Film Title: Mr Bean's HolidayIn an interview with Polygon, Next Level Games director Bryce Holliday said the humor found in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was inspired by Mr. Bean, which is a British comedy program. According to Holliday, Luigi acts like the program’s main character, Mr. Bean, who’s played by comedian Rowan Atkinson, in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game. Luigi and Mr. Bean are apparently similar in that they both are hesitant heroes while being unlucky fools. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon launches in a week.

“Watching Luigi is kind of like watching a Mr. Bean episode. You know he’s going to get into trouble, but you’re kind of surprised about where it’s going to come from.

“We did watch a lot of Mr. Bean in the beginning to get reference for the character animations, so he’s kind of like that hapless fool and reluctant hero. He’s trying to live his life, but you know what the joke is before he does.”

-Next Level Games director Bryce Holliday



  1. but Mr Bean is a fool & a idiot, people laugh at him & not with him.

    recently with all Nintendo games, the first things i hear about a new game makes me really interested & as time goes on & i hear more about it through updated news & media, the worse the game sounds.

    i hope Nintendo have not decided to go down the path of making games the Peter Molyneux way !

    if they have they will be making games for the X720 & Ps4 sooner than we thought.


  2. Hey out off topic…

    Anyone else getting the Limited Time Pikachu 3DS XL? I have a Cosmo Black 3DS but i’m getting the Pikachu 3DS XL!! :D


    • I AM! I also have the cosmo black 3DS. And I’m DYING to get the Pikachu 3DS XL. I borrowed the money from my brother so I can get it at Target on March 24th. Yay for us!!


  3. I wouldn’t know what to think if he played Luigi in a live-action movie. Probably too quiet in demeanor to do so though, considering how loud and out there Luigi needs to be, lol.


  4. too be honest i kinda turned me a bit off as well, but i’m still excited. Haven’t been excited this much since Pokemon back and white was announced, which is saying something.


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