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Luigi’s 72-Hour Sale Strikes Club Nintendo

luigi_super_smash_bros_brawlNintendo of America has announced, via Twitter, that from now until March 19th – 11:59 p.m. PST, select rewards are on sale at Club Nintendo. The rewards on sale during the 72-hour period are the Reversible Pouches, Mario & Luigi Greeting Cards, Wii Remote Holders and the Stylus & Game Card Case (Animal Crossing). If any of the rewards mentioned interest you, quickly visit Club Nintendo to grab one. Also on Club Nintendo for a limited time are these four downloadable games.

39 thoughts on “Luigi’s 72-Hour Sale Strikes Club Nintendo”

        1. like what ?

          in the good’ol us of a you get loads of apps on the WiiU & 3DS that we don’t get here in Europe !

          we get nothing,the gaming industry HATES the Euro area they always have & always will, they only seem to think people play games in Japan & the usa !

          1. So you forgot about the three Mario Kart trophies Europe Club Nintendo users got? I was lucky enough to have enough points to get all three of them and they look incredible :)

            I’d say NA is preeeetty much on par with Europe in terms of Club Nintendo – but I’ll admit it is baffling that in Europe you can’t use points towards games like you can in NA. That sucks.

          2. Wonder why for Wii U in Europe
            oh that right it not selling great there.
            It selling way way below expectation over there no ads.

            US and Japan are doing much better with Wii U.

          3. Ahem, you guys always seem to leave out Australia we get no bonuses nor prizes, treats our games and consoles are priced at enormous amounts of cash, the last coll prise we got on club Nintendo were those poster of Zelda, we get nothing stop pulling problems out of ur ads and enjoy Wat u have, I remember back in the n64 days we had to wait till 1997 to get our hands on the n64 and super Mario 64 was the only game for about a month for wave race and other great titles,

  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    I’m saving up in case they bring back the Gold Nunchuk *_*
    Not to mention these rewards aren’t worth it :P

      1. Thank you for he heads up. I already have the blue pouch, and now ordered the red one. They’re useful and not bad quality.

                1. Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door is honestly the best Mario game developed
                  It combines awesome game-play, fantastic soundtrack, colorful graphics, and an epic story into one disk.

  2. I wonder what happened to the 3DS game card case. It’s arguably the most usefull reward on Club Nintendo. I wish they could make one for the Wii/Wii U.

  3. Hey guys if you’d like to see the original Bayonetta released on the Wii U eShop please sign this petition:­ition-for-sega-to-re-release-t­he-original-bayonetta-on-the-w­ii-u-eshop

      1. Bayonetta 2 is coming to the Wii U, it would only make sense for Wii U owners to have the chance to play the original before the second one is released.

    1. That’s okay, it’s not part of the deal lol. Just the ones with the green ‘sale’ ribbon on left corner.

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