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Japan: PlayStation Vita Overtakes Nintendo 3DS As Best Selling Gaming Platform


The PlayStation Vita has finally managed to outsell the Nintendo 3DS in Japan this week. Sales for the ailing device have been boosted, thanks to a well-needed price cut and Soul Sacrifice. The PlayStation Vita sold 63,581 units compared to the Nintendo 3DS which sold 61,008 units. Nintendo’s latest home console the Wii U is still struggling to gain traction in Japan. Here’s the software and hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F
  2. [PSV] Soul Sacrifice
  3. [PSP] Uta no Prince-sama All Star
  4. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  5. [PSV] Tales of Hearts R
  6. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 8
  7. [PS3] Far Cry 3
  8. [3DS] Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies
  9. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden
  10. [PSV] Soul Sacrifice Double Pack
  1. PlayStation Vita – 63,581 (62,543)
  2. Nintendo 3DS LL – 39,801 (50,265)
  3. Nintendo 3DS – 21,207 (27,174)
  4. PlayStation 3 – 19,567 (25,725)
  5. PSP – 18,023 (11,171)
  6. Wii U – 9,454 (10,021)
  7. Wii – 1,363 (1,383)
  8. Xbox 360 – 738 (486)

222 thoughts on “Japan: PlayStation Vita Overtakes Nintendo 3DS As Best Selling Gaming Platform”

        1. I don’t think so. Their strategy for japanese market is quite different from other countries. The japanese economy is under a serious recover, this price cut should’ve been ages ago, but sony would lose too much money by that time.

    1. Vita is a nice nice machine not like the 3ds i think that this week is the begin of the kingdom of Vita and for Nintendo it will be the begin of its dead.

      1. N-Report 34-Nova

        Subject Sony Assassin Nova entered the Nintendo Base S&A-NF some cycles ago.
        The purpose of the subject is to underwhelm the supremacy of Nintendo’s Empire at any rate.

        High Command as the flawless leader as it is, left the responsability to protect this base to us.
        Everytime the agent attacks our base, atleast 6 of our soldiers counter-attacks his futile attempts.

        The assassin has been forced to retreat no matter what virtual directions it ultimately takes…

    1. Me personally, I would take an Xbox 360 over a PS3 any day. Just find the first party IP’s to be better, but even those in the most case aren’t good enough for me to warrant buying one. And for the multi plats, that’s why I have a PC.

      1. Actually 60K is not very impressive. It just happens 3DS has no new good games coming out recently and people are still buying dragon quest and animal crossing. Else it would be selling 200K easilly.

        1. that makes sense, japan, wait for Luigi’s mansion. Same thing happened when MK7,KI:U,SM3DL and one game which is Dragon Quest that made 3ds sell over 300k

        2. We have coming in Japan.
          03/14: Super Robot Taisen UX.
          03/20 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Shukumei no…
          Luigi Mansion 2
          03/22 BioHazard: The Mercenaries 3D & Revelation Bundle

          Shin Megami Tensei IV
          Mario Golf World Tour
          Mario & Luigi Dream Team

      2. I think he was counting the numbers in the brackets, so he probably did count correctly, but the wrong numbers.

    1. “Who can say no to Luigi’s Mansion 2”
      Me: No. Just NO. NO NO NO.

      Now, change it to Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers and Shin Megami Tensei IV and we’re talking.

    1. What trolls? The Vita has the most unmanly name ever for a video game console, but it is pretty good tech. Good to see it overcame the 3DumbS in its native homeland.

  1. Should have added “this week” because it’s not gonna last. 63,000 vs 60,000? Close…until new games come out.

    1. You’re probably right, but that’s what people said last week too when the Vita’s sales were over 60k.

      We’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, I’m glad that both systems are doing well in Japan right now.

  2. It will last all of a week. Considering this is after both a price cut and a supposed system selling piece of software, 63K isn’t exactly great. 3DS does that on a down week.

    1. And what happened to the 3DS before its price cut? It IS impressive because the japanese mobile gaming is in Nintendo’s hand.

      1. But given how the 3DS, whenever an awaited game comes out, can output twice that amount of sold units, Anon’s post understandable. Must I refer you to the 100,000+ units sold weekly when Animal Crossing New Leaf came out?

  3. I love how the same people that defend the 360’s poor japanese sales for the reason “Japan isn’t a major area” are going to mark this as a huge achievement and state the usual “nintendo is doomed”

    1. Doomed by looking at this? People have to be crasy to see this vita numbers and say Nintendo is doom after all the vita needed 4 major releases and a price drop.

