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Fez ‘Would Be Kind Of Pointless’ On Nintendo 3DS

fez_screenshotFez creator Phil Fish took to Reddit today to answer questions posed by fans. One fan asked if Fez is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, and Fish replied by saying he and his team don’t have any plans to bring the puzzler to Nintendo’s latest handheld. Fish went on to say it would be pointless to bring Fez to the Nintendo 3DS and that it wouldn’t work on the autostereoscopic device. Fish did say, however, that he’s working with Sony to bring Fez to the PlayStation Vita. What do you think? Would a Nintendo 3DS port of Fez be pointless?

Is FEZ coming to 3DS?

Phil Fish: we don;t have any plans for that, no. people keep assuming fez would be a no-brainer on 3DS, but in truth it would be kind of pointless. the game is practically always shown in isometric 3D, there’s never any perspective there. i don’t think it would work.

93 thoughts on “Fez ‘Would Be Kind Of Pointless’ On Nintendo 3DS”

    1. It is also coming to steam soon.

      I really want to play it, but the guy is making it so damn difficult for me to want to give him any money.

      He’s almost as bad as Jonathan Blow.

    2. What a dumb excuse! It would be better if he was honest and just said that they won´t bring the game to 3ds because they don´t have the money to develop it.

    1. Wow I looked up “autostereoscopic” and facepalm for about 5 mins for to different reasons. So just because he thinks the game wouldn’t look right in 3D hes not making it for the 3ds! -_-

  1. Because making money on multiple platforms is always pointless… Fish has lost his Sony loving mind! If people are asking that they want to buy it on that platform, this seems like an easy question!

  2. Good example of a great game on 3ds that doesn’t use 3d at all, fluidity spin cycle and the other one that has you shifting from top to bottom screen…fractured soul! No 3d used in either and they are great on the console!

      1. Not to start an argument, but that just seems silly. What’s the point of buying a 3DS if you never use the primary feature? Yes, I realize part of it is ability to play newer games, but still..

          1. Oh, I’d agree with you on that, but if the 3D function was terrible, I can’t seem to justify dropping that much money on one.

            1. The 3D on the 3DS is more of a gimmick to me – Like the Vita’s rear touchpad (note: I own both). There’s always something on a system that I don’t especially like or use, but the rest of the system’s positives outweigh the few negatives.

              I get systems mainly for the games. If there’s an exclusive set of games that I want to play on that system, then I’m going to get it so I can play those games.

              1. i usually leave the 3d on cuz it makes the grpahics look a bit better rather then pixely like in the trailers.

                1. The 3D doesn’t bother me, so I see myself keeping it on all the time most of the time. For some games though, like Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus, it’s really spectacular, Paper Mario too. But I don’t think it matters whether you keep it on or off, that’s precisely the reason the slider was included on the 3DS in the first place.

  3. Nintendo Commander

    This Tribal Leader is in other words stating that an unworthy game for the 3DS is worthy on the Vita…

    That sounds much better now does it?…

    1. Just get a Wii U nintendo direct up soon! Me wants some luigi bros U, some mario kart info, and some of that 3d mario. Most of it probably wont be shown yet though :(

      Ehhh just get us some need for speed dlc and im happy :)

  4. Nanananananananah

    So basically he want’s to ignore a system that has sold bucket loads of more units, and could help sell more copies of his game.

    I don’t even use the 3D feature on my 3DS. It DOESN’T have to be used!

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      1. Not necessarily. For example: Retro City Rampage sold the most on the Vita (not including the free PS+ copies) than any other system.

        A lot of indie devs are flocking to the Vita now it seems.

        1. Well thats cause no 1 was specting to be on + that early but you think that people will not wait for games to apear on + and buy them.

          1. You’re forgetting it was also released on XBL, Steam, and PS3. Yet, the Vita/PSN version outsold them all.

            Indie devs are flocking to the Vita for one reason or another. It’s taking the indie community by storm.

            3DS gets tons of great big budget games though, so I’m sure a few indie titles (as good as they may be) will not be missed by most average consumers with the handheld.

    1. Some developers care about the quality of the system rather than “userbase” of idiots who wouldn’t buy it anyway.

      Funny, the Indie developers care more for the Vita than 3DS despite whatever “users” the latter has over it. I wonder why. ;)

      1. Where the hell have you been?

        We’ve had to put up with the other trolls for ages. And they never even bother saying anything apart from their one liners. At least you go full for sentences.

        Anyway, if you’d said capabilities rather than quality, you might have a point. If fish said the 3DS was incapable of running the game, then that’d be fine. The 3DS is an excellent quality system with an excellent library of games, from both major developers and indies. And Fez would get far more sales from a 3DS version than it would from a Vita version. When there’s such a large gap in the size of the user base it’s a no brainer that one version would sell more than the others. And ultimately, sales is all anybody wants. To make a great high game in the process sure, to end goal of getting the sales.

        Which leads into your next point, the Vita has been getting quite a bit of indie support, which is good, it needs it. The 3DS has a lot of indie support too. At this point it really does not seem like indie developers care more for one or the other. One has more much sales potential, the other has much more powerful hardware. I don’t see why developers would ignore such a huge market if the system is capable of running their games.

