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EDGE Awards LEGO City Undercover A Disappointing 5/10


Respected gaming publication EDGE has awarded the forthcoming Wii U exclusive, Lego City Undercover, a disappointing five out of ten. The latest edition of the magazine also gave Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the Nintendo 3DS a respectable eight out of ten. Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of fate was also reviewed and was awarded seven out of ten. Sadly, there isn’t any excerpts from the reviews.

172 thoughts on “EDGE Awards LEGO City Undercover A Disappointing 5/10”

      1. shut up! they’ve given a nice score to Lego city underwhatever hahahahahahahaha nintyfags you all are so funny hahhahahaha

        1. Nintendo Commander

          Typical Sony Soldier…

          They compliment Nintendo in some way only to offend them us the next day…

          It’s probably why Sony cannot maintain a functional weapon for more than a few years while ours will be legends for all eternity!

            1. Jontron is a retarded fatass. Don’t even post this autistic faggot who hates on good games because he can’t play them properly.

              1. Aww, what’s the matter? Did the little baby neutron get his favorite shovelware game shat on by a respected member of the gaming community? Aww, maybe you should grab a pacifier so you can stop crying about it.

          1. hey asspunk. the another day i posted that Mr.Miyamoto is a Legend to me and i respect him,that doesn’t mean i like Nintendog. do you get it?! asspunk.

            1. Nintendo Commander

              Supreme Commander Miyamoto IS Nintendo’s heart, so in essence you also offended Nintendo, but you Sonys are lower lifeforms with overpowered fists…

      2. They don’t kiss the ass of anyone , they gave Halo 4 the 7 it deserved. They’re notoriously harsh on many games. But I actually like EDGES reviews.

        Check out their website it’s a decent review site. Shit happens , Gamespot give ZombiU a 4.5 even though it deserves no less than an 8…

          1. Maybe the reviewer just doesn’t like Lego games. I know Lego lord of the rings on xbox got a 3 from Edge recently , so that’s that.

          2. No, it wouldn’t. They give many XBOX games low or “decent” scores when the games score really well elsewhere. Halo 4, for example, got 8.5’s and 9.5’s all over the place. EDGE? 7.0

            They aren’t bias. They’re objective. Just because they don’t give every Wii U game a high score doesn’t mean they hate Nintendo, or only love XBOX.

    1. Yeah, EDGE is actually pretty respectable but some review I don’t agree with.
      This review is one I don’t agree with

          1. “Yeah, EDGE is actually pretty respectable but some review I don’t agree with.
            This review is one I don’t agree with”

            “some review I don’t agree with.
            This review is one I don’t agree with”

            “This review is one I don’t agree with”

            What didn’t I read right? You said you don’t agree with the review. How can you not agree unless you have already played the game?

            Unless I’m missing something here. Am I?

    1. You do know that they gave games like Battlefield and CoD very mixed scores instead of gushing over them like most reviewers.

      EDGE is pretty respectable when it comes to game reviews. Though this review I really don’t agree with but still, its their thoughts on the game and its flaws, still doesn’t stop my pre-order from going away. I’ll still be buying the game.

      1. and who says you have to agree with any review? it’s the reviewer’s opinion so let him/her have it and go form your own. people need to stop being so reliant on reviews when it comes to games and just try them for themselves before they decide wether or not to hate it. a good example of this is resident evil 6. TONS of people rage on that game saying it’s the worst game they ever played and saying things about it that are 100% WRONG like when people complain about the controls it bugs the shit out of me seeing as i’ve actually played the game and the controls are magnificent. if most of the people who complain about that game would actually play it instead of just reading the reviews, it wouldn’t get nearly as much shit as it does.

    1. It’s funny, some of the posters here were stroking their dicks off when they gave Skyward Sword a 10 and now look at the comments…

      1. Well I was happy they gave SS a 10 , but still their reviews are snide most of the time. their 10 point scale is used rather harshfully… Besides wasn’t it game informer who gave Lego city an 8.5 just recently ?

        I will wait for the metascore , but I will be highly dissapointed if this game ends up shit.

        1. Game Informer much like Metacritic aren’t great places to go to because Reviewers like Elder Geek actually gave a game like Crysis 3 scored less on Elder Geek because they actually went into the game and spotted a shit load of problems with the game.

