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New Crash Bandicoot Game Coming To Wii U?


A new Crash Bandicoot game could be coming to the Wii U if this screen grab is to be believed. The official Crash Bandicoot website briefly had a countdown page up, but it was taken down very swiftly. Thankfully, someone managed to capture a screen grab before the page disappeared. The image states that the new Crash Bandicoot game is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. The game is being developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision.

Thanks, TwiliLord

213 thoughts on “New Crash Bandicoot Game Coming To Wii U?”

                  1. Now you’ve got Light Speed Shoes! Press and hold the action button to store up power. Once you have enough power; release the button and you can do the Light Speed Dash. The Light Speed Dash lets you race towards Rings at “Light Speed”! As long as there’s a trail of rings; you can go just about anywhere!

  1. As long as Activision doesn’t screw this one up…I really won’t hold my breath though.

    Vague use of just the “PlayStation” logo, possibly PS4 version too?

      1. Crash Bandicoot on the PS2 was so awesome!

        Hope this game will be just as good. Crash Bandicoot on the PS360 sucked on so many levels…

        And also, bring back his original theme!

        1. Wrath or Cortex and Twin-sanity were pretty decent in my opinion
          Crash of the Titans and Mind over Mutant were just meh

        1. I was told that the poster is from an old game project from 2010 that was cancelled partway through production. As for this website thing, I think it was a hoax, but hopefully the attention Crash has been getting will prompt a (good) new game.

        2. So what?

          Guy takes a screen with a camera (because clearly print screen doesn’t exist) along with a URL that doesn’t seem to exist either, and this post seemingly originated on Reddit…

          nothing else needs to be said

  2. Am I the only one who noticed a bunch of stuff in the background of that pic?

    Regardless, if this is true, then that’s wild. I thought CB was as dead as Jack&Daxter…….it’d be cool to see the series revived. Both of them.

        1. wii = awful graphics = a successful console. (even i know that for unfortunately) your reply is so idiot. go to hell.

          1. You just restated their comment, then called their comment “so idiot”. I think your comment is the “so idiot” one.

      1. What makes one console “true” compared to another. I’ll probably be getting PS4 once Disgaea comes to it, but as of right now, there isn’t really anything that makes it more appealing than previous gen consoles or even Wii U.

    1. 1:06…. Someone said that Ubisoft “Confirmed” that Watch_Dogs on PS4 was being played on a PC… so why can I see a Square button in the trailer?

      Nintendo/Microsoft fans will you any damage control technique to bash a console but also them failing in the process.

    1. the wierd moment that haters have to know his fave caracter is coming from news about a console they dont like.

    2. lol the real king? i remember the commercials with crash being so much better then super mario, but then super mario 64 came and crash got raped so hard. the old crashs are really good games. but the king back then and today is still mario sorry.

        1. lol…..yeah, cause mario 64 played like mario world. pls fuck off. why are you still on this site. get a life. i m not on a playstation website 24/7 and troll the fans. idiot.

    3. Nintendo Commander

      And yet one of Sony’s older most iconic games are already assimilated to Nintendo…

      It must make you feel desperate doesn’t it Sony Soldier?…

  3. I hope so! So long as its in the style of the ps1 greats! I hated what they did to crash and spyro after insomniac and naughty dog stopped making them!

  4. How about the original Spyro (without figurines or locked content), Banjo Kazooie, Bomberman or Mother (Earthbound)? I would love to see some older forgotten series and am certainly excited for this.

      1. They didn’t become bankrupt, they became a part of Konami. Any Hudson Soft brands and IPs, according to Konami, will still be published under the Hudson name.

        1. NIntendo should steal Bomber Man from Konami since they never made a game for him in a while but a few Metal Gear Solids and Castlevanias.

            1. i’m looking in your little kid avatar… and you’re saying me that i am the 12 year old? hahaha you don’t worth my time kid.

  5. This is a photo of the screen monitor…… Its amazing how there is people out there that dont know how to take a screen cap of the screen.

        1. The problem with your argument is that when Mario started doing other things like karts, RPG, fighting, etc he do it good, Crash stop been good pretty quickly; let’s hope Vicarious Visions does a great job in bring back the Bandicoot right on track

      1. Because is a good damn commercial, that is why, remember the good old days when the companies throw more garbage to each other that the fanboys now a days

        1. I think it was PETA about that shit rip off game of Pokemon the did or was that lab that try to name a Cancer gene the name of Pokemon

      1. I do not think so, and that is a shame, those were the good old days comercial that really sell console, the “Genesis does what nintendon´t” or the “Now you are playing with POWER” and the “Blast Processing”

  6. Nintendo Commander

    We are working on converting the “Uncharted Weapon” to our arsenal aswell…

    Basically just to strikeba major blow on Sony’s heart…

    Please stay tuned over the next few years…

      1. It’s the facts. I played the main Crash games and Crash Team Racing WAY before 3D Mario and Mario Kart. If it makes Mario feel better I played Super Mario World and Super Mario All Stars before Crash.

  7. he wants to have fun but his nose his nose his nose his nose his nose he wants to have fun but his nose stinks

    1. Why wouldn’t you want this game to happen? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Thousands of other people would love a new Crash Bandicoot.

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  9. The first bunch of comments made me pee my pants laughing!!!… Anyway, Haven’t played a Crash Bandicoot game in YEARS! I hope it is true about it coming to Wii U. I’d like to get it ^.^

  10. The only Crash Bandicoot game that would have my blessing ATM after seeing Activision’s handling of Spyro would be an HD collection of 1-3 and maybe Bash and CTR. No gameplay changes, just HD graphics of the original models.

      1. You know, I have it for PS2 but I haven’t played it. Might have to check it out. I was just thinking PSX-era Crash games. They should do something like that to Spyro too.

      1. Look at the original screenshot up in the article. The wood textures are exactly the same used in the picture which is pretty evident that it’s fake when they could’ve made a wood texture and not steal anyone else’s.

  11. I REALLY hope this isn’t fake, but the signs do point to it being so, particularly regarding the textures. But an interesting fact is that the Crash VIllage domain is down too, which is meant to be official. Hmmm..

    Anyway, the username who initially posted this is named darkcage23. If this little fuck is lying, what a terrible person he would be.

  12. About frickin’ time! Crash has been out of the action for waaay too long… Would be great if this game lived up to even a portion of the potential of what Twinsanity originally was, or what Radical’s cancelled 2010 game was going to be. A properly-done Crash would be incredible!

    At any rate, a new Crash, period, would be good enough, at this point. Make it happen!

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  14. I’d love another Crash Bash style game. I still play the shit out of that… But a return to the platforming roots would be awesome as well.

    1. Me, too. For some reason, I’ve been playing it a lot this last week, or so. I forgot how hard it was, though. Even THAT’S sort of a part of its charm…

      Still, if they make another one, please: lay off on the cheap crystal and gem challenges. At least balance ’em out a little better.

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  16. WTFFFFFFFFFFF IS THIS wii u?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NOT A F**K CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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