        Case in point – iOS. Most games, especially ports, are absolutely atrocious on iOS. Truely truely awful. Because of the piss poor control options available. But tons of games keep getting ported to it, because it has the ridiculously huge user base. So there’s no point acting like the user base doesn’t matter. These are the exact arguements yourself and others use against the Wii U, which is fair, it’s sales are bad, the user base is small. Not porting to it at this time, makes sense. But you can’t reverse that logic when talking about the 3DS and Vita.

        1. Thank you SO much you said just what I was gonna say about the reversing of the logic with Wii U having no support due to lack of user base. How can people seriously have such pathetic lives that they go on “enemy” sites to troll against fans of a certain video game company. This is what 13 year old losers do in their free time these days? I’m glad I grew up in the 90s.

        2. “And Fez would get far more sales from a 3DS version than it would from a Vita version”

          there is no way for you to prove this beyond just “oh more people have 3ds than vitas”

          more people had wii’s than ps3 or 360, on a single platform, CoD for instance has outsold the Wii’s versions and for even higher price. so this logic …no it doesn’t work the way you think it does all the time.

          more importantly, no way for you to prove that will bring in as much money even if it sells more as far as numbers go. If the platform isn’t up to scratch as far as budget goes, then it isn’t gonna be worth the effort, I see indie Vita games announced a hell of a lot more than 3DS ones, and if I feel like digging enough, I wouldn’t be too shocked if the answer involves how Nintendo treats those devs (especially after the disaster known as Wiiware).

      2. hahahahaha PS Vita for once sells above 50 000 in over a year of below 15 000 of sales and from whatever crevice Aeolus appears. I know you are not trying to pit the Vitanic against the 3DS, I don’t even need to tell you what is about to happen with Luigi Mansion activating Nintendo handheld domination part 7 :).

  6. It would NOT work with a 3D effect. But a direct port with no 3D would be fine. Ut then what’s the point if its not in 3D. Oh well I don’t have to worry about it. I already own it on my Xbox 360.

  7. I feel like a lot of people are hating on the game and it’s creator simple because it ISN’T coming to 3DS. It’s a great game.

    1. Damn right. I’ll hate on any game or developer that shuns Nintendo from this point on. I have no shame in that. Nintendo makes great games and doesn’t make cameras/TVs/blu ray players/ all kinds of other stuff to shovel money in from to make their system have the best everything possible. They make due with what they have and make excellent games. Microsoft and sony don’t MAKE games. They just pay others to make them look good. Developers also don’t like Nintendo cause they come out with cool new ways to play which means lazy developers have to learn new ways to create games. Nintendo raises the bar and others lower it or try to keep it where its at. James Cameron would be ashamed. Thank god he is on the side of Nintendo and raising the bar.

  8. Good game on Xbox. Addictive and fun. Could work with two screens but won’t need 3D feature because its a 2D perspective game.

  9. Because the 3DS can only play games in 3D obviously, if you don’t utilize that feature no point whatsoever to bring it to the system. That makes a lot of sense! Really. It’ll sell more copies on 3DS than it would on Vita. I’ll bet $5 on it.

    1. Who knows? Let’s be frank, the digital ecosystem on the PSN, XBL, and PC networks are generally better than Nintendo’s. Developers might just feel more comfortable that way for now.

      Nintendo is definitely making improvements, so I’m sure we’ll see more indie devs put their games on the systems as time goes on.

    1. It’s extremely expensive to patch a xbla game! Inndie devs usually can’t afford the update fees Microsoft charges.

  10. how is a vita not pointless, but 3ds is? if you don’t make it with 3d visuals (like some games have already done) it’s just a touchscreen handheld like the vita. sounds like a real dickbag.

  11. Is this better than the cave story? No! An indie developer with Virgil and THQ arrogance, this won’t end well for him. Especially since I don’t even know what a Fez is. I know anti-allaising though.

  12. Nintendo Commander

    In case you people have been taking a nap these last months, the Wii U is getting excellent support from all those different tribes…

  13. Take this dev’s opinions with mountains of salt. He recently told a crowd of people at a developer conference that “Japanese games just suck.”

  14. The 3D on the 3DS is a nice feature to have, but it shouldn’t be a deal breaker or anything. I want developers to use it, yes, but not to think they rely on it so much to use it as an excuse to develop or not for the handheld.

  15. Stop hating on Phil! He seems like a cool guy doing what he dreams about. He can’t appeal to anyone and stop thinking he can.

    1. Not really.
      He is a huge douchebag, just watch Indie Game: The Movie.
      He shits all over everyone, including his fans and even the things that influenced his game.

  16. Sad to hear. Also, how does he know it won’t work unless he tries. Nothing against the Vita, but I would put my game on the device that’s selling the best 1st, then release on Vita. Oh well, I guess he doesn’t like money.

  17. It could become 3D when the world is being turned around… but whatever, he’s Phil. I’m reluctant to support him anyways.

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  19. Guys it’s like Super Paper Mario. Being able to see the game in 3D would totally ruin the central game mechanic.

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  22. I find fish’s reasoning to be utter bull—-. I’m sure quite a few of you know of the 64 block secret… If he doesn’t want the game in 3d why did he add red/cyan 3d anaglyph? Typically when people hear “3d” they think popping out ( z+) the 3ds, however, utilizes distance ( z-). Fez contains quite a bit of distance detail, therefore fez on the 3ds would work fairly well. As for a simple fix for the 64 block secret… Until the secret is acheived have 3d disabled; afterword display an indicator stating that the 3d slider is functional. Don’t get me started on the blatant nintendo references.

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