  4. The Vita is #1 in Japan for like the first time in months. Of course Pachter will coincidentally mention this and say that Sony’s coming back and Nintendo is doomed after ignoring Japan his entire career.

      1. I don’t lol. Anything to get a bit more attention. Also that’s why these sites and forums post Pachter crap, cause it gets hits and comments. If people would ignore him, he might actually just fade away.

  5. This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt for the Vita to escape our prison…
    Soon we’ll get new weapons and guards and the Vita will be back to chains and pain!

    1. The Vita? Pathetic tech? You seriously think the 3DumbS is a better system? Ha! Get your head out of Iwata’s ass, you delusional fanboy.

        1. You’re being subjective. Just because it is your opinion doesn’t make it a fact.
          I personally prefer the games the Vita offers and own more Vita games than 3DS games.

            1. Eh, please tell me where I said anything like that.
              Though, specs-wise the Vita undoubtedly is better, but that was not really the subject until you brought it up, in an extremely immature way.
              It is up to everyone themselves what kind of games they prefer, so calm down. I stated my opinion as an opinion whereas the person I replied to stated it as a fact, which it simply is not.

            1. Tech wise, Vita wins hands down. Games wise, well in my opinion, 3DS comes out on top for at the moment until Sony releases more. Still love my Vita very much though.

          1. and who told you its a fact anyway. ppl like you piss me off. UNDERSTAND THAT BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING I DONT NEED TO QUOTE “MY OPINION IS:” BECAUSE IT OBVIOUSLY IS WTF?!

      1. I thought everything Nintendo related was “Unmanly” CPU Soldier Bill?…

        And yet you keep coming back like a virgin in distress…

      2. Pretty sure he didn’t actually say anything about tech at all there bud. Perhaps you should learn to read like a REAL MAN! Bahahahahhaa!

        1. I guess that’s what it means to be manly, reading things you hallucinated that was caused in turn by his manly scent…

      3. Well, the same can be said about you, get you head out of Sony’s ass. Don’t judge someone if you’re not prepared for others to do the same to you.

      1. well in my opinion we do. Ever since i started reading comments or even the news at informative sites such as MNN or N4G, i really have felt the need to
        a)buy more consoles and games
        b)replace my existing console because its doomed or not competitive enough.
        its just sad
        im just happy with playing 2-D non-HD non-DLC pokemon on my ds
        ID: Hellstrike

        1. in other words: even if we are able to buy whatever, we feel criticized for it after checking out the interwebs..

  6. next week vita gets crushed by 3ds again, and every other week for that matter

    Wii u will also pick up with giant key titles in the next few weeks

    1. That’s kind of what I was thinking. Eventually the sales for the 3DS will have to drop off cause they can’t make people fast enough to keep the sales up :P

  7. The title of this article is troll flame-bait.

    “Japan: PlayStation Vita Overtakes Nintendo 3DS As Best Selling Gaming Platform”

    That is not accurate. The meat of the article explains the actual reason for the price drop. The PSVita won a ’round’ but it certainly hasn’t ‘overtaken’ the 3DS overall. If it stays this way for a few months then yeah, I’ll buy that. However as many other people have mentioned, Luigi’s Mansion 2 is gonna knock the PSVita right back down again.

    1. The 3DS is already on 11M and the vita is on 1M+ in Japan. It’s a gap that can’t be closed.

      At this point I predict lifetime sales of 3DS in Japan to be about 30M and Vita to be about 10-15M. Vita will have a late sales surge in Japan when a lot of games come out and it will be like the new PSP.

      1. Of course it can be closed. Obviously not within a few days, but it definitely is not a gap impossible to close. Doesn’t mean it certainly will happen, but saying it “can’t be closed” is not true.

        1. It’s 99.9% likely that the Vita will never catch up to 3DS sales at this point. the gap can and will be shortened , but never closed.

          My prediction would be this .

          Lifetime sales in Japan

          3DS – 30M Vita-12M

          Worldwide sales

          3DS -100M+ Vita – 50M+

          1. I wouldn’t really say that. Yes, it is unlikely, but who knows.
            It was not expected that the PS3 would ever catch up to the Wii sales either, but it did. It is even possible that the sales of the PS3 might surpass the Wii sales, considering how well it is doing right now.
            Anyway, we can’t really know what’s going to happen with the sales of either system, but I don’t think it is truly impossible in any way, for both cases. (:
            As for the lifetime sales… I’m really bad at estimating things like that, so I can’t really say much about that. Though your predicitions don’t seem too unrealistic, I guess.