          EDGE is something like that, they may sound strict but really they are just doing their job but also stating their opinion in which they really don’t care whether you take their advice or not.

      2. Exactly, the fanboys have been exposed. If Edge would have given LEGO City an 8 or 9 they would been praising them to no end.

        1. I agree, lots of peeps on this Site seem like they are schizophrenic lol. I can’t actually find anything other then neogaf saying that edge gave it that rating… It’s not even on edge’s website… That seems odd to me…

          1. Well I found a couple other sites quoting the exact same thing but no actual review… Does their sites not get updated at the same time of publication? They seem to have some of those reviewing their sites from 252 but not all. Odd

        1. And in fact, for EDGE to be so over critical and give Slyward Sword a 10, deserves the publication to be shut down because theres ALOT of things wrong with Skyward Sword.

            1. What? In denial about what exactly?
              Skyward Sword fucked up on so many levels, even simple game design and using infamously bad game design tropes like monotonous fetch quests and boring level transitions, id give a 7, at best, maybe even a 6.5.

              Maybe you need to get your fat ass out of 4chan and neogaf threads and actually PLAY games more, and read more reviews than just negative ones

      3. IMO, a 10 was too high for Skyward Sword.
        An 8 would have been more accurate.
        Side-quests were too few and not very fun, and there wasn’t enough to do in the sky areas of the game.
        Everything else was absolutely wonderful though.
        EDGE is overly critical most times, and in rare cases they are overly generous.
        In Lego City’s case, it sounds like a case of overly-critical.

  1. Edge thinks they are the upper class of video game critics looking down on everyone else. Besides, UK has always been biased against Nintendo. Back when I was a kid Sega and Commodore sold more than Nintendo in UK.

  2. I don’t wanna be “that guy”, but if you were expecting anything higher than a low 70 for this game then you’re probably gonna be sorely disappointed.

        1. And this game doesn’t follow any movie’s limitations. All previous LEGO adventure games have been based off at least one movie.
          Besides, I’ve heard this is their best LEGO game yet.

          1. Actually, Lego batman uses the franchise but has it’s own story and is not derived from a movie. But I generally enjoy most of their games more then how critics have scored them. Except Lego lotr cause it was so glitchy.

    1. Why? It’s just some dudes opinion. If everyone starts saying it’s not very good then maybe… A this point it is averaged at 7.25 between the two reviews out for it from edge and game informer.

  3. Honestly, this game doesn’t seem interesting to me in the slightest.. But hey, that’s just my (apparently weird) sense of taste.

  4. This is bullshit, I saw that they gave this game an 8.5 out of 10, it was some website.. I think it was nintendolife or something. Go check it out

    1. I saw that too! I don’t even know who EDGE are and to be honest, it looks like loads of fun and nice to have their own LEGO and not using other things like Batman to use.

      1. Yeah thanks for clarifying that, I didn’t remember the website. Im still going to buy it though! :)

  5. So people are upset over a review score? Whatever happened to playing the game and forging your own opinion? Review scores have been destroying this industry as of late. Developers are so worried about what the metascore will be, it’s sad.

    1. Nintendo Commander

      Unfortunately many gamers and Empires alike do get affected by the disease known as a “Rough Evaluation Via Isolated Experienced Warlord” a.k.a REVIEW…

      But fear not, our “Fearless Unlimited Nintendrones” (FUN) will overcome anything…

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    1. thekidnintendowiiman

      And they’d probably evacuate and make a new headquarters somewhere else in America a month or two before NK actually launches.

    2. Ha! North Korea threatened us before, nothing happened. Either way, we are the United States, our military shits on North Koreas. Go crawl into your hole again you senseless ignorant idiot.

