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Nintendo Europe Continues 60HZ Support For Wii U VC With Launch Of Punch-Out!!


Nintendo Europe has confirmed that the next game to hit the European Wii U Virtual Console will run at the optimum 60HZ. As I’m sure you are aware, there was quite a bit of controversy when Nintendo Europe launched Balloon Trip which ran at 50HZ. Thankfully, it looks as though Nintendo has listened to user feedback as Punch-Out!! will run at 60HZ. Punch-Out!! launches on the Wii U eShop this Thursday for 30 pence.

38 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Continues 60HZ Support For Wii U VC With Launch Of Punch-Out!!”

  1. See! This is why I love Nintendo. They are the only people that properly listen and always try their best. We asked for 60HZ and we got it! :3. Love you Nintendo.

    1. And we asked for earthbound on VC and look what happened. Nintendo even stated at e3 that earthbound would come to Wii VC and it never happened. Nintendo don’t always listen to their fans/drones

      1. You ask for Nintendo to die and like what happen….typical fool as always, an besides if they can put earthbound in the game they do it but its NOT POSSIBLE due to license problems.

        1. ^ This is the typical Nintendo retard defending them. Nintendo can do anything they want, and their retarded fans will accept it and defend it. So pathetic.

    2. I am gonna sick Nintendo are selfish scumbags if they was thinking for fans they would give them real console like Sony and Microsoft instead of that they had give to their fans one junk that selling on high price and of course will keep brainwashing you fools with same trash Mario and Zelda they thinking only for your money not for you they are the same as EA maybe even worse than EA that’s why i hate them they have 10.5 billions and they can make good console instead of that they will keep their money and will continue to milking Mario and Zelda hope they go to hell

      1. You are absolutely right nintendo fans are brain washed, I wish nintendo was more like microsoft bringing out a system that has a thing called red ring of death and then getting the same system again, then instead of giving us free online what every body else is getting charging us for it. or maybe nintendo should be more like sony bringing out a system that has
        linux and ps2 then bringing out a update and just taking it off me and there is nothing I can do.

        but those silly nintendo fans have got a wii u that is not only backwards compatible with games but also with hardware as well saving them money, as us not brain wash sony fans we can not use our old controllers with our new ps4

        ha ha nintendo fans are brain washed

      2. You dont understand. Nintendo gives its fans what they want console wise. Nintendo fans arent the same as Xbots, or Sony Drones. Nintendo and there fans are the true form of gaming and gamers.

    1. It’s not really a big deal but such games should run on 60Hz by now and it was a bit unfair that only the EU zone had the 50Hz while both Japan and NA have 60…

      But High Command listened like always and not they fixed the small problem…

    2. Balloon Fight runs at 50hz, which means the gameplay is slower than the original Japanese release of the game. This also includes the music running at a slower rate. Anyone who played the 3DS version (3DS ambassador download) will notice this straight away. Which then spoils it

    3. When Balloon Fight was at 50hz (Or pretty much any other game) it runs a bit slower and it sounds a pitch down/off.

    1. Yeah, you nerds got 60 HZ 6 years after the rest of the world got it. Your Nintendo is a backwards unmanly company. HAHAHAHA

  2. Does anyone else have a problem in F-Zero? Like, just above the middle of the gamepad screen there’s a line of blur across the screen. Does anyone else have it and do you know how to fix it? thanks

    1. Don’t worry about it , the way wiiu upscales everything , messes up the original quality a bit of VC games , they look better on their original tube tv… but they still look fine , and some games when emulated/ported on other consoles have little issues like when Majoras mask on gamecube was a frameratey mess with sound issues unlike it was on on N64.

      Majora’s mask on gamecube was part of The legend of Zelda : collectors edition.

        1. um no look it up, hardcore mean games that are more challenging that normal games. Harder for a normal gamer to play.

      1. If it wasnt me some else would but realy if you could help make your favorite game company you should use the tools to help them not cry cause a game is to hard :).

  3. Great , Playing F-zero in its all of its 60HZ glory means I will not be buying a 50HZ game of the eshop. It’s stupid that they would even consider giving us 50HZ games really.

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