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Square Enix Showing Unannounced Wii U Title At PAX East?


Square Enix is apparently revealing an unannounced Wii U game at PAX East which takes place from March 22nd to March 24th. The publisher mentioned that they were showing off an unannounced Wii U game in an invite they sent out to press publications. Australian developer Straight Right has been rumoured to be working on a Square Enix port of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, so perhaps it is that.

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150 thoughts on “Square Enix Showing Unannounced Wii U Title At PAX East?”

  1. What will be? another crystal chronicles of shit? or another game with characters of Square with Mario friends? hahahahaha c’mon Mario throwing dice hahaahaha

    1. So you dont have any love for humans? Lol if thats where true the amount of fanboys suicide will be astronomical.

          1. Yeah but thats the attitude of Sony (and Microsoft) fanboys and the sense of entitlement they have. May I remind you of Bayonetta 2

  2. Why does it have to be a port yet again it won’t sell many copies coz people have all ready played the game on ps3/360.

        1. Oh I guess I can wait, it would just be more convenient I suppose, the only reason my ps3 is still taking up space is because of nhl13 and I would like to sell it while it’s still worth something.

          1. On second thought, I probably wouldn’t even sell the ps3, but it would be nice to have that option, Be a GM mode is too important =p.

    1. if it’s a wii u exclusive then not really, expect it to be another mediocre FF spinoff or something of that nature.

        1. How do you know Bayonetta 2 will turn out to be “good”?

          And even if it was, that still isn’t going to make me buy a horrifically overpriced hunk of junk just to play it.

            1. Have patience, Aelous(and the other trolls) will be kissed by a girl other then thier mothers and then we won’t have to listen to them anymore.

  3. I would just love to see the reactions from an announcement that a Final Fantasy VII HD remake is exclusive to Wii U. Sweet music to my ears :)

        1. SE has already said they will never do a remake of FF 6-7 (and others these are just the big one’s people want to see) because doing a remake for this gen consoles would be double the initial production time when the games were first made and they are not going to invest that sort of time.

    1. I doubt it but I hope it is Kingdom Hearts 1.5D Remix for Wii U. (Even the it’s a PS exclusive, I hope it is a timed exclusive)

      1. I would cry tears of joy if it was KH 1.5 that would be a dream come true, but seeing that Nintendo has never seen a console KH game only handheld that is a bit of a long shot

        1. beemothelittleboy

          Why would spuare release a direct follow up to the inevitable kh3 on 3ds and not ps vita, kh 3 is very likely to happen on Wii u, and its gonna sell big time

      1. YES!!!!!!
        DO IT !!!!!!!
        you have to !!!!!!!!!!!!
        oh and… if i remember correctly you’re the guy who was asking about Mega Man 2 and 3
        BUY THOSE TOO !!!!!!


        ups xD

        1. YES!!!! I was!!

          You have good memory!!!
          I am totally playing Megaman right now!!!!!

          ITS AWESOME!!!!

          O.O XD ^.^ :O

          1. that is fucking awesome !!!!
            yea my memory rocks fucking banana monster poop!!!




  4. I don’t like many franchises from Square Enix so I hope it is something brand new!.. companies still do that now-a-days right???

  5. Look at the xbots and Sony drones damage controlling lol. March is here and Wii U second and beautiful wave of games has arrived lol.

      1. I really like Sony and Microsoft fans, it’s the Sony drones and Xbots that are annoying. At the least Sony has worthy exclusives, Microsoft has Halo, a FPS framed after Metroid prime and gears of grey scale. Plus they need to realize the Wii U – 3DS or Wii U – 3DS – PC combo are unbeatable. Let’s just game on. I too want a PS4 for Uncharted 4 and the last Gaurdian.

        1. stop with “gears of gray scale”, if you haven’t played the third one, you got no fucking right to say it anymore, the gray scheme was used because the first title was more dark, it’s called art direction, you wanna people calling “legend of bright colors” or “new super primary colors”, it just the fucking art direction and BY THE WAY, halo came 1 year before metroid prime, so SHUT IT please (:

          1. Thank you for those corrections. I was going to say that but you beat me to it. Gears 1-3 were fun and I enjoyed the art style in all of them, but I’m not playing judgment it doesn’t look right to me and the online play has gone awry! Not an Xbots but I enjoy games on all platforms, exclusives as well;)

  6. This is great news, what ever the game is, it’s being announced before e3 and after monster hunter 3 ultimate, need for speed most wanted plus Lego under cover. In April we are getting Resident evil revelations and Lego batman. Beautiful :).

        1. You don’t belong to a blog dedicated to everything Nintendo. If you hate Nintendo, why the hell are you doing here harassing us Nintendo gamers, supporters and gamers who enjoy playing games no matter what system they own. You’re but a disgrace to the video game society, a bully, and a dick in your ass loser. Be well.

          1. I’ll tell ya why. They get their asses beatin week in and week out (most likely in 6th grade) and can only take their hostility out on the internet.