    3. Nintendo Commander

      Microsoft’s Realm is situated in USA, when it is destroyed, Microsoft’s power will be overrun by ours…

    4. Umm, sorry to burst your bubble but NoA and Microsoft are located in the same city, Redmond, Washington.

        1. Nintendo Commander

          So either way, we will triumph once again once the Microsoft Realm is just dust…

          But then the Apple Hive will be our problem…

    5. North Korea will team up with South Korea Samsung and Google and destroy both Nintendo AND Microsoft

      1. Nintendo Commander

        They are too busy fighting the new alliance between the Nokia Teleformers and Apple Hive…

        Nintendo will consume North Korea soon just as we are doing with South Korea right now…

  7. I am sure that Lego City: Undercover would be great game despite low review from Edge. Edge is so anti- Nintendo, pro-Sony and Microsoft. The video game industry would crash in the future.

        1. lol

          but yeah, my point is that this “anti-nintendo, pro-sony/microsoft” accusation crap is stupid (most of the time) seriously, can a reviewer just simply give an opinion without being labeled as a biased sony/microsoft fanboy?(god i hate that word)

          1. True i havent play a lego game i havent like if he did not like it he dont like he dont like it at least he is not calling himself a fan of the series and giving it the shaft cause the game is not on his fave console.

    1. No they don’t. You’re just one of those paranoid Nintendo fanboys always trying to start a conspiracy.

    2. Edge does not hate Nintendo , you’re just making that up. They gave the Wii perfect 10’s for Skyward sword , Mario galaxy and Mario galaxy 2 unless I am mistaken.

      They are a good magazine no what they used to be.

      They recently wrote a list of todays top developers and it was 1-Valve 2-Mojang 3-Nintendo.
      Whilst Mojang has to be the most ridiculous placement on that list , 3rd for Nintendo doesn’t express hate towards them …

      1. He’s just another fanboy Nintedward, I don’t see why people get so upset with review scores. IGN gave Castlevania 4.5/10(?) but I fucking love the game.

        1. I know….. MOST games that get terrible reviews are terrible. But there is some that certain individuals may like.

          Take Mario Tennis open. It was a flawed game with shit reviews , but I loved it!

            1. Same with Sonic Generations and GameInformer
              They took Generations and made a wet poop on it
              But I still love Sonic Generations

            2. Yeah the online was full of cheating assholes blatently using the gyro controlls and using the touch screen.

  8. “Respected gaming publication EDGE”
    haha what? The same EDGE that gives shitty iOS games 9’s and 10’s?

  9. I don’t respect that company opinion,I rather wait for nintendo magazine and two other reviews.Going by the videos it looks lot fun, the graphics look good and there’s plenty hours of gameplay.

  10. All I got from this is that Luigi’s Mansion must be a badass game. I mean, if EDGE gave it an 8 then it must be great.

  11. Am I the only one who think reviews are kinda biased?
    I mean, if the reviewer hated Lego games before his review, did you expect it to be a 9/10?
    Let’s say the guy besides him loves Lego games, the humor, creativity, he’d give it a good review.
    Now people are influenced : “OMG EDGE gave it a 5 out of 10, it must sucks derp.”

  12. I wonder what their complaints are.

    To rate it the same as Aliens Colonial Marines suggests its fucking awful. But even if its not great, I can’t imagine it being even half as bad as Aliens.

    One good review, one bad so far, lets see what the rest are like.

  13. to me score mean nothing to me, ign gave tales of the abyss 3d 7/10 but i like it a lot because i like the tales series. i play a game and i judge it based on my opinion which may or may not influence others opinion on it

  14. Edge uses the full 1-10 scale. So for them a 5 is average, to most other publications, a 7 or 8 becomes average for some reason. I prefer the Edge method way more. They’re not hating on it, they’re just calling it average. It’s a 70%-80% metacritic ranking waiting to happen.

    Nintendo fanboys are so bitter. Why the hate for IOS games? I thought Nintendo was meant to be all about something different, new ways to play, but when it’s IOS Nintendo fans don’t seem to be able to praise anything.

      1. They’re all about the game? It’s a platform where indie developers can create based on their ideas, without needing millions and millions and a team of hundreds to put out their game. Yet when Nintendo fans talk about IOS games they come out with dumb comments like ‘no buttons, how can that be good?’.

        1. Same can be done with a superior platform Steam. Without having to bow to the blight that is Apple. iOS games deserve hate.

          Sure it’s cheap to play a watered down version of a game. Then your stuck with a game that you have to buy multiple micro-transactions to make it playable. Free/cheap to play, pay to have fun. A business model EA seems to be slowly following as well, but also charging $60 for a game.