            1. PS3 is on 73M , Wii is on 100M . I doubt the PS3 will ever match 100M , but you never know I suppose. Unlikely it will sell 25 million units in its old age.

              The PS vita had an extremely slow first year , so slow that it let the 3DS build an amazing and quite frankly unstoppable momentum.

              Don’t get me wrong I would prefer it if the Vita could be close to 3DS , it would be more exciting that way and better for the industry.

              But let’s be honest now. The Vita just had a price cut and the biggest games of 2013 for it have just launched in Japan , Soul sacrifice , PSO2 , Tales of hearts R and more. And all it has managed to do is sell what a 3DS sells on a LOW/AVERAGE week.

              When Pokemon X and Y , Monster Hunter 4 , Luigi’s Mansion 2 and much more launch you will see the 3DS sales spike to 300K+ in a week.

              In Japan , the 3DS has 95% of the momentum atm.

              1. Yes, the fact that the Vita had such a slow start gave the 3DS the perfect oppurtunity to take the lead and build up a huge gap.
                Though I do not agree with you on the point that the Vita had its biggest releases of the year already. There are still a few fantastic games coming up and I’m sure they’ll boost the sales of the Vita greatly.
                And yes, Pokemon X and Y will definitely sell millions in just a few weeks (I’m really looking forward to it too, by the way) and they’ll most definitely boost the sales of the 3DS as well. Not so sure about Luigi’s Mansion though. Sure, there certainly will be a boost thanks to it, but somehow I believe it’s not going to be as big as many people expect. I could be completely wrong though, we’ll have to wait until it finally launches (:
                But yeaa, as I said, even if it’s very unlikely to happen, I still do not think it is impossible, because of the mere fact that we simply do not know what awaits us, software-wise, in the upcoming years for both consoles.

                1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 will be Huge. I expect it to match the sales of Mario 3D land or at least half. It will sell say 5M+ on 3DS eventually. First week in Japan will be 500K copies plus with a similar situation in Europe an America.

                  Luigi’s Mansion 2 is huge , and remember Nintendo’s first party titles are reprinted for years and years and because this is pretty much a ”mario” title it will sell a few million guaranteed.

                  A big one for Vita is FFXHD , but we know little about it.

                  Vita is a great console , but it seems destined to Gamecube levels of sales or at best N64 level. Which is no shame at all considering the N64 and Gamecube are my two favorite consoles ever :)

                  1. Yes, the fact that Luigi’s Mansion is part of the Super Mario franchise basically guarantees great sales. But I doubt it will sell as good as Mario 3D Land.Actually, I think it won’t sell as good as titles of the Mario franchise usually do. I just don’t know, but I got this weird feeling about it. I think it will do good but not Mario-good, if you understand what I mean. But as I said earlier, I could very well be completely wrong about it.
                    FFX HD is definitely one of the biggest titles for the Vita this year. Besides that, there’s still Tearaway, Killzone and some others. Really looking forward to those as well.
                    I just want to see it do good, really. It is, as you said, a great console, and in my opinion, it really deserves it to do well.

                    1. Indeed. Sales does not equal quality. The PS2 was a great console , but at that time I played my Gamecube and Xbox much more.

                      as long as the Vita can sell over say 30M lifetime , then Sony will be happy and will proceed to try and make a more successful successor.

                      Like I said , the Gamecube sold 21 million consoles which people might consider a flop , but it was BY FAR my favorite console that generation.

                      Here’s hoping the Vita can sell 50M+ worlwide eventually.

                    2. My favourite was the PS2 I guess, but I really loved the Gamecube as well. Alone the fact that it had Super Mario Sunshine, my favourite 3D Mario game (and one of my favourite Mario games of all time), made it very special to me. Of course it had other great games as well, but in overall I liked the PS2 better. Just a matter of opinion though. (:

                    3. Gamecube wasn’t a failure, but it was under rated. It’s my most favorite console from Nintendo cause it had all my favorite titles. It’s nice to know someone else who likes Super Mario Sunshine, I haven’t seen that many people who mention the name and like it. I usually see bashing next to the name of that game. I love Sunshine, it was so different and gave you the sense that you were on a tropical vacation.

