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Do You Want Cave Story Creator’s Gero Blaster On Nintendo 3DS?

Nicalis, the American video game developer and publisher, has asked fans on Twitter whether or not they would like to see Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya’s new 2D iPhone action platformer, Gero Blaster, on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Nicalis revealed that they already have the game running on the Nintendo 3DS, so I would presume it will eventually be coming. Would you purchase it if it did come to the Nintendo 3DS?

21 thoughts on “Do You Want Cave Story Creator’s Gero Blaster On Nintendo 3DS?”

  1. are you kidding me.
    that is fucking crap, dont try to hard to give something that a 70’s arcade would turn down in a heartbeat.
    watch it be something like 15 bucks to.

    1. Google Translate ”
      The game is comming to the 3ds ?
      Hope it’s good as cave story , then i”ll buy it .

  2. Aslong as someone likes the game I see no harm in it…

    People are so narrow-minded, they think that they are forced to buy everything…

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  4. I’d definitely buy it on 3DS or Wii U!

    I’d buy it on iOS too… but the lack of physical buttons would bum me out.

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