  15. Just wait untill EDGE gives a different Nintendo game a higher score then the comments will be completly different. As for me this review will mean nothing to me.

  16. I dont even read reviews, from any source.
    Trailers and demos are what gets me buy a game.

    But edge gave the best article about microsofts bullshit policies.

  17. Someone gives a PS3/Xbox 360 game a bad score = Nintendo fans laugh

    EDGE makes good review about a game that Nintendo made (Skyward Sword) = Nintendo fans love them.

    EDGE gives a mediocre score on a Wii U game = Nintendo fans hate them

    Mmm.. you feel that… that’s irony, people on here calling the EDGE biased yet the people on here are actually more biased… so funny.

    1. Those posibilities have never presented themselves, all PS360 games get good scores because they pay for them.
      Ops, did I burst the 12 year old kid’s bubble? Go talk shit on Xbox Live sweetheart.

      1. You do know Nintendo fans do the same, right?

        Opps, did I just blow your 1 year old mind? I’m sorry, I forgot that I actually have an higher education than you Nintendrone

      2. Also, I lol’d when you said I play on Xbox Live yet I play on Nintendo Network XD

        Obvious butt hurt fanboy is butt hurt

  18. How about you use your own brain to decide what you think about games instead of blindly following review scores?

    Its only other peoples opinion of the game. The reviewer didn’t like the game. So what? Is he wrong? Nope he gave his opinion. Now its time to form your own through your own experiences.

    I love how people seem to turn critics into these infallible entities. They are nothing more than other humans giving their opinions. Leave it at that at proceed.

  19. TBH edge get their reviews spot on.. What can you expect from a Lego game? It’s hardly a major release & where pinning our hopes on It. Nintendo need to get to grips with their release schedule & release some quality titles.. Quick!

    1. Because you obviously played it and one person represents a whole gaming community’s opinion of a game.

  20. WTF!?! I can honestly guarentee that LEGO City is at LEAST an 8/10. There is no way it could be any worse than the LEGO Star Wars games… no possible way. I am still getting the game no matter what the reviews say. It is like no one will allow the Wii U to get any good games!!!?

  21. People have been waiting for my score, here it is :

    Lego city undercover 7.9 – 9.1 for me. It would easily have been 9.5 if it allowed two player offline and multiplayer online.

    Am nintendo as a mug but give edge a chance to showcase their bias and independent opinion. Game informer gave it 8.5 and those morons are on the same moron level as edge. Nintendo gamers calm down it’s still a great game.

  22. Though it doesn’t surprise me because of this being a LEGO game (- _ -)
    Does people really not buy a game just because someone gave a game a low rating? I remember back when Earthbound came out, GamePro magazine gave it a pathetic, low rating. I thought they was on crack. Earthbound is my favorite game of all time, and nothing will ever surpass it. So that just goes to show that ratings in a magazine or websites aren’t always accurate.

    1. The question people should ask, is why sickr and Alba are not posting game informer scores? Fishing for hits much? lol.

  23. Wait? EDGE is still a thing? I would’ve thought their supremely poor reviews would put them out of business.

  24. One review should not be a problem if someone wants this game. Now if everyone gave it low scores, then I would be more discerning before I buy. While some reviews are biased, some can be helpful. However, if a person really wants a game, then get it.

  25. For all the guys hating on EDGE….seriously? So what, they gave one Nintendo exclusive a low score. They have a history of criticizing big, exclusive games on other platforms. The game is still probably good, but hey, at the end of the day a review expresses the opinion of one or at most a few individuals.
    At least they don’t systematically hate on most games that are exclusive to Nintendo platforms….coughIGNcough….

  26. DarklordNintendoFan

    Why’d LEGO City Undercover get such an underwhelming score? At least it’s not a shitty game based off of a major film franchise, like those other LEGO games. Good god, those things are bad. This game actually looks pretty decent and I may… I MAY pick it up. Not going to say for certain, but if enough of the gameplay interests me enough, I may decide to pick it up. Like I said before… it already has an edge on all of those shitty movie licensed LEGO games.

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