  7. I’m not getting my hopes up, it’ll most likely lead to Disappointment(It’s Square Enix afterall).
    I just want the game to be New and NOT another port. (It’ll probably be a port). :/

      1. Don’t know how people can use those foam covers. I tried one and it’s just awkward. I’m on mine too whenever I type on this site. White Wii U for me and the prints don’t show up at all.. just wipe it down once every two weeks and it’s nice and clean. :)

          1. It’s a good thing fingerprints… Don’t affect anything about how it plays! I’ve got the deluxe as well and I wipe it down about once every, never! I do wipe down the touch screen but give naery a shite about how many fingerprints are on my controller that I hold in my hands;)

    1. Are you talking about FF13-3 or Versus? Because 13-3 is also Xbox, Versus has been declared exclusive to PS and any new FF game is designed around the PS and most likely Xbox next generation so a Wii U release is doubtful

      1. Why do you guys want ports so badly? Wouldn’t a real square enix game be better? Like a new exclusive final fantasy or DQXI or next Kingdom Hearts?

        1. I’d like to see maybe a KH game again. Ports are great because it gives us little reason to invest in another platform to play a large variety of “AAA” games. Also, if you watched the last two E3s, Nintendo promised loads of 3rd party support this generation. I would really like them to keep to their word on that.

  8. I haven’t liked a Square game since the original Kingdom Hearts. Still hoping for the day they make a 3D Final Fantasy that’s like the 16 Bit ones, and isn’t full of emo teens.

    1. Luminous is designed around the next gen Xbox and PS architecture, I doubt we will see it on Nintendo, and if we do it will be dumbed down.

      1. Oh really? So what you are saying is that the final specs of the PS4/720 were known before they even began building the luminous engine? Ya, no.

        Wii U is capable of running ANY of the next generation engines. Crytek said the Wii U handles Cry Engine 3 “beautifully”, and that engine is just as capable as Unreal 4/Luminous etc. The PS4/720 versions would likely look somewhat better, but the differences would be much smaller than you make it sound.

        Other than Wonderful 101, X by Monolith Software, and a very brief peek at Bayonetta 2, nothing has truly been next gen on Wii U yet. Those ports from PS3/360 games were improperly ported to the Wii U, and tried to run the game on the Wii U, like it was a 360, instead of properly using it’s CPU/GPGPU combo, which is why they suffered, giving the impression it’s not very powerful. Need for Speed Most Wanted did the port right, took advantage of it’s superior architecture, and created a better looking, more polished and PC textured version.

        Watch Dogs is running on the PC/PS4/Wii U. They haven’t even started on the PS3/360 versions. If the Wii U had to be really dumbed down, compared to the PS4, wouldn’t they just use the PS3/360 versions and put a little extra polish instead? They would, but obviously the Wii U isn’t that weak, and it’s closer in power to PS4 than PS3.

  9. I foreal hope it’s some shiyeet like a next gen game of Final Fantasy or the Thief reboot coming to both Wii U and PS4, foo’s. I think it would foreal be dissapointing if it was just another port of an old ass game. Shiyeet, this could either be good and announce a new game for Wii U or it could be bad and be an old ass port of some shiyeet like Deus Ex: HR. Let’s not get dem hopes up, foo’s.

  10. It better be a Final Fantasy game, a MAINSTREAM Final Fantasy game, not another spin-off game seriously I’m sick of seeing those on Nintendo, I’m fucking tired of PS3 and Xbox hogging all the fun!!! I want more mainstream Final Fantasy games on Nintendo!!

    1. You’re not really missing anything with XIII though. XIII-2 is apparently alright, but I can tell you from experience, XIII isn’t worth your time.

  11. Kingdom Hearts (ANYTHING) is an epic win for the Wii U. Whether it is a port, remake, or brand-new exclusive. The possibilities are ENDLESS with a Kingdom Hearts game on a Nintendo system. That game by itself would move units. I’d buy a second Wii U just that game if it was done right! Just kidding!

    But seriously, can you imagine adding Link or Mario into that series? Wow.

  12. I do remember the employee at a GameStop where I got my FE: Awakening bundle say something about KH3 being a Wii U exclusive. Maybe this might be it.

    1. Lmao… Don’t listen to them, unless they are DMs they know less than the release date sheets set out on the counters In The store! I usually have to inform them of upcoming titles and release dates/release date corrections. Everything said in a game store should be taken with a grain of salt!

  13. 2 things to say. 1st of all when is the 3rd party Wii U Nintendo Direct?

    2nd I predict Tomb Raider for Wii U. I think alot of games people dont think will come to Wii U, will indeed come over to the U. Most 3rd party Devs probably still arent talking about it till the Wii U 3rd party Nintendo Direct. I say Tomb Raider, GTA 5, and dare I say it? Even Bioshock Infinite will come to the Wii U. All though I have no interest in any of those lol.

  14. I can’t think of any good games off the top of my head that there’s been by Square/Enix since Super Mario RPG. And Enix wasn’t even part of the name back then. Since I’ve never cared for the Final Fantasy series etc.

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