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Nintendo America Teasing Pikachu Announcement Tomorrow


The team at the official Pokemon Facebook page are teasing that some Pikachu related information will be announced tomorrow. Most bets are on the limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS console coming to North America. Nintendo of America teased the console in this commercial for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity on the Nintendo 3DS.

We’ve got some exciting news for Pikachu fans coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Thanks, Manuel

40 thoughts on “Nintendo America Teasing Pikachu Announcement Tomorrow”

    1. Quite possible the sexiest special edition hardware ever made. If they don’t bring that thing out in Europe and US they are mad. It would sell out instantly.

      Charizard is the kind of powerfull pokemon we here in the west all love!

  1. It looks really nice in person , been out in UK since december. I just got my self a Luigi’s Mansion 2 3DS XL sticker with ONM magazine. It looks awesome. my XL actually looks like some awesome special edition LM2 XL!

          1. It looks great , I left them a comment on their site complaining that they only handed out a skin for original 3DS , they replied and told me an XL skin would come! And now I have my nice , official skin.

  2. I already got my fire emblem limited edition console. They have a ton of varieties already. At least japan does I weak the monster hunter XL would come to america :/

  3. I hope it comes out in april because i want to buy some kevin durant sneakers ughh. I wont have money for this xl. This pikachu edition goes for like 500 on ebay its crazy

          1. My people at Nintendo Space Division developed new drugs that are not even drugs…

            Just sell anything that has the ingridients Metallic-Aroma-Rough-Isotopes-Oxygen (MARIO) or Pocket-Obscure-Kandorian-Elastic-Monsters-Outstanding-Neutralizer (POKEMON)…

            That will increase our Empire…

  4. Oh PLEASE let it be about the Pikachu 3DS XL coming to America. P L E A S E ! I’ve been wanting that ever since I first seen it.

  5. i’m on this like donkey kong! wouldi perfer the charizard edition ?YES! but will this be just as good in my mind?TOTALLY! maybe i’ll be able to capatalize on the deal where you buy a new system and luigi’s mansion or mystery dungeon and get a game free :)

  6. Uh it’s probably just the NFC Rumble game.

    Actually based on the picture, never mind. You can even see the corner of the Pikachu 3DS.

  7. I wish tnere was a Metroid themed XL version available since thinking of trading in my 3DS for a XL…

    But I have to save for the Wii U aswell…

    Nintendo bless me, your loyal servant…

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