played on 360!

    2. An underlying point in this that people may miss is that even Nintendo themselves don’t know the full capabilities of the Wii U yet and haven’t even really started to try. So any 3rd party studio or anyone else that talks about the Wii U being ‘underpowered’ is full of it.

      1. The Nintendo Reviewer

        I completely agree with that. With games, movies, just about anything, quality is better than a rush job.

        1. well diablo 3 being crap came from activision owning them, but as a blizzard fanboy I was satisfied with it and really wish my external HD didn’t crap out or I would be playing it while I wait for these games. Duke and aliens on the other hand….no excuse for that.

      1. Any reasons why you hate Nintendo? As for the game, you haven’t played it yet, so your opinion is virtually worthless. I’m sorry but… I mean, it is. Ask anybody. Ask a scientist. Ask your mom. Ask… anyway, you get the point.

      2. Nintendo is the most manly and humanly gaming company ever. Nintendo men do not fear PUNANI like Microsoft basement dwellers. Seek 80s nintendo commercials, you will see mom, dad and children buying and enjoying NES. A married man makes love to his wife to produce children that cried to own super Mario bros. So stop spreading slander about men and women that know how to make love loser. We bashed sega, neogeo, commodore, sega, Sony, atari, PC, coleco vision, turbo graphic 16 and even arcades, cause we are nintendo! Gaming personified. Innovations and Nintendo EAD, that combined like Voltron defines us as follows, ‘ NINTENDO NOW YOU ARE PLAYING WITH POWER.’

    3. also remember that people who played the pikmin 3 demo, didn’t feel it was as fun as the pikmin adventure in Nintendo Land, so Miyamoto is addressing that too. There’s probably going to be an expanded multiplayer mode in Pikmin 3, as many people really enjoyed that mode in Nintendo Land. I know it’s one of my favorites and it’s pretty deep for a what it was meant to be.

    4. I would have actually owned a Wii U at this very moment if Pikmin 3 was a launch title like originally planned. It’s still the only Wii U game that I’m aware of (released or announced) that I MUST buy. There’s nothing else on Wii U that I care even the slightest bit for.

      1. Bayonetta 2
        Wind Waker HD
        Xenoblade 2
        3D Mario

        Oh wait, you only like games playable on NES. Get your head of the 80s.

        1. I don’t ONLY like games from the 80’s (or only NES). It’s just that companies simply don’t know how to make very many fun games anymore. There’s so many LONG droughts with no good games that I’ve found myself losing interest in gaming. A statement nobody in my family would believe. And I do NOT care about Bayonetta or Xenoblade. Or most of the games that people make a big fuss about. I’m not as easily amused as most people are.

    5. Pikmin 3 has got to be absolutely perfect then. They have been working on it for so long if it gets anything lower than a 10/10. I will cry. In fact no less the a 15/10, because it went above and beyond. Extra Credit!

          1. Sorry, ratings matter A LOT! People aren’t willing to throw money at things just so they can try it themselves.(Myself included) I need ratings so I can deem what is worthy of my money BEFORE possibly wasting it on a crap game.

      1. Why would you care about that? Are you a Nintendo shareholder? Exactly, you aren’t. Now let’s get back to talking about the Wii U’s lack of games.

          1. God of War: Ascension
            The Last of Us
            Sly Cooper 4
            Beyond: Two Souls
            Tales of Xillia
            Ni No Kuni

            Pretty good for a system in the last year of it’s life if you ask me.

                1. can’t you put an IP ban on this guy sickr? (i know you’ve been banning email adresses, but surely an IP ban is in the realm of possibility?) his drivel is really getting annoying

            1. – Boring title that needs to rot in hell
              – Senseless violence with no replay value… a member of Naughty Dog have quit and moved to Retro Studios
              – Another casual Sony title nobody gives a fuck about
              – Movie quality with zero play control
              – Monolith Soft’s X is gonna a much better title than Tales of xosifasdjkasdlj
              – Who gives a fuck?

              1. -Agreed
                – Lol, Oh, so have you played the Last of Us? No?
                – I find it alright, not great, just alirght
                – Is that a bad thing? No it isn’t.
                – They’re both going to be great
                -If you played Ni No Kuni, you wouldn’t be saying that.

            2. I assure you I have heard of two of those games and I would play neither of them. They are all simply uninteresting.

      2. Unless he is an investor with a rival company, I doubt it. Besides the stock market is extremely volatile. Can change with a click of the fingers. Good to see Nintendo doing well though.


      Pikmin 3
      Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
      The Wonderful 101
      Bayonetta 2
      Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
      Zelda U
      Super Smash Bros. U
      Yoshi’s Land U
      Battlefield 4
      A new Deus EX title for Wii U developed by Straight Right
      Wii Fit U
      MonolithSoft’s X
      2 Wii U games developed by Retro Studios and its new graphics engine

      1. Pikmin 3 – Agree

        Need for Speed: Most Wanted U – Agree

        The Wonderful 101- – Agree

        Bayonetta 2 – Agree

        Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem – Disagree I dont like Shin Megami Tensei

        Zelda U – Windwaker you mean? Its the only Wii U Zelda game this year. Then there is the 3DS
        Zelda game to…

        Super Smash Bros. U – 3DS Version may come out this holiday but Wii U version not till 2014.

        Yoshi’s Land U – Agree

        Battlefield 4 – No interest in any more shooters besides Destiny for me lol.

        A new Deus EX title for Wii U developed by Straight Right – No interest.

        Wii Fit U – lol why? I had the 1st one I it was okay…

        MonolithSoft’s X – Agree

        2 Wii U games developed by Retro Studios and its new graphics engine – 2??? Its only 1 mystery Wii U game aka Starfox. And as for the game engine thats still a rumor not actual fact. But I to am awaiting Retros game.

    7. Nintendo Commander

      Don’t worry about the insignificant Microsoft and Sony slaves…

      We know the game will be a heavy weapon!

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      1. Nintendo Commander

        Top 5 anyway…

        Who knows what new weapons High Command are creating?…

        There is of course a new Zelda in development right now and maybe even a new Metroid game…

    9. Some fantastic games coming out this year I really can’t wait.Less then two weeks for monster hunter and nfs will find it very hard to remove myself from the wii u!

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    11. I was kind of disappointed with nintendo when they moved the release date, but I’ll trust nintendo won’t do the same bullshit that Ubisoft did with Rayman Legends.

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