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Codemasters Is Bringing “F1 Race Stars Powered Up Edition” To Wii U


Codemasters have revealed that they are bringing the special edition version of F1 Race Stars to the Wii U. F1 Race Stars Powered Up Edition includes all four DLC tracks – Europe, Canada, India, and China. The game also comes with nine accessory pack bundles. Codemasters have yet to confirm if there’s any additional Wii U functionality included within the game.

54 thoughts on “Codemasters Is Bringing “F1 Race Stars Powered Up Edition” To Wii U”

  1. I’m just worried that they will start manufacturing more racing games from now on in many parts of the world and so replacing the FPS Era with the Racing Era…

    But I guess if half of these are creative like Mario Kart and Sonic Racing then it’s a somewhat relief…

      1. Aslong as they do not look and play similar, otherwise it will get really annoying just like the FPS games…

        1. You have a very valid point there Nintendo commander. Let them make us get varieties like Formula 1, dirt or rally, power bike ( nintendo might be their savior since ms and sony will be flooded with shooters ), stunt cars. Though even drones and xbots shall agree no no no to NASCAR.

    1. To tell the truth, even though I don’t care much for racers, they are a better genre than FPS. I think the should stop making FPS games for the next 20 years, that genre is overused…

      1. Not entirely, but they should definitely make a lot less for this new generation of consoles. FPS’s aren’t bad, there’s just way too many of them, and just about all of them are played by stupid teenagers, and whiny kids.

  2. 8/10 offline
    10/10 online

    Is what GamesTM Awarded monster hunter 3 Ultimate Sickr and Alba, please update this for us, your most valuable viewers and readers.

      1. Monster hunter tri was awarded 40/40 by famitsu. Study history before spewing out deflectory statements so as people are not focusing on the beautiful Wii U. Monster hunter 3 Ultimate has over 80 bad marvelous bosses were as tri with it’s 40/40 had 18. Need I say more. Don’t call yourself a gamer if you think COD, Crysis 3 and other FPS are not casual. Play monster hunter and learn and feel how hard video games used to be.

  3. Interesting, but if it launches around Mario Kart U, then they’ll have an uphill battle selling this to gamers, though the Nintendo crowd is more likely to get this than the rest of the other systems.

  4. Virus wants the Neo Blue Falcon

    All these racing games that aren’t F-Zero U…
    Hmm, hope they don’t name it that…

      1. Can you read? I am an adult. Unless you seriously thought I was a kid, and you were knowingly trying to pick up a kid yesterday… Go to hell!

          1. I couldn’t have said it better myself there Macarony64…

            Your promotion to “128” will come to pass any day now…

      1. I’m just gonna keep responding with the same Response every time U utter the word Manly or kiddy:
        “Well they say that Adults are just kids all grown up, but U, U still haven’t grown up”. . . . :/

  5. Um we get this game but we don’t get dead island or saints row?

    We get croods prehistoric party but we don’t get dead space or bioshock?

    What sense dies this make if alk a console gets is kiddie games then it will be a kiddie console.

    Come on nintendo be more balanced than this

    1. Nintendo is a kid company. They pretend to want hardcore games, but they only accept kiddy games. That is why real gamers do not take them seriously.

      1. In the 50s nintendo run brothels. PIMP! so craw to your Rome vagina fearing xbox basement. How many times do I have to state that nintendo gamers are real men, not punks that found in kitchens with aprons and basements like xbots and Sony drones. You do your research and the truth shall surprise you.

        1. Sorry to burst your bubble there Gamer but you are not 100% correct…

          Although we are indeed superior to the graphics worshipers, the Xbots and Sony Units, we are neither Women, Men or both…

          We are Gamers, the true superior lifeform on this world and anyone who falls short of that rank shall be nothing more than disposable Atarians who needs to dig a grave for themselves in the desert of New Mexico where they belong!

      2. Nintendo has always catered to all. Also you do realize that over aggression e.g. COD is as a result of being infused with high amounts of estrogen. Estrogen is best handled by women, wonder why we are having more effeminate men in the Western world as violent content increases; think for once and don’t let Microsoft steal your manhood moron.

      3. haha, this guy kills me, he’s trying so hard to piss us off, He(along with a lot of other Nintendo haters) probably doesn’t even know what the word Hardcore actually means. :P

    2. AC4, monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Watchdogs, COD ( shake my head for me using this awful game ), mass effect 3 ( there is no 4 so don’t say it’s a port ), Batman Arkham city armored edition, Trine 2 directors cut, need for speed most wanted PC edition etc. I won’t even mention the other titles in line for the Wii U.

      You have to realize some of these third party games release when Nintendo’s heavy hank Aaron Babe Ruth heavy Hitters arrive. Thus they might not sale, so let them release early or delay so as we the nintendo core can buy them soon after getting our Metroid filling :).

  6. uuuuh, I don’t even know what this game is. O.o
    Looks like a sort of Kart racing game, I’ll have to look it up online. Might be good, U never know. :/

  7. I’ll probably never end up playing this. I have Mario Kart for my racing needs. And sometimes Sega all stars. But good for them I guess.

  8. Saw some of this game’s gameplay and it looked really fun. The game will be a great addition to the abundance of fantastic racing games on the Wii U

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  11. F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition was exclusive to the Wii U. If you had the game on the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3, there was DLC for it. All the DLC was to be included in Power Up Edition, but Codemasters have cancelled it due to low Wii U console sales. Powered Up Edition could be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but I can’t see it happened. Could it be released for the Xbox One and PS4? Highly unlikely.

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