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Dead Island Developers Looking To Develop For Wii U?


Christian, one of the readers of the blog, has been contacting numerous third-party developers to find out whether they have any intention of bringing games to the Wii U. Christian contacted Deep Silver, the developers behind the popular Dead Island series, to find out whether or not they have any plans to develop for the console. Here’s their response.

Hi ___________,

Yes, we do expect to develop games for Wii U.

Note: If you reply to this Email please do not edit the subject line. Thank you!

Best regards

Deep Silver Inc.
900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 103
Larkspur CA 94939 / USA
Fax: 415-524-8709

47 thoughts on “Dead Island Developers Looking To Develop For Wii U?”

  1. This would be nice.
    I know the dead island games has trailers that make you expect more, but still good games.

            1. I dont mean that the game was bad but i was full of game breaking bugs i love fallout new vegas and skyrim but i still bash them :P

            1. Because of Nintendo is doom stupidity and the wierd thing is some developers belive that. Not saying they belive that.

          1. The more weapons the better…

            But we do not want Microsoft weapons though…or Apple’s…

          2. Yes, it would shut “Bill” up. Also, Dead Island got good reviews so I would expect the sequel to as well. Wii U needs popular “hardcore” games that are received positively to boost sales.

              1. He wants “manly” games on the Wii U. This is as “manly” as you get with videogames. Zombies, blood and gore, profanity, etc. He can’t possibly argue if Dead Island came to Wii U.

                  1. Super Mario 3D land is one of my all time favorites of the last year, for a good reoasn. It combines the 3D style gameplay of 64 and Galaxy, while staying true to the classic style Mario games, most specifically Super Mario Bro 3. I recomend getting this if you have the money, for the fact it is gameplay on the 3DS at its greatest, with Mario’s old school and new school touch.

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                  3. Why does anyone even acknowledge Bill at all? Especially when he’s not here right now.
                    Nothing will stop the haters and trolls, but this info can bring hope to the masses for future support of the Wii U from good devs.

                    1. Don’t really know. I just posted what was on my mind and the thought of Dead Island made me think about Bill and how he always talks about “manly” games. Thats all.

                    2. I am Christian, the person that received this email. I have been systematically contacting 3rd party devs and am getting email reponses here and there about the dev’s plans for wii u. As I receive them I will send them to sickr and alba so all the readers here can be aware of any plans that are brought to light through this campaign. If you want to join me in the campaign, then just go here:


                      This is a current list of 3rd party devs with Nintendo licenses, just go down the list and contact them to show that you want to support any titles they decide to bring to the Wii U… Most of the uber mini game publishers I am skipping over in favor of contacting the devs that provide more meaty experiences on all consoles! Thanks for the repost sicker!!

                        1. I’m only one man, but the reponse from devs is looking positive. We will be seeing a lot more in the near future I believe!

                          1. Excellent work Unit_DTH, I’m sure our Supreme Commanders are doing everything they can to ensure victory over our enemies!

                            And to please our people!

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                          1. Well, the trailers they released made it seem to be deeper than it really was, but still a decent game.

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                        4. Deep Silver are a publishing division under Koch Media, not developers.

                          Dead Island was developed by Techland (Polish), whose next game is Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger, but that series is usually published by Ubisoft.

                          My guess; ‘Deep Silver are willing to publish the Let’s Play series (from the DS) over to the Wii U + 3DS, using cross platform connectivity.’

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