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Mega Man 3 Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Next Week


Capcom has confirmed via the Capcom Unity forums that Mega Man 3 will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console next week. The fan favourite will be arriving on the Virtual Console on Thursday, March 14th. Capcom has also revealed that Mega Man 4, 5, and 6 will launch in subsequent months. The company also stated that by the time Mega Man 6 comes to the 3DS eShop, it will make digital versions of each game’s soundtrack available for purchase.

65 thoughts on “Mega Man 3 Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Next Week”

    1. you gotta buy Mega Man 2!!
      just bought it a few days ago and played through it while i was waiting for Tomb Raider to arrive (absolutely amazing game) and it’s fantastic
      so much fun.. can’t wait for Mega Man 3 (some people even say it’s better than 2) – hope it’ll come to europe as well on the same day.

        1. i didn’t play mega man 1, just 2 – you really don’t have to play 1
          people say 1 is a good/great game, but definitely not even close to Mega Man 2, which really is absolutely fantastic and amazing. i LOVED it

          can’t wait for 3 because as i said.. that’s the only other Mega Man which is said to be nearly as good as Mega Man 2 // just as good // even better
          can’t wait!

          – you won’t miss out on anything by not playing Mega Man 1 –

          1. I guess everyone keeps saying the same thing as you. So I can probably skip out on Megaman 1 for now and stick with just #2!

            1. If you like a challenge, I would recommend 1 since that game is hard as hell. Though 2 was pretty hard, I think you would go for 1 since it is the hardest of the bunch.

      1. Well, I’m a big Mega Man fan. I’d say that 3 is as good as 2. Maybe the latter is a little bit more difficult. But the hardest ones to beat, for me, were Mega Man 4 and 9. Anyways, the whole 8-bits series is a must have. :)

        1. Oh thanks for the advice. Also, don’t worry, your picture did not give away that you are a Megaman fan. I never would have guessed had you not said so. I am legitimately shocked!

    2. My personal favorite’s 9, but you should never consider starting there. It’s hard as balls for first time players. I’d say start with 2, or 10, as they both have an easy mode. 3’s also pretty easy itself.

  1. How can the 3DS handle a game that was designed superior tech? You Nintenvirgins will be too bad and stupid to beat that game anyways….

      1. ugly virgin fatass living in your moms basement
        just shut the fuck up you CoD 12year old fag
        have a nice day, loser

    1. Right, because a 28 year old system is more powerful than a modern one. Suuuuuure….

      Too stupid to beat it? I’ve beaten it numerous times, and it’s no easy task… as if you could ever beat it, you retarded hypocrite…

  2. Neutron plays halo 3

    dont care about capcom 1 bit they are part of the new video game crash fuck them and all that dlc shovelware

      1. And yet the 3DS version of Resident evil revelations seems to have better lighting than the 360 version.

          1. I know . The 3DS version is portable aswell. , the 3DS is the definitive version right from the start. Wiiu version at least has off screen play,

    1. I love megaman. I beat 1 through 10 last July. It was fun to play them in order. 2 and 3 are great, but easier than MM1. My personal favorite is MM4.

  3. Ahh, Mega Man 3. The one I have the most memories of. My first Mega Man game to ever own back in the day. Also one of my favorites, though it’s hard as nails.

  4. It releases on my birthday :)

    And digital soundtracks?! OMG YES (because who DOESN’T love Mega Man music?)

  5. Megaman is and will always be at home on nintendo consoles. Capcom and nintendo are re-uniting again to make gaming wonderful. Monster hunter on a nintendo console was forseen way before the game was even ever dreamt of. March is here and the Wii U is getting games from real third party developers. Criterion, Capcom and even TT bringing that truth to life. As for Lego undercover, you my fellow nintendo gamers should stay calm with the diverse reviews the game gets. Remember that it’s a game that is unique and great, which might be reviewed by one dimensional COD/ Battle field and FPS morons of this new era. Death to FPS with no substance, bring back WW2 FPS.

  6. Nintendo Commander

    We will prevail over the mindless graphic Empires with true joy!

    We will do everything we can to make sure Microsoft’s and Sony’s forces don’t create a second universal crash like the Atarians did!

  7. Well, if you are intending to buy the “classic” Mega Man titles, you can purchase all of them at Wii e-shop on your Wii U. I’m sure we have 1 to 5, and 9 and 10. I do not recall if 6 is currently available. Hope this helps.

  8. I just realized that this post shows a Mega Man X figure, yet it’s regular Mega Man news. What an insult. I HATE the Mega Man X series. Too dang hard.

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  10. Well, nice to know the rest of the classic NES Mega Man games are coming to the 3DS eShop. But will Capcom ever rerelease the Game Boy games, the Wily Wars, the SNES and GBA games, etc on any services?

  11. DarklordNintendoFan

    Well, that’s great and all… but… um… Capcom, I think you’re forgetting something. What was it? What… was… it? … Oh yeah! Now I remember! How about releasing a BRAND NEW Mega Man game?! These classics are great and all, but… um… didn’t you have a Mega Man game in the works that looked fantastic? Whatever happened to that? Oh, right… you fucking cancelled it. Because why make a new title in the series when you could just re-release the old ones with little to no effort?

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