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Miyamoto Will Be Appearing On GTTV Tomorrow


Prolific video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto will be appearing on Game Trailers TV tomorrow. Miyamoto will be joining the cast of Game Trailers to celebrate the Year of Luigi. The show will air this Thursday night at 1:30am/12:30c on SPIKE.

Thanks, Mike S

43 thoughts on “Miyamoto Will Be Appearing On GTTV Tomorrow”

    1. Precisely.
      This is a two-fold advantage.
      If we don’t expect anything, then 1: we won’t be disappointed when nothing new is talked about, and 2: if he does break out something new and exciting, the impact is all the better.

    1. Don’t worry Reggie will be there to finally get revenge for all the times Geoff was dissed him. He will punch him BAM! Right in the Doritos Man face!

    1. Doubt he would give that info on GTTV. That news would come out in a Nintendo press conference or something Nintendo has direct control of. Plus it would be retirement not quitting, very different.

  1. I like how Miyamoto is dressed: Cowboy boots, slick jeans, his creation character, and spiffy Texan-western jacket.=P

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