        2. That makes as much as saying that it’s wrong to say that you won’t be run over by a stampeding Elephant tomorrow. There is absolutely no logical reason as to why it would happen, but ‘technically’ it can happen. Same with the PSVita sales. Technically is CAN close the gap, but is it even necessary to ponder that? Unless Nintendo blows up tomorrow, happen-not-gonna.

          1. I think the Vita surpassing the 3DS sales is a bit more likely to happen than being ran over by an elephant (: It still is very unlikely, yes. But I just wouldn’t call it impossible, we don’t know what kind of games will be coming up over the years and whatnot. So yes, very unlikely, but not impossible.

        3. No, it can’t be closed.

          The PS3 is the only system that has ever significantly rebounded in Japan after having consistently poor sales in its first full year on the market. It has rebounded to 9million units after 7 years.

          Everything else that has sold Vita like numbers in its first full year has been comfortably under 5million units, with the Gamecube being the best of the bunch with a little over 4million. That’s the kind of future the Vita has.

  8. 2000 units ? OMG!!!!!!! /s. The vita’s biggest game of the year is out , Soul sacrifice. Now i’m no sherlock homes , but all the Vita has managed to do is spike up to the number the 3DS sells on a SLOW normal week.

    Will take much more than this to impress me. Luigi’s mansion 2 launches – 3DS sales = 200K .

    And another thing is , don’t be suprised to start seeing the Vita do really well in Japan eventually. The psp sold over 20 million in Japan , the Vita should sell at the very least half of that figure if not more.

    the Vita will 100% outsell the Wiiu and PS4 in Japan. But it will never outsell the 3DS :)

    1. Yup, Japan seems to be a very hand held console centric society. Hand held consoles nearly always outsell home consoles.

    2. Not true. Games like Killzone, Tearaway, Final Fantasy X HD and more are coming up. Calling Soul Sacrifice the biggest Vita game of the year is subjective. Doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to it, because I most certainly am. But it still is subjective.

  9. The evidence is clear, price cuts help.
    If Sony really wants to save the Vita it needs to stop being stubborn and lower the price for the rest of the world too.

    Japan is the best handheld market but it can’t rely on just that market in order to profit from the Vita, especially with all the great tech they put into it, I think they could just come out even if they just continue to focus on Japan.

    1. The difference is, in Japan, the Vita had big games that were being released. The rest of the world isn’t getting those type of games for a while; So if the Vita’s price was lowered, it still wouldn’t sell that much.

      They have to wait for a good amount of big titles for a price drop in the West, which I expect will happen later this year when games like Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway are coming out.

  10. 1. [PS3] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F

    Oh Japan xD dont blame you though, Miku is awesome x3

    Not surprising though, it actually has games that Japan is interested in now, put some JRPG’s on there and it’ll sell.
    The West is a different story though

      1. Hatsune Miku xD
        Computer generated singer in a program called Vocaloid.
        But it kinda took a form of its own in a character called Hatsune Miku, a computer program from the future where music is gone and she needs to bring it back.
        Its basically J-Pop xD

    1. They’re not really buying it for Once Piece. I’m sure that will sell more on the PS3 than the Vita. The past few weeks, people have been buying up the Vita for Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star Online 2, Shinovi Versus, Tales of Hearts R, etc.

  11. Its about time the Vita had a price drop.
    I love my 3DS, but the Vita is an underated device. I’m glad its having a week of glory.

  12. Good News for the Vita, but still that handheld need more games. In that particular, the 3DS is the winner.

    1. The Vita has a lot of games. In the year that it has been out, it has had over 100 games released for it. In Japan, even more. If you look at Metacritic for the games released (mainly in the West) for the Vita and 3DS, they both have almost the same amount of high rated games.

      The 3DS just has the more recognizable and popular franchises. The Vita has a ton of games that nobody has heard of.

      1. Difference between alot of games, and alot of games people want. So far Persona, Gravity Rush are still the only games i really want.

    2. It needs a game of Crisis Core (tear up at the mention of that game)/BBS/Dissidia/Monster Hunter caliber…but square…square is being strange these days

      1. It’s called going to where the money is. The money has been on the 3DS for a long time now, no point in spending a bunch of money making games that might not sell well because there is a small adoption base for a system. Maybe you will see them in the future if these number continue, but till then…

        1. They made a bunch of games for the PSP even while the DS was selling better. Not much of an excuse in that area.

          Square Enix Japan has just been doing a lot of stupid things over the past generation though.

    1. Gee, almost like every other attention grabbing title a journalist has every come up with lol. Yup, seems to be part of life now days.

  13. good for the vita but one week wont make up the lose of the last fiscal year, also wait for pokemon x/y , monster hunter 4 and megaten series releases.

      1. Fear not fellow citizen!

        The act of those who are pure is just the inevitable acting business, if you know what I mean…

  14. I’m surprised the 3DS still sells a lot over there, doesn’t everyone already have one yet? I heard stories of people getting like 50+ street pass Miis from just going outside in Japan. Here in the US, I’ll be lucky to even get 1.

    1. It only works in Major cities really here in Manchester. I get loads in Manchester , and I did it london and got LOADS. You will get loads in New york and other big cities.

    2. I know right! I take my 3DS everywhere so I can get some street pass hits, it’s like 1 in ten times I venture out. Generally at malls or Starbucks.

  15. @TheDragon234-I agree, Vocaloid is very popular. If they brought it here in America, the VIta will sell crazy. SEGA might bring the Project Diva F for PS3 to US and EU.

          1. I dont know whats wrong whit the japanese developers they have better games to sell us and they want to give us unproved games.

            1. Lots of Japanese games don’t sell overly well here in America, not to the point where they would be called much of a success, plus it costs money to have it translated and then rated for different regions then all the other normal expenses that come with selling over seas if you don’t have a direct distributor. The only company where games are actually starting to see Japanese game success again is Nintendo with their recent releases from Atlus and the like. I personally hope more are coming cause I really enjoy them, but most North Americans would pass on them to get the new COD. Unfortunately it’s proven.

  16. This is very good news. Nintendo needs another dedicated handheld to give the 3DS competition. This forces nintendo to release 3DS games that only reside in Japan State side, plus the PAL regions. We should be happy, profit for Sony games division means jobs are secured, even third party development studios. That which I have given is free wisdom.

    1. Even without the Vita the 3DS has been doing extremely well. However, I somewhat agree. If the Vita does in fact pock up it’s “game” then it will force Nintendo to bust out eben MORE amazing 3DS games. Looks like the handheld market is only just getting started ;) Exciting.

  17. WHY WHY WHY? do they even sale xbox360s in Japan. Wonder what logic Pachter would use to describe the abysmal xbox360 sales in Japan. This shows that Pachter comment are bigoted to a large degree.

  18. Sony trolls, do you see how articulately nintendo fans ( majority ) and not nintendo fanboys respond to a competitor getting a boost in sales. They are not seeking sony’s demise but a counter from nintendo with games. Now you see why I say nintendo gamers are intelligent wise and very astute and date beautiful women; then marry and have smart babies.

    1. Going a bit into creepy-ville with that last bit, but yeah.
      Generally, I don’t see Nintendo fans going onto sites for competitors to bash its fans.
      They’ve got better things to do[Read: Actually play the games rather than troll the gamers] than act like retards on a site for things they don’t like.

      1. Sorry that I stepped into creep-Ville for a moment. Got happy with the Vita news, and the pokemon Wii U console game mover announced for next month in Japan lol.

    2. Disclaimer :

      Nintendo commander is a true gamer for those of you that might get my above message twisted. I on the other hand tend to be a nintendo legend and thus at times shall appear as though am fanboyish. A nintendo gamer can never be a fanboy here are reasons why :

      1) Nintendo built videogames and the industry into real games with strategy and dugeons to really explore.

      2) you cannot say video games without thinking of Mario and we all know this.

    3. And that is the way it should be. You don’t have to downgrade one company to give due respect to another. It’s in all of our best interests as gamers if all three companies succeed. When the competition is hot, that forces the companies to put their best efforts forwards which means great games for us all. Look at all the great games and franchises ( a lot that are still going strong today) that came out of the 4th gen based off of the bloody-battle between Nintendo and Sega. To root for and plan the demise of a company is childish, selfish, and stupid.

  19. Well, the eternal fact of the matter is, good games sell systems, not the other way around.
    From what I’ve heard of Soul Sacrifice, it’s just the kind of boost the Vita needed, so I’m not surprised it sold a bit more recently.

  20. It’s high time ! Really happy to see the Vita doing so good, it truly deserves it. To be honest, it deserved it from the beginning, but yea… Better late than never. The Vita is going to do fantastic this year, considrlering all the great titles coming up, and I’ll definitely enjoy seeing and playing it.

    1. Lets not forget that with the PS4 comming out later this year, the Vita would need a price cut. The Vita does WAYYYY too many things with PS4. If people have them by the time PS4 comes out, they’ll enjoy the Vita a lot more.

      1. Agreed, a price cut outside Japan wouldn’t be bad. Not at all.
        I’m actually even expecting PS4 + PSVita bundles, probably not straightly from the beginning but eventually we’ll see them.
        I’m really looking forward to all the things I’ll be able to do with the Vita and PS4 (:

    2. well.. actually. 60,000 isn’t necessarily “good.” (Not to rain on your parade or anything). It is just doing better then the 3DS RIGHT NOW and better than it usually does. Keep in mind that it is because everyone who wanted a 3DS has pretty much gotten one so that is why it’s sales are low now too. It is an improvement for Vita, but not a “good” improvement.

      1. I don’t really care if it it’s surpassing the weekly sales of the 3DS. I’m just glad to see it doing well in general, compared to it’s previous sales. They’re now 6 times higher than they used to be after all, and that is, in my opinion, a huge improvement. I don’t see the 3DS as a benchmark or anything. The Vita is having its best weeks so far right now and the more it sells, the better. Because more sales mean that the interest of developers in the Vita will be aroused and that will bring us more games. And naturally, we want to have loads of great games, don’t we ? (:

    3. Ah yiss

      Was waiting for the Vita to at least get momentum.Sony should’ve price cut it earlier on but meh,i feel that they can at least get it to the sales of 3DS,well probably not this year.

      The Vita had so many potential and now if they can only do it on the west…

  21. I may get a Vita if it still has all the PSone Classics on the PSN. I don’t wanna part with Xenogears, or Crash Bandicoot 2. Oh, and Jet Set Radio on the go.

  22. What’s disturbing is how everyone thinks the Vita is doing well just because it’s selling better than the 3DS. As if the 3DS is supposed to be some benchmark in order to determine whether you’re doing well or not. Let’s not forget that the 3DS’ sales at the moment are about some of the lowest the 3DS has had, whereas with the Vita, its sales at the moment are about the highest it has had. It’s definitely a good improvement, but if you see things differently and forget about the existence of the 3DS, you’ll find the sales still aren’t that good. I’m not even trying to bash the Vita right now, I’m seriously stating the fact that using the 3DS in your informal assessment of the Vita’s current sales performance may not yield true objectivity.

  23. Honestly, Vita sales will spike if they announce Patapon Vita. That game is a system seller lol. Hopefully some announcements at E3 XD

  24. that’s good at least we could see good games from japan not like here in the U.S.
    i could see it going down after a couple of weeks since sony doesn’t really support it.

    1. What? Sony supports it like crazy. The problem is, they’re one of the few who do. They need a constant stream of bigger third party titles on the system.

  25. Everyone has already bought a 3DS that wants one and they’re still selling like crazy, the Vita will never catch up, even Sony knows that much

    1. Doesn’t mean it can’t be a success. It will most likely never be as successful AS the 3DS, but it could be successful on it’s own terms.

  26. I don’t even know why people bother with Playstation crap? I will NEVER understand that. I look at all of Playstation and Xbox products as Sega CD and Sega Game Gear. Products destined to die. I’ll never forget my regret for having my parents get me the Sega CD and Game Gear. And I’m certainly never gonna take that sort of chance with my own money.

    1. It’s funny how you call yourself ‘MrRetroJunkie’ when you just dissed what is now considered retro gaming systems

  27. Good for Vita, at least it’s doing better. 3DS may have lost this week, but since this is one of its weaker weeks and it’s in the 60k’s that’s impressive.

    1. Not very long. It got a nice boost from a few weeks of big releases and a price cut. Those type of titles won’t be coming out for the system all year ’round, so I’m sure the sales will dip quite a bit again soon.


    Mynintendonews basement trolls hardest hit!

  29. Good week for both handhelds. Glad the Vita is finally picking up steam, hope it keeps it up. And if it get’s a price drop here in the States then I may get one at some point.

  30. Nintendo really needs to breathe some life into Wii U. People are going to be so hyped over PS4 and NeXbox this upcoming holiday season that they might completely ignore Wii U. Nintendo needs to get a big install base now, and release a ton of great games in the fall to compete against it’s competitors.

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